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One of the reasons the right wing press hate the ECHR is because article 8 – on privacy – stopped their phone hacking. This is literally their payback for that (Raab confirmed it)..

Dominc Raab on media today explaining that having removed our freedoms with Brexit, the Tory Government will now remove our human rights..

The letter? What letter? Oh that letter! No, I totally forgot to ask what was in it. Above my pay grade. I’m only deputy prime minister Dominic Raab this morning.

Absolutely essential thread on Dominic Raab’s utterly destructive Bill of Rights – this Bill will drive a forklift truck through our fundamental human rights, and it must be defeated @libertyhq 👇.

“Dominic Raab says workers should accept a real terms pay cut. Meanwhile MP’s have just slapped themselves on the back with a £2,200 a year pay rise & the Prime Minister wants to lift curbs on pay for city bosses! Well boll**** to that!”.

Pay rises are not the answer to inflation says the Deputy Prime Minister Listen below to hear why Dominic Raab thinks giving RMT workers higher wages would be counter productive #KayBurley FC.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle delivers this criticism of the government after Boris Johnson and Dominic Raab choose to announce the downgrading of our ECHR rights (under a watered down Bill of Rights Bill) via the media rather than Parliament, the correct channel..

@KayBurley What a light touch interview with not full of idiotic provocations and wild insinuations like your disgrace of an interview with Lynch yesterday.

🏴‍☠️ #PMQs Listening to Dominic Raab make excuses for his legislation to override the authority of ECHR is sickening They want free reign to indulge in racist, discriminatory policies that the ECHR was specifically set up to avoid. They are vile,….

The clowns 🤡 have taken over the circus 🎪 🤣 The spokeperson said that having a process for ensuring standards are maintained by ministers was “vitally important”..

Raab, Patel, Truss, Kwarteng penned his crap in 2012 and it’s pure coincidence they all turned up in Boozer’s cabinet, total fiction..

Raab Photo,Raab Photo by Ian collins,Ian collins on twitter tweets Raab Photo

The Bill can’t be published until it’s been presented (1st reading) in the @HouseofCommons. This takes place after ministerial statements so after Raab & Rees-Mogg statements have concluded and before the social security debate (see ).

@DMinghella @BarbaraSutton15 Raab in 2009, the cold contemptuous hate…..

What does it take for Johnson to resign or his party throw him out? Johnson is bringing our country down. No 10 refuses to say if ethics adviser will be replaced following Lord Geidt’s resignation after being put in ‘impossible position’ – live.

Mick Lynch is so effective because he’s brutally and charmlessly direct and transparent at a time when we’ve been fed a diet of deflection and obfuscation for so long. Raab this morning being a great example..

@KayBurley People not touching their forelocks or doffing their caps, disgraceful in this day and age.
Raab is a complete tool who should do us all a favour and just climb into a bin..

HoC Opposition benches nearly the bars must be open.
Very few stayed to challenge Raab on the Bill of Rights.
It’ll sail through the committees then …

Dominic Raab has presented a very valid reason why there should be a #NationalShutdown because people are paid low wages and have no terms and conditions of employment . Time for a #nationalstrike.

The Guardian view on Raab’s bill of rights: liberty bent to prejudice | Editorial.

GB News
GB News

Exclusive: Dominic Raab suggests ‘media scrutiny’ could’ve led to Lord Geidt resignation 💻 GB News YouTube:.

@SkyNews …got to spin this somehow number 10 buying time. Raab repeatedly referring to talks about extension like this was somehow the result of that conversation..

@SkyNews We’ll change the laws we don’t like is an appalling statement from Raab !.

@ITVNewsPolitics Why is it that Raab rushes out of the door to defend #BoozyJohnson so quickly. What is Raab hiding from us. Was he at every party or something even worse.

@AllyFogg One of the few things that have made me smile over the last few years is watching soulless ministers defending Johnson’s behaviour. Most behave like hostages making demands on their captors’ behalf, but I suspect Raab’s just about dim enough to believe what he says, *willingly*..

In your dreams @Raab is all bluff and bluster, been waffling on about this for months. All I can say if he reads this is #Raabdoyourjob @RaabscrapHRA.

@wesstreeting In fairness, more like 205 because, Gove, Rees-Mogg, Raab, Dorries, Sunak and Patel think Ethics is a county just to the east of London..


@GBNEWS I’ve said this before the ECHR was instrumental in stopping us removing terrorists/hate speakers, look at trouble May had. Raab is supposedly bringing in a new bill of rights which would stop this..

No 10 to publish Lord Geidt’s resignation letter as pressure grows on PM – UK politics live.

@JohnJCrace Couldn’t decide whether Raab looked more evasive than usual, or more clueless..

@ScotTories @Douglas4Moray And this is all we need to know about you and your party..


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