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Real America wants affordable gas and groceries. Senate Democrats just gave them higher taxes and 87,000 IRS agents..

Mucho más cerca de la realidad lo de hoy en el Camp Nou que aquel empate “glorioso” del América ante el Real Madrid….


Los últimos 18 días de Henry Martín con el América: ➤ 6 goles.
➤ 5 partidos.
➤ Le marcó al Manchester City. ➤ Le marcó al Real Madrid.
➤ Doblete contra León.
➤ Doblete contra FC Juárez. 📷 @ClubAmerica EL REGRESO DE LA BOMBA..

Real America Photo,Real America Photo by Invictos,Invictos on twitter tweets Real America Photo

O comunismo real assola a América Latina, ele é o verdadeiro causador da maior diáspora da história da região, com mais de quatro milhões de venezuelanos, que fugiram muitas vezes a pé da fome e da miséria causada pelo regime. A fórmula é sempre a mesma: primeiro a.

Real America Photo,Real America Photo by Felipe C. Pedri,Felipe C. Pedri on twitter tweets Real America Photo

Real America has chosen the Dem candidate for president in 7 of the last 8 elections..

@EricTrump It’s not just Donald Trump it is all of us that will get raided. If you question these people in government they consider you a criminal. Time to arrest the real criminals and let the good citizens of America alone!.

@Jim_Jordan Real America finally sees through the GOP shenanigans and is trending Democrat..

@Jim_Jordan Real America wants to know your criminal involvement in the insurrection..

@Jim_Jordan Real America want insulin price cap.
Senate Repuglicans voted against it. Shameful..

Mean Marge at it again, first adoptive parents are not real parents, and lesbian can’t “understand” baby formula. She is a walking advertisement for MAGAs America if we don’t vote them all out.

This is real America – Trump has made it crystal clear that Hitler is his role model. Remember that..

These MAGAt people who claim love America? They hate the real America. These wannabe Fascist Authoritarians still want to overthrow our great democracy. Need to Stop them All..

@Jim_Jordan Real America wants to protect their children from jerks who allow kids to be molested under his care and watch. Let’s put that right up there as the #1 concern my friend..

@TPostMillennial @dbongino At least one warrant was related to the boxes of classified documents Trump illegally took to Mar-A-lago. But no mention from Mr. I swore and oaths protect America..

You wouldn’t have the slightest clue as to what “Real America” wants if you were watching it being molested in a locker room..

@Jim_Jordan so you prioritize tax cheats over real america? more irs agents = more revenue and better service for regular americans.

@Jim_Jordan We are all Real America and we want lower insulin costs for our fellows, we also want enough IRS employees to put pressure on rich tax cheats..

@Jim_Jordan Real America is not a theological society. Real America needs to stop massive money laundering operations for national security, ergo, IRS agents..

@MarshaBlackburn .@MarshaBlackburn They speak for all real Americans. Coney Barrett is a stain on America..

@Jim_Jordan Real America wants you to testify. The #January6thCommitteeHearings have openings for you between now & September..

Vote for a better America next time!
Do it for our children!!!!.

@Jim_Jordan Real America wants affordable prescription prices and investments in our country’s future. Senate Democrats just gave them that!.

@ESPNmx No más el real Madrid mete a todos sus titulares como el barca, y también hacen mierda al América, paren de mamar.

@Jim_Jordan Real America wants politicians that work to better their lives. We do not want politicians that do nothing but grift off the taxpayers. You, Gym, are what we don’t want..

@Jim_Jordan Real America doesn’t want traitors who invite Dictators like #VictorOrban to their meetings. You’re all scum!!! I hate @GOP or who say no to helping diabetics survive.

@Jim_Jordan Real America want a “Paert” who works for the people of America, you aren’t one of them Gym Jordan..

@Jim_Jordan By “real America,” you mean the top in income. That’s not real America. Ask your constituents. Ask the majority of US. But you’re a propaganda shill for the Russians, uh, er, Republicans so we shouldn’t expect more than this from you..

@HouseGOP Let’s face the facts, Republicans hate America & Americans & your voting for the past 40 years confirms it. What REAL AMERICAN would vote against giving healthcare to sick veterans or decrease the cost of insulin? Real Americans don’t commit election fraud or attempt a coup. 🗳💙.

@MichaelSchuman Nancy Pelosi is an American leader, not China’s. America is the real threat to the stability of east Asia. Even you know your statement is ridiculous. What next? Declare Kashmir belongs to India and blame Pakistan if they react? 🤪.

If Trump was a REAL RUNNER FOR OFFICE, WHY DO HE HAVE TO CHEAT? This man is a MOB BOSS LIKE HIS FATHER, Look at the people he gave PARDONS TO, HE IS NOT for the people of America, he is doing everything he can to be a DICTATOR,PLEASE SEE TRUMP FOR WHO HE.


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