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The second January 6 hearing begins with Liz Cheney talking about how Trump listened to advice from an apparently inebriated Rudy Giuliani.

Bill Barr admitting Trump knew he had lost. Ivanka Trump admitting Barr is right. Jason Miller admitting Trump was siding with a visibly drunk Rudy Giuliani. Trump people are selling each other out by the minute. They’re all toast. Now indict Trump..

If Meadows has flipped, why now? Because Rudy Giuliano, Alex Jones, Ali Alexander, and/or Enrique Tarrio implicated Meadows, perhaps?.

The January 6th Videos that are being Covered Up | Rudy Giuliani | June 11th 2022 | Ep 246 You won’t see on prime time! I denounce breaking the law #January6thCommitteeHearings.

💬 @donaldtusk konkretnie wyjaśnia temat OFE. Posłuchajcie🔊 📍 Spotkanie otwarte z mieszkańcami Nowej Rudy i Kotliny Kłodzkiej.

Rudy Giuliani on Rising Crime, the Andrew Giuliani Campaign, and Repairing American Elections.

The committee investigating the insurrection has obtained a December 2020 proposal from a lawyer to Rudy Giuliani that sketched out a plan to halt Joe Biden becoming president by throwing the certification of the election into the hands of Chuck Grassley.

💬 Nie wierzcie kłamcom, którzy za wasze publiczne pieniądze rozsiewają mity – które uczą nienawiści. @donaldtusk📍 Spotkanie otwarte z mieszkańcami Nowej Rudy i Kotliny Kłodzkiej.

CNN: The Jan. 6 committee has obtained a Dec. 2020 proposal from a lawyer to Rudy Giuliani that sketched out an early, rough plan to stop Biden becoming president by throwing the election certification into the hands of then Senate pro tem Chuck Grassley..

Did I read correctly that Rudy Giuliani is blaming Democrats for tricking Republicans into committing the January 6th Domestic Terrorist Attack and trying to violently overthrow the government? GTFOH with ya BS, @gop!.

Loirinhooo! Rudy Pankow foi visto por fãs recentemente no set de OBX3. 💛.

Rudy Photo,Rudy Photo by Outer Banks Brasil ,Outer Banks Brasil  on twitter tweets Rudy Photo

Mój brat alkoholik mówi tak. Nie wież rudemu Ani łysemu. Dlaczego. Bo ten łysy też może być rudy.😜😜😜😜😘.

@_0hjoyousme__ Ffs Rudy is a mess. Comes off as desperate for mummy’s approval. Twitters probably the only time they interact! Quite sad really….

@yesterpark this feels like its a spoiler rudy keep in mind i plan on watching this LATER TONIGHT..

Got some heartbreaking personal news today. Any prayers, positive vibes, etc. are appreciated. And Jazz, please don’t trade Rudy today. 🙏.

@RMF24pl A w pierwszą wizyte zagraniczną pojedzie Franciszka po rękach całować nasz rudy Dyzma. Tak będzie..

#wtylewizji To przekleństwo dla Polski, że w ogóle urodził się ktoś taki jak rudy..

Rudy Giuliani was one of Donald Trump’s primary lawyers during Trump’s failed efforts to overturn the results of the 2020 presidential election..

#探索者瓦割り選手権 これがうちの”アルセルト”です.

Rudy Photo,Rudy Photo by ルディポックル,ルディポックル on twitter tweets Rudy Photo

@michaelgove Reminds me of that time Rudy Giulani rented that parking lot for a press conference.

@jemelehill U got me crying & laughing bc one day this came on my Unc Rudy did this 2 step spin dip clap move😄I was like OK Unc this ur song 😄❤️ He passed 8/21 stage 4 cancer his bday Tomorrow #613🥲 turn it up for #Uncrudy🎤return of the Mack watch my moves😉❤️.

Rudy Photo,Rudy Photo by Choc713,Choc713 on twitter tweets Rudy Photo


Rudy Photo,Rudy Photo by Rudy,Rudy on twitter tweets Rudy Photo

@RuDy_Om_13 @MarcaClaro C’est un test je suppose, Tata Martino a presque toujours joué avec 4 défenseurs depuis qu’il est là.

@taradublinrocks What is Rudy so scared of? #TrumpCrimeSyndicate.

Rudy Photo,Rudy Photo by Nancy Levine🇺🇦,Nancy Levine🇺🇦 on twitter tweets Rudy Photo

Asy opozycji . Tygrysek , Rudy bolszewik i Dupiarz katastrofa panie . #wtylewizji.

@rudybouma Me dunkt. Onze Rudy die in 1 week meer bull-shit verkoopt dan Ongehoord Nederland in haar gehele (weliswaar korte) loopbaan. Je moet het maar kunnen..

@ImEmpaThy @robertfranek By a laptop whose chain of custody can’t be verified and was in Rudy’s hands for months – and has files added to it? No thanks.

Why is Rudy Giuliani allowed to go out and spin January 6 as a frame job? The justice system in this country is so f’ed up it’s insane. The worst you are the more amplification you get. Because they are all too weak and corrupt to hold each other accountable. Another failure..

@Malopolska4 Rudy is a hot ass mess. Zero spine. Zero integrity. As a New Yorker I would like to think he still had both *intact* around 9/11. How someone could allow themselves to do a complete nosedive like he’s doing? For Trump?.

@joncoopertweets Yesterday while I was working there was a show about the mafia in the 80s on the tv, YouTube, if you can get past all the commercials good stuff. There was a segment with Rudy. He just seemed so normal compared to now. He drank the koolaid and went back for seconds..


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