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At this point I expect Orton to pop up and RKO Riddle tonight, his back be damned lol.

Acredito que Animais Fantásticos terá seu último filme focado em Dumbledore e Grindelwald (o passado de cada um) pra chegar no grande duelo. Uma possível aparição de Tom Riddle, um epílogo com o Newt mais velho e possível aparição de Luna (Evanna Lynch) e Rolf Scamander..

Congratulations, Star Atlas community, and particularly Yaawn#0001 of the @BULK_Guild from Discord! 🚀 You have successfully deciphered the clues, found all keys to The Riddle and unlocked another alpha drop! 🗝✨ Now, get ready for hot #StarAtlasSummer nights! 💥🌌👇.

lmfao how does a creator tell a story without conflict……….riddle me this, youtube. the 90 min documentary is now earning nothing and is no longer being served to audience. we spent a lot of money on this production. wait until ya’ll hear this feedback in this video hahahah.

Riddle earns a title shot. 🤯 @SuperKingofBros | #SmackDown.

Roman Reigns vs Riddle NEXT WEEK! His first title defense since Wrestlemania.

Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by WrestlingWorldCC,WrestlingWorldCC on twitter tweets Riddle Photo


Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by Ridoru ⁺˚・༓☾ℍ𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕠𝕟☽‧͙༓・˚⁺‧͙,Ridoru ⁺˚・༓☾ℍ𝕠𝕣𝕚𝕫𝕠𝕟☽‧͙༓・˚⁺‧͙ on twitter tweets Riddle Photo

豪華2点セット【ゲーミングPC企画🎮】 DMで当選連絡!!リツイート✓してね! 💫ゲーミングPC
【Riddle LEVEL∞ コラボゲーミングPC】
💫Dowinxゲーミングチェア 抽選で❶名様にプレゼントします!! 💫参加方法💫
 2.固定ツイートのリツイート 💫締め切り:6/20.

Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by \公式ゲーミングPC/,\公式ゲーミングPC/ on twitter tweets Riddle Photo

La primera defensa titular televisiva oficial del Jefe Tribal: Roman Reigns defiende el Campeonato Universal Unificado de la WWE ante el ex peleador de la UFC, Riddle. Esto será el viernes en SmackDown. ¿Quien saldrá con la victoria?.

Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by Lucha Libre Online,Lucha Libre Online on twitter tweets Riddle Photo

@Karl_Lauterbach Ich kann mich noch an eine Zeit erinnern als Diskussionen über Maskenpflicht und Kontaktbeschränkungen gegen Influenza noch eine Verschwörungstheorie aus dem Querdenkeruniversum war..

🔵 Roman Reigns défendra ses titres contre Riddle la semaine prochaine ! RÉSULTATS DE #SmackDown DISPO ➡️ :.

Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by TOTAL CATCH,TOTAL CATCH on twitter tweets Riddle Photo

#WWERaw live results: Miz TV with Maryse & Riddle.

Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Riddle Photo

Full WWE #SmackDown results: Riddle vs. Sami Zayn.

Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Riddle Photo

So many people see my riddles and say: Oh riddles are cool! Here’s mine! I appreciate you, it is awesome to see that, but I asked a riddle answer it gosh darn it 😂.

@WrestlingHumble Make Roman vs Riddle in the middle of the show , and give his segment a proper Main Event segment.

Content (et déçu en même temp) pour riddle, premier match pour le titre mais aurait dû main évent un PLE.

@datila_ I thought it was gonna be Ciampa but now idk. Don’t think it’s gonna be him after the attack on Riddle..

@BR_Doctor It is not the drugs in the medicine. It is real: Next Week On #SmackDown Riddle vs Big Uce The Head Of The Table The Tribal Chief Roman Reigns for the WWE Unified Undisputed Universal Heavyweight Championship..

Riddle might not win but he gonna give roman his best match ever..

@JELOM_yokomore Valorantを開いて、すぐにうつ病の波に襲われました🥲.

Remembering Ghena Dimitrova
Ghena Dimitrova & Plácido Domingo – In questa reggia; The riddle scene via @YouTube.

@CatchNewz Dommage , Riddle contre Reigns aurait été mieux en ppv mais au moins Reigns va combattre..

@UJBXkJ83iuCOoqM さきちゃんはニコニコ(というか盛れる顔)



Riddle Photo,Riddle Photo by 👀,👀 on twitter tweets Riddle Photo

— Início do expediente — O Netoin! começa este novo dia com um clássico tema do universo dos animes: Diretamente de [Onegai Teacher] a música Love a Riddle, com vocal da KOTOKO. Um ótimo dia para todos! É isso aí..

.@charlieemilyfan here’s your bright side riddle.
(1/?) The doctor from little nightmares goes to the beach. With him, he has his two friends and his loving companion:
Dr Long, his *LONG* time frenemy,
The Baker, (his pal) and his beloved Flea entitled “Coag”..

@zheydorntorch Yeah if Randy is out and was potentially the plan for Summerslam, have Riddle be the guy who is in Roman’s head and the one guy who has gotten the best of him. Then Roman can beat him next month at the bigger show. But you’ve given Riddle a little run in the process..

Exactly why I have a feeling Riddle is gonna win tonight. The wrestling world would go mad if it happens but knowing WWE creative, they still gonna suck up to Roman and stick the belts on him for the time being. #SmackDown.

@WWE @SuperKingofBros Okay, if Riddle can pull it off, oh my GOD, the things it would do for his career. Best of luck to Riddle, we NEED a new champion. Roman is getting boring..


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