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Tasha was crying for Andrew only to join him in the bottom three 😭😭😭 #loveisland.

Two years ago I lost this title. Since then, I’ve been pouring everything I have into wrestling, mentally and physically, to get back here. Deonna, Mia, Chelsea, Tasha – thank you..

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by Jordynne Grace,Jordynne Grace on twitter tweets Tasha Photo

Tasha and Andrew shouldn’t still be there though, I can’t remember one single interesting thing either of them have done. I even had to double check their names before tweeting this #LoveIsland.

Tasha the only blonde petite in there and she’s getting aired, she must be SO confused. That’s usually everyone’s spec #LoveIsland.

Wholesome Tasha and Andrew moments to cleanse your timeline 🫶 #LoveIsland.

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by Love Island,Love Island on twitter tweets Tasha Photo

I could not have less interest in this Tasha, Paige, Andrew, Luca situation I really seriously could not have less #LoveIsland.

Tasha sorry you’re a mug for believing this lol, she’s about to be left standing like the last slice of bread after Casa Amor #LoveIsland.

The two new boys have chosen and the lunch dates are set: 🍴 STARTER 🍴
Jay & Amber
Remi & Indiyah 🍝 MAIN 🍝
Jay & Ekin-Su
Remi & Paige 🍦 DESSERT: 🍦
Jay & Tasha
Remi & Ekin Su Which girl will have Jay & Remi going back for seconds? 👀 #LoveIsland.

Even if Tasha doesn’t end up with Jay she needs to take this as her sign to dash Andrew, he’s not for her at all she’s just been his only option #LoveIsland.

A son of Vietnamese farmers who is now a scholarship student in Australia has made a breakthrough scientific finding which could help protect a tenth of crops worldwide from disease. ⁦@tasha_tilly⁩.


Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by Celestine,Celestine on twitter tweets Tasha Photo


Lobotomia Festival estreia 1ª edição com Tasha e Tracie, @maglore e @ternorei; saiba mais.

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by PAPELPOP,PAPELPOP on twitter tweets Tasha Photo


👏🏼 The way Andrew said “I’m not gonna say anything unless Tasha chooses to” said EVERYTHING 👏🏼 #TALKSWITHASH #LoveIsland.

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by L,L on twitter tweets Tasha Photo

em breve mas antes da mixtape completa vamo soltar o clipe de combate da tasha & tracie ft mc luanna.

Renewable energy projects will be at risk unless governments and companies conduct proper consultation with regional communities and provide local benefits, warns a new report. ⁦@tasha_tilly⁩.

cutest couples right now: andrew & tasha, ikenna & indiyah #loveisland.

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by ‏ً,‏ً on twitter tweets Tasha Photo

Just hope Tasha and Andrew don’t end up like these muppets

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by Night Moon,Night Moon on twitter tweets Tasha Photo

thoughts so far: – it’s ekin-su island and i don’t hate it – ikenna’s here for the vibes
– dami giving bare ovie energy
– luca’s annoying but FUNNY af
– gemma and jacques like each other – andrew and tasha do NOT like each other – indiyah is the prettiest girl #loveisland.

Sooo anytime a new dude shows interest in Tasha , she tells Andrew that they should Chill out . Andrew just walk away #LoveIslandUK #LoveIsland.

Tasha is so dodgy😅 Casa Amor is going to be really interesting this year lmao #loveIsland.

All the mad heads wey no fill 2km of gas.
Ori gbogbo yin BURU Snat chat Lagos and Kano #ikorodu Tasha is Tina.

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by Babatunde Taofeek,Babatunde Taofeek on twitter tweets Tasha Photo

I’ll tell you who I literally dislike from this series so far. Amber causing drama for no fkn reason. Tasha is low-key fake and nobody can see it. Not even going to go there with Luca 🫠 #loveisland.

Let me get this straight. Andrew likes Tasha. Who likes Luca. Who Paige also likes. But Luca likes Gemma. Who Liam still likes. But Gemma likes Davide. Who probably likes Ekin-Su. Am I getting it right?? #LoveIsland.

I feel like this is like training incels to be able to find women lmao.

Two new boys need to be for Paige and Indiyah – Ekin Su, Gemma and Tasha better chill #loveisland.

Rearranging things in my apartment and standing with my hands on my hips and staring, then putting it all back in its former spots is a full time job.

Tasha and Andrew: bit bland
Gemma: rude + still fancies Jacques
Luca: annoying
Dami and Amber: vvv cute
Ikenna and Indiyah: she’s not feelin it
Jacques: fuckboi
Paige: deserves waay better than that fuckboi
Ekinsu: horny and messy
Davide: rude + can’t stand Ekinsu

Есть люди которым ты — по плечо. Есть те, кто со своей высоты робко пытаются прикоснутся губами к твоей макушке. А ещё есть тёплые близкие — с ними глаза в глаза, а есть редкие, единичные — которые по росту. Они тебе — по сердце. И ты им — по душе..

Tasha Photo,Tasha Photo by 🇷🇺🅼🅰🅻🅸🅽🅺🅰🇷🇺,🇷🇺🅼🅰🅻🅸🅽🅺🅰🇷🇺 on twitter tweets Tasha Photo

معاذ الله إني ما يئستُ ولا وهن حُسن ظَني بالله ، لكنها والله أيام ثِقال .

Paige dying for man? If anyone in the villa is dying for man its Tasha. Paige hate is unwarranted and stupid. #TALKSWITHASH.


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