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We’ll continue to aggressively pursue actions against currency mixers laundering virtual currency for criminals. Today, @USTreasury sanctioned virtual currency mixer Tornado Cash, which has been used to launder money for a DPRK state-sponsored cyber hacking group..


BREAKING: The Treasury Department has blacklisted crypto mixer Tornado Cash and all of its Ethereum addresses, barring persons from interacting with the privacy service. @nikhileshde reports.

Breaking: @USTreasury sanctions leading cryptocurrency mixer Tornado Cash, which officials say has helped hackers launder >$7 billion since its creation in 2019. North Korea used it to launder proceeds from its record-breaking $620m Ronin heist..

Tornado Cash Photo,Tornado Cash Photo by Eric Geller,Eric Geller on twitter tweets Tornado Cash Photo

We will continue to aggressively pursue actions against currency mixers laundering virtual currency for criminals. Today, @USTreasury sanctioned virtual currency mixer Tornado Cash, which is a , DPRK state-sponsored hacking group, used by the DPRK to launder money..

Remember when drug cartels used HSBC? Remember when HSBC redesigned their teller windows to fit all the drug cash that they got from drug cartels? How did HSBC not get shut down after this? And governments are scared of kids in their parents basement using Tornado Cash?.

Today, the Treasury blacklisted @TornadoCash. Secret Network will continue to fight for the data privacy protections users require to be safe – and to build secure, empowering applications 💪 Our friends at @zcash put it best: Privacy is normal..

Lyn Alden
Lyn Alden

@blue_collarbtc Especially with the recent events around Tornado Cash and github, risk analysis regarding different failure modes related to the network is more important than ever, imo..

Tornado Cash Photo,Tornado Cash Photo by Lyn Alden,Lyn Alden on twitter tweets Tornado Cash Photo

1/ Ideologically, I believe that financial privacy tools like Tornado Cash should be protected at all costs. But pragmatically, I fear that focusing the narrative on protecting anonymous transfers is fighting a losing regulatory battle detrimental to the broader crypto AML rules.

FYI tornado cash has mirrors Try or Which points to the IPFS hash Alternatively you can self host Can’t cancel permissionless tech lol.

This recent event with Tornado Cash might finally bring all of the Crypto Communities together for once 💜.

Tornado Cash Contract addresses was sanctioned by the US Treasury. Around $75000 worth of USDC are blacklisted and crypto advocates are pissed at the move. 👇.

Tornado Cash Blacklisted by US Treasury #Crypto #tornadocash.

many tagging me re: OFAC adding Tornado Cash to the SDN list the novelty here is that there is no such person as Tornado Cash & previous address-adds related to particular sanctioned persons so, OFAC has added a copy of bytecode to the list of sanctioned persons–weird.

Waiting for the fork of a tokenized tornado cash Imajin airdropping tokens that entitles the holder to transactions fees of the private mixer Feds would lose their minds kek.

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امروز یک روز تاریخی هست، وزارت خزانه داری آمریکا فکر میکنم برای اولین بار یک پروژه متن باز رو که رو Github بود تحریم کرد و کدش از همه جا پاکش شد! این رفتار حتی با مونرو انجام نشده بود! Tornado Cash یک میکسر هست برای رد گم کردن! امروز فصل جدیدی تو تاریخ کریپتو‌ شروع شد!.

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@chirocrypto TORNADO CASH REKT NOW PRIVACY focued ppl have only 1 option ==== $WHITE Check out $WHITE
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are we about to see “This NFT has been blocked for trading on OpenSea because it was owned by a wallet that used Tornado Cash and violated US sanctions”?.

@lyteraio @TornadoCash Kafalardaki en büyük soru: Tornado Cash Gitcoin Grant’ine bağış yapmış olanlar ve yapacak olanların başına bir şey gelecek mi? Sakıncalı listede Tornado’nun Gitcoin kontratı da varmış..

Today’s OFAC sanctioning of Tornado Cash highlights just one of many issues posed to crypto firms and their compliance and legal teams. Tiger Hill works with these firms to navigate the ever-shifting reg and political landscape. Reach out if we can help!.

This only covers the #TornadoCash instance on Ethereum, even when identical mixer contract exists on BSC, Avalanche & other EVM-compatible chains 🤔 Sad the US Treasury considers them not even worth sanctioning….

Where does the buck stop? Tornado Cash devs? Miners? Ethereum devs? Every address that has ever interacted with TC? Every address that has interacted with another address that has ever interacted with TC? The complete EVM?.

Feds Blacklist Tornado Cash, Ban Ethereum Mixing Tool in US – Decrypt.


No KYC, No AML, No Service: Mixing Services Run Afoul Of US Treasury.

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@SecBlinken @USTreasury This is weaponized propaganda. NK does not sponsor the Tornado cash team… holy shit.

Crypto-Mixing Service Tornado Cash Blacklisted by US Treasury via @coindesk.

As for those considering forking Tornado Cash as a loophole, be careful–the term Tornado Cash as used on the list and accompanying publicity is vague, the issues are novel, and re-deployment could potentially be seen as violating the sanction–be SAFU..

Les États-Unis interdisent le mélangeur populaire de crypto-monnaie Tornado Cash.

Aggressively pursue? laundering virtual currency? US Treasure sanctioned? Tornado Cash my brother in christ is for privacy..

Treasury Sanctions Ethereum Mixing Tool Tornado Cash #Ethereum via.


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