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Why ED knocked Sanjay Raut’s house on a Sunday? As a journalist who has covered Mumbai’s real estate sector for close to two decades, whenever I hear Patra Chawl, otherwise known as Siddharth Nagar, the faces of hundreds of residents flash in front of me..

It’s official: #TheFlash’s upcoming ninth season will be its last. The CW series will return for a final 13 episodes in 2023:.

The Flash Photo,The Flash Photo by The Hollywood Reporter,The Hollywood Reporter on twitter tweets The Flash Photo

Flash protest by members of IYC and @nsui against the manhandling and verbal assault on Smt Sonia Gandhi. Members gathered outside @smritiirani house and carried out a symbolic protest, burnt her effigy and demanded an apology. #स्मृति_ईरानी_शर्म_करो.

$222 FLASH GIVEAWAY 🚨 How to enter 👇 1. Must be following @MasonVersluis & @NFTMasun 2. Must Like & Retweet this & tag 3 friends 3. Must turn post notifications on 4. Must be in the telegram group – Winner randomly drawn on July 29..

Btw, I’m not going ANYWHERE after the finale. I’ll still be here, tweeting about The Flash show. ⚡️.

I’ll never forget this day. Doing lives in the p*ssing rain and couldn’t have loved it more. That flash when @lizziedeignan and @marianne_vos came screaming past in the sprint…sublime..

Let’s look At it like this. He’s agreed to come back for the knightmare scene in zsjl, the flash and now aquaman 2. It’s clear he’s not done with Batman!.

Ezra Miller aceitou fazer cameo em Suicide Squad, Peacemaker e até no Arrowverse. A Gal tá em Shazam 2 e The Flash. Jason Momoa aceitou fazer cameo em Peacemaker. Viola Davis fazendo cameos em Peacemaker e em Adão Negro. Henry: Cavill.

The Flash Photo,The Flash Photo by Wayne | #BlackAdam ⚡️,Wayne | #BlackAdam ⚡️ on twitter tweets The Flash Photo

The number of people terrified of The Flash movie without even having seen it yet is hilariously sad, lol.

@LizaD0Little @BlackZorro07 I’m not surprised. Imagine building your whole online persona so highly dependent on mass ignorance… A persona that immediately collapses at the slightest bit of scrutiny. I just mentioned a couple of facts and he was on his bike like a flash….

Watch | Indian Army Engineers unit rescue four locals near the Chandak village during a flash flood in Poonch, J&K (Video: ANI).

@LukePrime_ Flash living happily ever after then suddenly a portal opens and he is taken to the DCEU seeing Michael Keaton and Sasha Calle who tell him he is the flash.

Beyoncé dropped, The Flash is ending. The world is healing 😌.

If by “entertaining my guests” you mean leaving the dinner table on a flash to chase the dogs away that run over to the hairball left by the cat who overate then yes…we’re all laughs here 🏡.


if i had to guess blue beetle, ww3, zatanna, black canary all canceled. the bigger budget ones that are completed (aquaman, black adam, flash) will release, and the batman 2 and joker will release with small budgets.

@ScottWamplerBMD Remains to be seen if The Flash sees the light of day. This makes anything possible, IMHO.

El Batman de Ben Affleck vuelve en ‘Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom’ y tiene sentido. Originalmente Aquaman (marzo 2023) tenía un cameo del Batman de Michael Keaton porque iba luego que “The Flash”(junio 2023) Ahora va antes, tienen que cambiar de Batman.

@NJ091482 @ourmovienews So he is still done after The Flash? Yes, doesn’t change anything.

@tandebandeira @_DCCBRASIL ele só vai fazer cameos pra esse filme (pq os eventos se passam antes de the flash) e the flash que será a despedida dele provavelmente.

@pop_arena Pretty sure the first thing I bought PERIOD was a lot of Flash comics (basically Wally from #1 thru Born to Run) off eBay, which I know for a fact is the only time I bought a money order. First new thing was Firepro G and a mod chip for my PS1.

Captain Beefheart, Cookie Brooklyn and the Crumbs, Grandmaster Flash and the Furious Five- streamable version of my RNZ music session from earlier today is right Music reviewer Grant Smithies.

@tom_connolly418 I doubt she’s been cut. They aren’t even willing to get rid of Ezra Miller from The Flash because he’s the star. They’re just waiting things out until the bad PR passes. They announced this Affleck news to bring back good PR for the film..

@ZeusLFC Test audiences kept asking why Keaton was in the movie, and since Flash comes out after Aquaman i think Batfleck came back for that reason.

@harleysuniverse 200 million dollar movie which also has 2-3 other projects already in post production which take place after the flash movie presumably.

ยืนยัน Ben Affleck จะกลับมารับบท Batman ใน Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom ! โดยข้อมูลนี้ออกมาจากทางตัวของ Jason Momoa เองเลยนะ นั่นหมายความว่า เราจะได้เจอ พี่ Ben อีกอย่างน้อย 2 ครั้งคือใน Aquaman 2 และ The Flash นั่นเอง ! ว่าแต่ข่าวเรื่องตัดบท Amber ไปถึงไหนแล้วนะครับ Warner.

The Flash Photo,The Flash Photo by สมาคม SuperHero,สมาคม SuperHero on twitter tweets The Flash Photo

@RJ_Young Not as many as Twitter would lead you to believe. Got some nice flash pieces but not much on the lines of scrimmage. Teams like Utah will wreck them..

coé, não se iludam com o ben affleck em aquaman 2 nãokkkkkk era pra ser o keaton, mas como the flash agora é depois, não faria sentido o keaton ai.

@GearsUtility People who use flash bangs want the game to play for them it’s literally no skill.

one time so I can get my life back in order … Suddenly there was a blinding flash of light as the heavens opened and Joe was confronted by the voice of the Lord himself:JOE, MEET ME HALF WAY ON THIS ONE … BUY A TICKET!.

@Itssan17 So what happens when the flash finally releases? Or the batgirl movie that has Keaton as Batman?.


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