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I’ve partnered with Zelle to give away $100k to help you thrive this summer! Follow @Zelle and reply with #ZelleSweepstakes and what makes you thrive for your chance to win.  No purch nec, US only 18+, Rules: Ends 7/6/22. Zelle req to claim prize..

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Mindy Kaling,Mindy Kaling on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

Starting a brand from the ground up is hard. you have to stay dedicated. You have to believe in your brand even when your brand doesn’t seem like it’s taking you anywhere. You have to feed, water and nourish your brand. Patience is key. @clothingbyzeus #ZelleSweepstakes #fashion.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Just Steve,Just Steve on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@RekietaLaw @cbouzy ZelleSweepstakes is like #TUGSTITS just passed us! … WTF is TUGSTITS?.

@mindykaling @Zelle Seeing my family happy and well makes me thrive #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle How I thrive at my age is by watching my 3 grandkids. With hope to get my above ground pool up. We Love the water. Living n the valley n CA. Temps are 3digits all summer. Pool life is the only relief!#ZelleSweepstakes ⛱️🌞😎.

@mindykaling @Zelle Spending time with my grandson at the water park helps me thrive and get through the hot days of summer! #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle I thrive best during the summer in air conditioning! #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle #zellesweepstakes New experiences with amazing, interesting people make me thrive! I love learning about people and giving back to my community..

@mindykaling @Zelle #ZelleSweepstakes my kids, just being home with them and my husband and having nothing to do 🥰.

@mindykaling @Zelle #zellesweepstakes I’d like to take some time off my pet sitting business 🐶.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Carol Loftus Ⓥ,Carol Loftus Ⓥ on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@mindykaling @Zelle Celebrating life with our NICU warrior🥰 #ZelleSweepstakes.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Rebecca Dorfman,Rebecca Dorfman on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@mindykaling @Zelle #ZelleSweepstakes My granddaughters make me thrive to be the best MeMaw ever. 💝💖.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Amanda Martin,Amanda Martin on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@mindykaling @Zelle These 4 monsters of mines is what I strive for. They are my strength #ZelleSweepstakes.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Roseanne Gary,Roseanne Gary on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@mindykaling @Zelle Keeping a roof over her head helps me thrive #ZelleSweepstakes.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Jeffrey Torres,Jeffrey Torres on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@mindykaling @Zelle Being able to take my 13yo Goddaughter on a road trip to see some landmarks like The Grand Canyon & Redwood Forest. #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle What makes me thrive during summer is a big bucket of Thrifty pistachio, a bing worthy series, and a comfortable place to lay my big butt #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle What makes me thrive through the summer and every season for that matter is my faith and belief in #ZelleSweepstakes.

#ZelleSweepstakes @mindykaling What makes me thrive over the summer? Knowing I’m working hard to achieve my goals in life 💚.

@mindykaling @Zelle #ZelleSweepstakes planning my wedding to the love of my life helps me thrive!.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by Bern(adette),Bern(adette) on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@mindykaling @Zelle I’m thriving this summer bc my 16 yr old triplets will be starting their 1st summer jobs!! #zellesweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle Hands down I thrive on meditation 🧘🏽‍♀️ inner peace is the real bag. #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle #zellesweepstakes What makes me thrive is the love that my child gives me. It’s unmatched. Raising her alone and watching her grow up to be such an amazing human and be so strong in her faith makes me thrive. The love that she has for God makes me thrive..

@mindykaling @Zelle My birthday is during the Summer so getting a chance to celebrate,reflect, and renew with all of my loved ones helps me to thrive! #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle To pursue the arts & take dance classes! I finally had the opportunity to peruse my dreams as a performing artist, but the pandemic took a lot away from me. Being able to pay for travel to dance intensives and auditions for grad school would change my life! #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle Enjoying both kids home for the summer before they head back off to work on their own lives and work to make up for things missed as 2020 graduates #ZelleSweepstakes.

#ZelleSweepstakes Photo,#ZelleSweepstakes Photo by PacificNWMom,PacificNWMom on twitter tweets #ZelleSweepstakes Photo

@mindykaling @Zelle #ZelleSweepstakes Traveling to visit family makes me thrive 😁.

@mindykaling @Zelle #ZelleSweepstakes seeing everyone in my life doing well and in good spirits.

@mindykaling @Zelle #zellesweepstakes Being able to say YES to our children makes me thrive. We have a goal to see a wonder of nature in all 50 states b4 they are grown, and the money would go a long way to help this become a reality! We live our best life through experiences, not material things..

@mindykaling @Zelle I love working with young people to help them improve their mental health. It’s so amazing seeing them work through trauma, anxiety, depression, etc to get to a better place. Helping others go from surviving to thriving as a therapist is what makes me thrive. #ZelleSweepstakes.

@mindykaling @Zelle #ZelleSweepstakes What makes me thrive: Going out and traveling to different places with my sisters. Reminding myself those moments spent with family are everything..


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