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2024 Republican Primary poll: Donald Trump – 53%
Ron DeSantis – 23%
Mike Pence – 7%
Ted Cruz – 3%
Nikki Haley – 2%
Mitt Romney – 2%
Liz Cheney – 2% Politico / Morning Consult / 07/15-17.

Mitt Romney, when campaigning against Obama, said, “I love being home, in this place where Ann and I were raised. Where both of us were born…No one’s ever asked to see my birth certificate. They know that this is the place that we were born and raised.”.

Here are the no votes: Republican Senators Crapo, Lankford, Lee, Lummis, Paul, Risch, Romney, Shelby, Tillis, Toomey & Tuberville.

Manu Raju
Manu Raju

GOP senators who voted against burn pits bill, which passed 86-11:

A bit late to this thread … but it does need to be pointed out that in the 2012 campaign, Mitt Romney lied more blatantly and extravagantly than any presidential candidate in recent history..

mitt romney got a quarter of the shit during his entire campaign that john kerry got for ordering a cheesesteak incorrectly.

I wrote about it at the time, but the idea that Romney was a victim of a vengeful mainstream media intent on destroying him was and is … malarkey.

Mitt Romney was going to lose anyway but he literally got caught in a smoke filled room calling 47% of the country freeloaders..

Lol further proof that Republicans are the biggest babies ever. Imagine looking at how softball the entire treatment of Romney was and calling it him being treated as Satan Incarnate..

@NotABigJerk *Democrats publicize a clip of Romney saying 47% of the country is useless* Republicans: whoa hey can they do that?.

We all know Rick Scott wants to end Social Security; Lindsey Graham wants to raise Full Retirement Age from 67 to 70; Romney and Rubio want to cut benefits. None of them are willing to raise the payroll tax cap on wealthy to save program.

Romney Photo,Romney Photo by Azaliya Allen,Azaliya Allen on twitter tweets Romney Photo

@TristanSnell Jim Risch, ID
Mitt Romney, UT
Mike Rounds, SD
Ben Sasse, NE
Rick Scott, FL
Tim Scott, SC
Richard Shelby, AL
Dan Sullivan, AK
John Thune, SD
Thom Tillis, NC
Patrick Toomey, PA
Tommy Tuberville, AL
Roger Wicker, MS
Todd Young, IN.

@PaulSiminsky GOP senators who voted against the bill bill today are: Mike Crapo (ID), James Lankford (OK), Mike Lee (UT), Cynthia Lummis (WY), Rand Paul (KY), Jim Risch (ID), Mitt Romney (UT), Thom Tillis (NC), Pat Toomey (PA), Tommy Tuberville (AL) and Richard Shelby (AL) – VOTE THEM OUT!.

Mitt Romney: Saving Great Salt Lake worth the multibillion-dollar cost – Deseret News #USA.

The people who nominated Romney in 2012 weren’t the ones who nominated Trump in 2016, or have we forgotten the Rick Santorum campaign?.

Mitt Romney is trending. Idc how moderate he is. He’s caused enough trouble! So let’s cause HIM some.

@antimather @PresidentDawg Sorry but if accurately describing Mitt Romney as a stilted out-of-touch rich guy caused Republicans to turn fascist, they were always going to turn fascist.

@politicalmath Not only that, Romney got the nomination because he pandered to the bigots more than the other candidates. He saw how much they LOVED Palin for it so he copied her (in his way)…..and the Republicans picked him as their nominee..

@epicciuto This was my break from, not only the GOP, but also the Ev Church. The church that historical claimed Mormonism as a cult embraced Romney as a “Christian” candidate when up against Obama..

@fawfulfan You obviously do not vividly remember enough. Even Bill Maher admits your side went crazy against Romney in peddling false insults and it resulted in Trump..

@qbanqt Thankyou! As a Ma. resident during Romney campaign and governorship you state perfectly how many of us felt. Plus his opponent was a woman. Ma. has a poor record of voting for women. Sen Warren is a first. Gov. Swift was not voted into position of Gov..

@TylerDinucci Romney is always all over the map. He’s the king of wishy-washy and plays to the media spotlight. He needs to wear magnets in his shoes to stay on-topic..

@JonahDispatch @EsotericCD It wasn’t hysteria, it was a clownish thing for Romney to say and everyone was making fun of him..

@NGrossman81 No previous candidate got the Candy Crowley live fact check treatment. I agree that using Romney’s treatment as an excuse for embracing Trump is weak, but you can’t rewrite history..

@stephanegaddis Because there is SWAMP SCUM in the Republican Party, Cheney, Romney etc, these people only care about money not, AMERICA !!.

@owillis Not only does Romney deserve the loathing he gets from conservatives because he’s a complete RINO/sellout but he’s a beast of no nation now bc the Dem boots he’s been licking will stomp him at will bc he’s so unsupported in his own party. He must go..

Romney was, and still is, terrible and if that groveling, pathetic dinner had resulted in him getting Sec of State he would be no different from every other MAGA shithead..

You must have been high if this is how you remember press coverage of Romney..

@JKash000 She should take Cheeny, Kinzinger and Romney. Might as well ad Schiff to the list too..

@politicalmath This is what killed Romney. Care to defend it?.


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