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Derrick Rose is showing off the reworked conditioning. Dropped 20 pounds from last season. Said Thibs challenged him..

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With all due respect, folks, anyone who is sitting there writing off Evan Neal and Kayvon Thibodeaux for doing nothing or being busts, please do yourself a favor and take a deep breath. Both are rookies. And Thibs was on a pitch count..

@IamJulito I understand your point of view & that got me upset too… the problem is Thibs!! The front office made the decision to keep Reddish & we see what still continues to happen with him!! They also kept Grimes out of trade talks so let’s see what Coach does next!!! SMDH.

@JOYLESSDIVIS13 @IanBegley Ha, I hope not. Thibs was just pointing out our shared history. Ian, on the other.

@dan_ny_b I like Thibs. He’s easily the best coach we’ve had in about 10 years, but he is not flexible with his thinking. He should be. There is a lot of young talent here that can benefit from more reps – which would be mutually beneficial for the team and players..

@MindNy77 @FredKatz Like man that should have been obvious from the time Leon came out and said Thibs was coming back when people wanted Thibs gone.

@APachecoNBA @FrankBarrett119 twitter threads among others are more insightful and illuminating than anything Thibs has said or done with his rotations and deploying this roster over the past few years..

love Fournier but Leon Rose needs to put Thibs on the clock or else he’s gonna be on the clock 🤦🏾‍♂️ why is Grimes the untouchable not the starting SG for the Knicks?.

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Digo yo que el quinteto quedaria algo asi como:
Brunson-Evan-RJ-Randle-Mitch. Veremos los minutos de IQ, la rotación en el pivot que seria Isiah y yo que se Thibs me cago en tu vida me estas jodiendo..

Why can’t we just play Fournier with a better defensive unit off the bench like normal human beings ? This Thibs Dahmer rotations are weird.

Can someone put together a “Must block on Twitter to enjoy the Knicks season” list? Like Thibs, I already have a rotation in mind..

@KnicksPiece And if at the end of training camp, Grimes looks deserving of the starting spot (which I wouldn’t be surprised happens), Thibs will plug him in. We need to stop with this stupid idea that dudes with zero NBA coaching experience/exposure know more than a 2x COTY w/ 33 yrs exp..

I love how Thibs said Fournier is the front runner after one practice. Thibs has a lot to prove to me to stay off the hot seat. #Knicks.

@JusCauseICan @FredKatz Facts bro thibs is od stubborn he swears his way is gonna work & he’s depreciating our youngins trade value.


@OMGitsDaGenius @StacyPatton89 Agree.
Rose and EF maybe our worst Pg/sg combo? Presumably rose gonna play (a whole other story to make ppl made).
Rose IQ grimes and Obi seems real fun if thibs can make the min work..

@KnicksPiece Thibs has succeeded everywhere he’s been. He’s always did the most with less. Every time he’s decided to give the kids a bigger role, each one of they looked incredible. Why? Because he sees it in practice. The man is a NBA lifer. Stop acting like you know more. Foh. Lmao..

@JCMacriNBA im good helps the tank!! effin thibs man lol love him just fire him with a month left so he dont eff up the tank we getting 2 studs in 23!!.

@iHateShaun Thibs says we need shooting in that starting lineup. Fournier shot better from 3 on higher volume than both of those guys. Let Grimes and IQ be first options with the bench unit rather than a 4th option with the starters. Can still play as many if not more mins than Evan.

I got my money on a couple people that can give Thibs a run for his money.


@StacyPatton89 @peterkohan Like everyone’s thibs frustrations came out to bring back up there relentless points from last year bc the coach said that on the first day of camp a respected vet (on the trade block) has the lead over a very promising 2nd year player (definitely not on the trade block)..

@CraftyLefty57 @FredKatz Smh at this point I wouldn’t be mad they let go of Thibs so next coach can play our youngins.


@StacyPatton89 @peterkohan I think the diff is I’m trying to see from the side I don’t fully understand. And fanning around an expectation of what I’ll get v what I want. I know thibs has more then a pre bias and so it doesn’t matter whether or not you or I think he should have that. We know he does..


@shwinnypooh just more Knicks FO/thibs passive aggression. “we will decide how this team develops “ not going to react.

@NYPost_Brazille Thibs gotta play that young talent of players he has in Toppin, IQ, Grimes, Sims, and McBride.

@LicensePlateGuy Wild to me. What will they do if Neal comes out and pancakes everyone he sees next week? Same if Thibs goes off and makes Fields see ghosts? If you aren’t here for our rooks to fail, learn, and grow, don’t be saying you’re a fan when they’re All Pros.


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