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Vin Scully, there will never be a voice in baseball like Vinny. He was the standard for broadcasting. As he said it, you could see it, feel it, you were at the park. Vinny loved his family, baseball and the @Dodgers. RIP Vin Scully. My prayers to your family..

He was so good, my dad let us stay up late to listen to him, fans at the ballpark preferred to bring their headphones, and he didn’t need a partner in the press box. There will never be another Vin Scully… …and a very pleasant good evening to you, Vinny, wherever you may be..

Zach Wilson would’ve been sacked on three different plays in third down 11-on-11, twice by Bryce Huff and once by Vinny Curry. Mekhi Becton beat on all three. #Jets.

@danielharrod09 Patrick has done well, but he never played under Pep. I think we will need somebody to keep us playing the same way as Pep. I think Vinny could be the one to keep that continuity going..

4 years ago today I met my favourite person 💙 such a special moment I will treasure forever.

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@DavidBlue This is much due to you. Well done. When I adopted Vinny he was 12 and he’d been at the shelter for a year. He wouldn’t let me hold him or touch his head. That lasted for several years. ❤️❤️❤️.

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Y’all keep making me cry with your posts about reminiscing the old days of summer listening to Vinny broadcast the game and telling his great stories 💔😢.


@Rockadon_ Vinny other than our love for Oliver i think we click pretty well. I enjoy talking to u and that one main memory i hav with u is playing in kingdom redemption and switching characters every game (both of us LMAO). Lets go fishing someday man. U can def teach me..

@egavactip He’s thisclose to embracing the whole Vinny “The Chin” Gigante strategy. But in Vinny’s case, his family had money to hire psychiatrists to go along, for awhile. Pretty sure Jones isn’t quite that popular with his family..

@blue_highland Yes, I’d love to see Vinny succeed … the way they’ve started too they’re an absolute treat to watch 👍🏻💙.

@Partap07 Quality of players is not there specially in final third but first game with time it will get Thou Vinny looks spot on in his tactics..

The last time I worked with Vinny. He will certainly be missed. I’ve listened to Vin on the radio since Ebbets Field. Later on KFI radio. Sat in the press box w/ Vin when I was 13. Kept in touch throughout my life & MLB career whenever we played in So Cal. I will always remember..

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me & @DelilahxDay have been cosplaying as Vinny & Pauly D from Jersey Shore for the past 3 hours in her kitchen…… wyd? #hotgirlsummer #jerseyshore.

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Among the classic Vinny-isms, I’ll always remember him welcoming Eric Gagne to close out Dodger games with a warm “Bienvenue Monsieur Gagne.”.

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@ISTELEPORTING @Vxndication ᅟ
Endy!! You need to hear Vinny’s bedtime stories! They are so good! And i can cook too! I will make us a warm meal to stay cozy for the night!
ᅟPlus, Vinny is right! No way in nether we, as hosts, will leave you alone reading your books! ❞—

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@ItsTheSituation I hope so. All of you are on some petty shit, except Vinny and Paulie. And the show is better without the spouses..

@JD_90_ Yeah he was when Vinny wasat Anderlecht but bellamy had to come home due to mental health issues.

@EzRawBoxing No you don’t, but you love to ride ole Vinny’s coattails don’t ya Ezra..

@Retshed99787764 @jah_vinny_23 I guess Mona she requested trolley to drop her by the atm.

@CityMannion Yeah, if Vinny can get average players to play like this, imagine what he could do with class players..

@conway__vinny BREAKING: Florida Man Eats Seventeen Glizzies Before 10:30 am on a Tuesday 😳😳.

@molly_knight My favorite booth of all time was Vinny and Joe Garagiola doing the NBC Saturday Game of the Week in the 80s. It was a real downgrade when Fox took over..

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RIP to the true GOAT. Vinny was the soundtrack to my childhood. He taught me to love baseball. “He was a man, take him for all in all,
I shall not look upon his like again.”.

On the trade deadline. We traded Vinny to blue Heaven for a broadcaster to be named later. That new person is probably being born today..

@johncanzanobft Went through a lot of 9-volt batteries listening to Vin and Jerry Doggett on the transistor radio I had hidden under my pillow. RIP, Vinny..

@mr_meme_alot @The_GM_is_God Loved the game but was a little irked that the VO for Quill was obviously Canadian..

@LaDodgersTalk I agree, it’s hard to follow when I just want to hear more stores about Vinny..

RIP in piece Vinny. We the Dodger Family will miss you so much. My best memories of you are when I was a child I didn’t go to bed listening to fairytales or bed time stories. I fell to slip listening to you announcing Dodger Games. That was a good way to fall a sleep..

Maybe the one bright spot in his passing will be folks sharing amazing Vinny clips like this one. The way he takes a wild story, weaves the AB in naturally, and ties it in a neat little bow is perfection. You can’t teach this..

@rocklstararob @Max_Scherzer There will never be another one like him. I’ve been a Dodgers fan since the 60s, he was all I knew. He was the Dodgers, no matter what players came and went….Vinny was always there..


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