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That state legislatures are supreme and unlimited in choosing electors. We are moving closer and closer to a version of Hungary, but with the elements of a Wild West added in..

With their ruling in Dobbs, SCOTUS will turn New York City into the Wild West. God help us all..

#ExpandSCOTUS before we actually become the Wild West version of Gilead.

@coreybehnke So it’s okay to go Wild West on gun ownership, but my reproductive choices as an autonomous human need to be legislated to the point of naval gazing absurdity. Got it, SCOTUS. Siri: show me real estate offerings in Newfoundland..

@StephMillerShow Back to the wild-wild west days. Grab your guns, lock and load, and open fire! Yahoo! USA! USA! USA! Trump Zombies are celebrating..

@keyoke420 @caslernoel Shoot outs at high noon to resolve differences. It’s gonna be like the Wild West..

@MSNBC Welcome to the wild Hope Matt Dillon will be around to clean up the problems The Divided States of separate countries, 50 different sets of laws.

We are becoming WORSE than the Wild West. Once Dodge City, Deadwood and Tombstone incorporated you could not carry a firearm within the city limits. That’s what caused the gunfight at the OK Corral..

@PreetBharara Even in the Wild West you had to check your guns in with the sheriff in many towns.

@zerohedge Then Weimar ! Then Real world war III West vs Arabs and Chinese. ( this acc to Nostradamus that predicted wild inflation and so on ) I Reall wish good luck to the West !.

#scotus on track to turn America back decades this week into some kind of Wild West bible tent revival..

Except in the Wild West many towns made you check your guns with the local sheriff. Illegally carrying a fire arm was a common arrest in the west..

@ChristopherHahn Actually Wild West had more gun control than we do. Seriously you had to coat check your guns before going into towns..

@iamgabesanchez @JDCocchiarella Conservatives clearly long for the good old wild wild West days when anybody could kill anybody else depending upon how fast they could draw, or if they were the wrong color. Clarence Thomas would’ve been dead just for walking down the street in those days..

@KeithOlbermann 25 years ago when States were passing concealed carry laws for their residents the left was screaming those States would “turn into the wild, wild, west”. The left was wrong then too..

@barstoolcarl As a retired tik tok guy (BSed my way to enough followers that office people found it)… good luck Carl It’s the wild west on there.

@iamchanteezy @Tsiser45 This! Chile, these fools want it to be like the wild wild west but far worse. There is no reasonable rationale for it. It’s bad already. Also, I don’t want to see ppl all around me walking around with guns, semi automatic weapons or assault weapons. This is outrageous to me..

US is losing its moral standing in the world. We either split up into true democracies (legally or illegally) or it will be like the Wild West with many more powerful weapons and crazies to use them. Going backwards instead of progressing. Shame on all enablers!.

@mcharlesworth7 So now legal gun owners,illegal gun owners and criminals can all walk around angry with guns they don’t have to conceal Smdh,New York just became the Wild West,now there will be shootouts with everyone involved,sickening.

@GovKathyHochul It’s going to be the Wild West on subways and buses now. People shooting each other in weekly rage incidents.

@MDubbyah NY has become the wild wild west … now these thugs wont know if who they intend to rob are carrying ….its actually a god thing.

“We are moving closer and closer to a version of Hungary, but with the elements of a Wild West added in.”.

@mjs_DC The wild west had ridiculously harsh rules and local regulations on carrying guns inside city There is enough precedence, nobody has to look for a witch trial judge to get.

@JakeSherman GOP stalled the vote amendments will waste more time and with the ruling today its dead. More innocent lives wasted to we can look like the Wild West again. One way to bring down the population and not have to deal with immigration..


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