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I stand full square in solidarity with Britain’s rail workers taking action against cuts to their jobs, pay and conditions. #railstrike @RMTunion.

#railstrike Photo,#railstrike Photo by Sharon Graham,Sharon Graham on twitter tweets #railstrike Photo

Do not let this awful, rudderless, shambolic government turn this into another “not our fault” while they seek to blame everyone else and divide opposition. They have been in power for 12 years. Tell me one thing that has got better in this country in that time. #railstrike.

Full solidarity with workers during their #railstrike – for us, it can mean an occasional inconvenience, but for them is a fight to recognise the dignity and value of their work. Tories want us to race to the bottom; lift each other up instead..

We should perhaps ask rail managers why they’ve wound their workforce up so much that they’re prepared to lose three days pay in the middle of a cost of living crisis #railstrike #SupportTheRMT.

Not much traffic on the Weardale Railway this morning. #railstrike.

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NEW: Cloudflare has gone down, leading to a whole host of websites not working, RAIL. #railstrike.

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“Funding cuts, job losses, cuts in benefits, pay freezes, fire & rehire, pension hits.” That could have been the BBC headline? Why does media always choose to demonise unions? #r4today #railstrike.

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Started my journey to work at 6. Rough estimate: I’m two hours away. 🤦‍♀️ #railstrike.


@RMTunion your union has just kick-started the largest digitised upgrade of rail ever seen. In less than 10 years time there will be no train drivers, you have made a massive mistake. #railstrike.

London Bridge @RMTunion national rail and underground pickets, loads of #Solidarity and cheers and cake for the strikers! #railstrike.

#railstrike Photo,#railstrike Photo by Cici Washburn,Cici Washburn on twitter tweets #railstrike Photo

I thought you’re only striking Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday? Utter nonsense… the full week is affected, first train running at 8:47am missing majority of the peak period for commuters! #NorthernFail #RailStrike @northernassist.

#railstrike Photo,#railstrike Photo by John Hall,John Hall on twitter tweets #railstrike Photo

I like @KayBurley interviews, I like her quick fire hard hitting style, but honestly what on earth was she trying to achieve with that nonsense picket line question? A picket line is a legitimate protest, to suggest otherwise is dangerous for our democracy. #railstrike.

@BBCBreakfast You are spending a lot of time and money showing nothing happening. Your preoccupation with a vacant London Euston is startling: how may folk are turning up as normal? #railstrike.

Disappointed to see @KayBurley attempting to suggest that pickets would be anything other than peaceful on @SkyNews this morning and then appearing surprised when her interviewee was offended she’d all but accused him of incitement to violence on live television. #railstrike.

All quiet at Twyford station this morn on the first train to Paddington. It’s off to the @BIIandBIIAB lunch we go! #railstrike.

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Supporting both TfL & rail workers striking this week – a few days inconvenience for me could mean all the difference in pay/conditions for workers who, let’s not forget, kept things running during the darkest days of the pandemic. #railstrike #SupportTheRailStrikes @RMTunion.

Union Boss Mick confessed that many railway drivers who are going on strike for an 11% wage raise are already making more than £54,000. When questioned about his own income and bonuses, which are reported to total £124,000 per year, he blew his top, this pure greed #railstrike.

When they demonise the workers for striking, they forget one are the workers. Solidarity with the #railstrike and @RMTunion.

Those on strike, those that would be using the railways to get to work, those serving in our armed forces, working factories, supermarkets, schools, hospitals, call centres, fisheries, tourists and hospitality industries have more in common than with bosses and maps

2021 Tories: we want to be a high wage economy post Brexit 2022 Tories: nobody must ask for a pay rise #railstrike.

Uber and taxi drivers waking up this morning #railstrike #TubeStrike.

#railstrike Photo,#railstrike Photo by $IZE L 🇬🇭🇮🇹,$IZE L 🇬🇭🇮🇹 on twitter tweets #railstrike Photo

We will be posting more updates on this thread but for now you can follow our live blog for all the latest information. #railstrike.

Passengers using Rugby Train Station have told #HeartNews reporter Emma Reid that they would like more information about the trains that are still running #railstrike.

Solidarity with @RMTunion. This strike is the fault of the government and the rail companies. #railstrike.


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