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Hmm. Since announcing “No Talking about Politics” rules: 37Signals lost 1/3 of its staff, Shopify stock collapsed, and Coinbase laid off 18% of staff. No, I’m not saying “no politics” is to blame. Just that the type of leader who makes that rule tends to be bad at their job..

This year, @SharmaBrands broke some big Shopify records with our clients. Today, @arihappywick sent an email out breaking down a few of them, some of which have made an additional 7-figures in revenue. Here are 7 tips & tactics every digital marketer should know:.


Reminder: You can still spend your DESK, exclusively on the #Consensus2022 Merch store on Shopify:.

2022 Coinbase $COIN Shopify $SHOP -78% Unity $U Roblox $RBLX Snapchat $SNAP Rivian $RIVN Netflix $NFLX Cloudflare $NET -69% Twilio $TWLO Sea Limited $SE $ROKU Guess which ones are in $ARKK.

Fans love to show their dedication with merch 💙 Supercharge your virtual merch table by connecting your @Shopify store to your Spotify for Artists profile 💡 Learn how to get your swag in front of fans with In Focus, our new interactive career guide:.

Shopify Photo,Shopify Photo by Spotify for Artists,Spotify for Artists on twitter tweets Shopify Photo

SHOPIFY STORES SHUT DOWN UPDATE: – we moved to BigCommerce
– our conversion rate doubled (we took this occasion to build new super UI/UX optimized websites)
– my lawyers sent a legal notice to Shopify
– we expect a financial compensation of min 100k (lost sales, SEO ruined etc).

Shopify Photo,Shopify Photo by Queen of ecom 👸🏻✨,Queen of ecom 👸🏻✨ on twitter tweets Shopify Photo

The Nationals are fielding offers to buy the club — and 28 parties are interested. Among them:
➖ Wizards/Capitals/Mystics owner Ted Leonsis
➖ Former Red Sox/Orioles CEO Larry Lucchino More in The Leadoff » (⚡️: @Shopify).

#駆け出しエンジニアと繋がりたい #Shopify.

#100DaysOfCode Day 13 & 14 – Learning the Shopify ecosystem and platform #BlackTechTwitter.

الأسهم الأسوء أداءً في عام 2022م: Coinbase $COIN Shopify $SHOP -78%
Unity $U Roblox $RBLX Snapchat $SNAP Rivian $RIVN Netflix $NFLX Cloudflare $NET -69%
Twilio $TWLO Sea Limited $SE $SNOW <@BullishRippers>.

I’ve decided I’m going to move my shop from Etsy to either shopify or squarespace for my next shop. Which one do you like more?.

The best practices for your Shopify store: 1. Build backlinks
2. Speed Things Up
3. Use Responsive Designs
4. Find the Right Targeted Keywords.

A signature color can increase brand recognition by 80%. If you’re feeling blocked on which shade of blue will be *chef’s kiss*, we’re sharing 10 color palette generators to get your creative juices flowing..

@ShopifyEng hi i have been trying to create my extension using visual studio code running the command shopify extension create, it has been approved by shopify but the only thing is when i try to type the extension name it not working or displaying on vscode.


【大人数抽選・無料でエントリー】八天堂 とろける食パン・くりーむパンセット【抽選で当たる】を #カウシェでシェア買い しませんか?.

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【大人数抽選・無料でエントリー】八天堂 とろける食パン・くりーむパンセット【抽選で当たる】を #カウシェでシェア買い しませんか? 招待コード【TZQKDB】で新規会員登録すると500円お得にシェア買いできる🎉(06/16 11:59まで).

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【大人数抽選・無料でエントリー】八天堂 とろける食パン・くりーむパンセット【抽選で当たる】を #カウシェでシェア買い 招待コード【JCHTAH】新規会員登録で500円お得にシェア買い🎉.

@tnkyudai_vmkceo shopify使ってるクライアントからの連絡が凄い。どうしようも出来ない…。.

@nouvelleglass Hi! We are aware of an issue affecting some stores and our developers are hard at work investigating. We hope to have a resolution for you as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience, and in the meantime please keep an eye on our status page -Hyde.

【障害】Cloudflareが鯖落ち「500 Internal Server Error」CDNぶっとびDiscord、feedly、pixiv、notion、VRC、BOOTH、nintendo sotre、Shopify、マシュマロ もう全部が全部エラーでインターネッツが使えない : まとめダネ! #Cloudflare @matomedaneより.



@queen_of_ecom Ive been using bigcommerce since 2016. I love it! I tried checking out shopify for a new brand im launching but went straight back to bigcommerce. The way you can set up categories bigc makes it so easy, you go to shopify and set up categories is over complicated..

@CrtfiedMahalima @keunified shopify na xia madami na mode of payment pati ibang bansa macater na.

Need your help Twitter peeps. Can someone connect me with a Shopify expert? I need some insight on a project I am working on..

Where is social commerce right now? .

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@danielpatricio @Shopify I fondly remember the days at Plus talking with merchants with 9,999+ orders (some per day) baffled by our UX choices and ‘Insights’ Lol. ‘You mean it makes that cha-ching sound every time an order comes in?’ 😳.

Another big issue with @Shopify is the analytics and attribution. We’re paying big for the most premium shopify+ plan and still have to get a @triplewhale plan to get the right analytics and RoAS. Shopify analytics shows majority traffic as organic. 🤷🏻‍♂️.

シェア買い成功させたい! 完全無料なので参加お願いします😍💕💕 【大人数抽選・無料でエントリー】八天堂 とろける食パン・くりーむパンセット【抽選で当たる】を #カウシェでシェア買い しませんか?.

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@chrisrickard Makes sense. Was your primary target IT/Software DMs? We build websites, SaaS, Shopify apps, and mobile apps..


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