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What are we doing? Why are we here? Four weeks ago I asked the Senate those two simple questions. Tonight, we delivered the answer. The first significant gun safety bill in 30 years just passed the United States Senate. 65-33. I’m exhausted. And grateful..

I am a proud Kentuckian. A lot of people disrespect Kentucky because of Mitch McConnell and Rand Paul. Believe me, we can’t stand them either. I am running for United States Senate to change all of that. Don’t give up on places like Kentucky..

The House and Senate can vote to expel Loudermilk RIGHT NOW, by a simple majority vote..

History is made. Lives will be saved. Bi Partisan gun safety legislation has officially passed the Senate. Now, onto the House for approval tomorrow and on to the desk of @POTUS for signature..

Senate Photo,Senate Photo by Fred Guttenberg,Fred Guttenberg on twitter tweets Senate Photo

Whoa. Lindsey Graham, the top Republican on the Senate Budget Committee, just said Republicans could go after Social Security and Medicare if they win power in November..

Fetterman has 9 point lead over Oz in the Pennsylvania Senate race, per Suffolk University/USA TODAY poll.

You know what you won’t find in the Democratic Party? A candidate for US Senate inviting supporters to “hunt” a more moderate or more progressive member of their own party..

BREAKING REPORT: Minnesota Senate Ethics Committee, comprised of conservatives and liberals, Unanimously Votes to Investigate Democrat Senator Omar Fateh on VOTER FRAUD MEDIA.

You’d think a Senate candidate accused of spousal and child abuse by his ex-wife — to say nothing of the accusations he sexually assaulted and blackmailed his former hairdresser — might consider a less violent appeal to voters..

UEFA will testify before the French senate from 8:30. They are represented by: – Martin Kallen, CEO of events
– Julien Zylberstein, chief of governance and stakeholder affairs You can watch live below. I *think* it will be in French so will tweet quotes.

Senator Mercy Chebeni. Baba nominated her to the Senate. While Ruto nominated @MillicentOmanga. Difference ni Kama usiku na Mchana Babathe5th.

Senate Photo,Senate Photo by Pauline Njau,Pauline Njau on twitter tweets Senate Photo

An academic degree is awarded to students upon successful completion of all the course units in a programme ( subject to examination) approved by the University statement by the head of the IEBC tribunal is therefore contradicting and it devaluates higher education..

@SundaeDivine @GOPChairwoman They only had the House, senate and white house for 2 years and did absolutely nothing but enrich themselves and try to take away things like healthcare..

June 20, 2017 changed my life. 5 years ago today, I showed up on Capitol Hill with Xiomara & friends to tell our health care story. A week later, @LittleLobbyists was born. It feels like yesterday & a lifetime ago at the same time @sarahkliff was there👇.

Raila Dethroned Malala as the Minority leader in the senate.
Raila betrayed the Mulembe nation. #RespectMulembeNation.

Senate Photo,Senate Photo by DiphieDiphie🇰🇪,DiphieDiphie🇰🇪 on twitter tweets Senate Photo

Eric Abetz has officially lost his senate seat. Jacqui Lambie’s new party picked it up. Won’t be missing his racist views.

Eric Abetz senate break-up paves way for Sydney Harbour Bridge courtship. #auspol.

I mean look at the 10 Senate eunuchs (some retiring) right now who in a red wave midterm w/a POTUS w/a 39% approval rating are working to chip away at the Second Amendment that their base hates. Now multiply that on so many issues ( immigration). It would radicalize anybody..

#auspol Wickr chat , The LNP are laughing at the ALP and Greens while prasie the Lord Palmer has a foot in the Senate with One Nation.

First hijab-wearing Muslim woman elected to parliament and first time WA has sent 3 Labor + a Green to the Senate! 😊 #auspol #ausvotes2022.

It’s a disgrace that Palmer’s United Australia Party won a Victorian Senate seat. #auspol.

@SaharaReporters I dont know why they will loose the APC presidential primaries and still clinch to senate granted that to Bala Mohammed he still got back the Bauchi governorship ticket after losing presidential primaries,Who does that..

Itong sa Quezon 3rd n 4th na Robredo – Eleazar (no. 1)… Haha nice from an Eleazar voter hehe Senate first placers from @AkachiYousoro.

Senate Photo,Senate Photo by aji🇵🇭,aji🇵🇭 on twitter tweets Senate Photo

The Hill
The Hill

NEW: The seven Senate seats most likely to flip in 2022.

Senate Photo,Senate Photo by The Hill,The Hill on twitter tweets Senate Photo

Democrats waited until early 1973 to launch the Senate Watergate inquiry. Nixon’s approval rating quickly collapsed to 27%. What if they had begun the inquiry immediately—in the summer of 1972? Is it possible Nixon could have been defeated? Yes, indeed..

Always said Adam Bandt needs to see the world past his cafe in Fitzroy. The Greens screwed Labor in the senate in 2010. They marched thru Queensland in 2019. Constantly hurting Labor. Booted Terri Butler from parliament. Always wanting to fight Labor. Don’t like my opinions? Bye!.

Please consider chipping in to help my campaign against Senator Garcia today:.

@bepatient101 @RpsAgainstTrump That’s what I’m thinking about too. It sounds like a lot of tough talk until one really thinks about the implications. Loss of federal funding, no more senate or house representation….

Election 2022 Update: Senate Judiciary Chair Cindy Coyne not seeking reelection; Barrington Democratic Town Chair Pam Lauria announces her candidacy for the seat..

NTV Kenya
NTV Kenya

– Senate to deliberate on raising debt ceiling to KSh. 10T in special sitting
– CJ Koome to launch the alternative justice system today
– Ex-Barcelona star Samuel Eto’o pleads guilty to tax fraud; sentenced to 22 months in jail.


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