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that time when vince mcmahon thought that a pregnant becky lynch retaining against shayna baszler by a roll-up was the move.

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@WrestleFeatures Why do I get the feeling we’re about to see Shayna be the most dominant she’s been since Elimination Chamber 2020 😅. Liv vs Shayna makes a shit tonne of sense if Ronda is now heel and suspended. When she comes back you have her and Shayna as a dominant heel duo.

We eating good tonight I’m thinking it’s going to be Shotzi or Shayna.

@ShadowTRN Gotta be Shayna, right? Liv gets another “fluke” win and Ronda returns to beat her down to cement heel status. Ronda takes title back at Extreme Rules and marches through division to setup Ronda-Becky in Los Angeles..

@WrestleFeatures I genuinely don’t know who will win which is refreshing. Raquel could, Shayna could, Xia could. I love it. Also gives opportunities to build rivalries off the back of this for the wrestlers that don’t win..

@JsmallSAINTS Shayna. However, I can see either Sasha or Charlotte returning and winning..

@wrasslinfan2009 @therobobrien Cuz the IWC bitched and moaned about it. Even tho Shayna herself said she enjoyed the segment and had fun with it..

Xia Li
Natalya In order of who I want to win most..


ppl who wants Shayna to win are fucking weird! Did they not watch her NXT reign? Or that triple threat match she had? She is awful.

@therobobrien Pretty good and overhated. Shayna herself said she had fun with it and enjoyed it..

@skinnymysterio Liv and Shayna … … EC 2020 ..
… Riott Squad vs Nia&Shayna …
… Survivor Series 2021 ….

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@WrestleFeatures and then Shayna Baszler wins fantastic thanks trips it’s time the right the wrongs that has been done to the queen of spades.

Remake Shayna again. Have her go against Rhonda in a shenanigans match.

@WrestleFeatures Hoping for Shayna or Shotzi. According to the winner faces Liv at Clash at the Castle..

@LegacyOfShirai Shayna is terribly boring, Vince looks for an entertainer. Hhh is back to boring ass people.

@LH1N__ Raquel jla vois pas win, Shayna elle m’énerve jveux pas elle win, Natalya genre stop on est fatigués et Xia Li flemme…..

@RolsoG Shotzi o Natalya sería lo más lógico, Lacey seguramente intervenga a seguir feudo con Aliyah, Shayna y Xia tienen poco y nada de credibilidad, Raquel es face, y luego Sonya, que podria ser.

Who it should be? Shayna Who it’s gonna be? Nattie. Maybe Shotzi..


@WrestleFeatures Do you think Charlotte comes in and wins? Obviously fans think Shayna is the favorite with Triple H in charge.

@YaOnlyLivvOnce Ich denke Raquel oder Shayna. Aber denke das Liv jeden von denen schlägt wird egal wer. Die einzigen Personen die eine Gefahr für Liv waren, sind derzeit nicht da. (Ronda und Charlotte) zum Glück..

@skinnymysterio I could realistically only see shayna winning for two reasons her previous tweet after Liv’s match at Summerslam saying a real champion wouldn’t stand for the referees decision or Charlotte returning and taking a vacated spot in the match..

With Vince gone and Hunter in charge I’m hoping for Shayna. I want NXT Shayna back murdering chicks.

@SUPERKICKBYHBK Honestly, Shayna needs it. Shawty been doing absolutely nothing since WrestleMania the pandemic first happened.

Shayna Photo,Shayna Photo by A Pimp Named Tokyo,A Pimp Named Tokyo on twitter tweets Shayna Photo

Do we really want Liv going from Ronda to Shayna from one submission master to another.

@WrestleOps shayna shld be build like monster heel
nd plz bring back tegan nox
nd some worth time for tag title.

@WWE @YaOnlyLivvOnce At least it is not Ronda. I hope it is Shayna and she should not be treated as second fiddle..

@melissakk624 I would like to see the Shayna that was in NXT on the main roster. Mean. Vicious. Practically unbeatable. She’s the wrestler they wanted Ronda to be but she actually is..

@womenswrestlng triple h high on shayna so I wouldn’t be surprised. she’s probably gonna try to get revenge for Ronda.

@therealzevgood Shayna Grissom does not have the mental fortitude to remember stupid pronoun rules. Shayna Grissom will just go to jail instead..

@SrAlexGomez Ahora que está HHH al mando diría que Shayna podría ser una gran candidata si sale de este Gauntlet de manera dominante.


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