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This uses such vague language that in a way that it would be completely unworkable, but also draw many more into the scope of Prevent which can have adverse impact upon those identified. If ever anything was right wing ‘virtue signalling’….

Sid Lowe
Sid Lowe

Bloody hell. The language here. Deradicalisation prevent programme. And Winston loved Big Brother. (And yet/yes, this is from the free speech warriors.).

Surely, the biggest threat to democracy in the UK is this right wing government as they dismantle our rights..


You and your white middle class left wing mutuals are not going to be the target of this latest Prevent nonsense. Stop acting like you’re going to be the victim of a policy that has nearly exclusively been used to further discriminate against BAME people in this country..

Accidentally bring referred to Prevent for reading a history book and then being forced to watch the 2012 opening ceremony on a Clockwork Orange-style loop..

Angela Merkel and German President Steinmeier made a wise decision at 2008 NATO summit to prevent Ukraine from joining the Alliance – German ex-Chancellor Gerhard Schroeder..

Be crazy if they filled holes with stuff to prevent caving of mountains into the ground and reducing the cold from space on earth?.

@bodil I think you must have missed his “if you don’t sing Land of Hope and Glory loudly and unprompted at work, we’re setting Prevent on you” yesterday. Anyway, you were right and I was wrong on this one. Next couple of weeks will probably involve them playing nice..

ok im beginning to think this has to do with my time machine situation, ill have to make sure of it that nothing goes wrong, maybe do a little time travel to prevent the bad things from happening.

Will this include Scottish and Welsh national parties who want to break up the Union? To deliver so many sessions and handle that many cases, it sounds like a big investment in public sector workers to me!.

Criticism of Britain or the British government to be made illegal.

@dandouglas an idea: have a karma system in the game. the more disparaging things you do increments it up. over a certain threshold, you get Prevent Police who chase you down. if you die / get caught during his phase you wake up in a dingy re-education / torture room, full 1984 style.

@FlopsyPickle @DanniizDesignz No one needs #HRT. What is needed is a diet and lifestyle as free of toxins as possible to prevent the condition/s developing in the first place, or to help the body to heal once disease exists. #GMB ..

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The Eco Shop will be at the Green Hub (formerly the Cycle Centre) today from 11am to 2pm, with 10 items for 2: High quality food, household brands, just for a low price to prevent excessive food waste and to prevent surplus waste from going to landfill!.

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@INCIndia @SupriyaShrinate ED raid are against corruption and to unearth black money under PMLA. It in no way stops or prevents any party to raise issues within the house and discuss. Law does prevent blocking the road to save the corrupt being raided, opposition unfortunately chose the later..

If you look at Prevent stats, then most people reported from education settings (the largest category) are right wing militants. You get reported for being likely to commit actual acts of terror. Meanwhile:.

There are some Prayer points released by the General overseer of mountain of fire and miracles ministries to prevent the enemies from TOUCHING YOU which is in included Note: This video is for educational purposes and to propagate the gospel of the lord….

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@mariahleilaniii @IAmLilRico Yes, is a kegel, contraction of pelvic floor muscles. Every human can do them, and is a good exercise to prevent incontinence with age..

According to @Telegraph Sunak is also planning to refocus the Prevent programme on Islamic extremism as the biggest threat after complaints it had tilted too much towards right-wing militants radicalised over the internet..

If there are barriers to prevent you from driving your scooter on the street, the obvious solution is to drive it down the sidewalk instead..

prevent is already overcrowded with complete randomers as well. a homie got on there for posting a picture with the quran once. imagine every mfer who makes a joke about the british museum getting put on it.

To prevent corruption, Jokowi calls for digitization of ministries/institutions.

@RichardJMurphy To the extent Britain has become a country that sends dissenters on re-education programmes like Prevent, it deserves to be vilified..

If you are moving to the UK 🇬🇧 this September & need accommodation. There is a FREE service that guides you through the process. Helps you search, book a space & prevent scam. But it’s only for students. If you are a student & need it free, use this link:.

@BogochIsaac You have simply stated the reasons for emerging outbreaks!. What are your inputs, thoughts, ideas or suggestions to prevent or control the outbreaks?.

@KayBurley If SNP is failing Scotland, then why do the Scots keep on voting for them? Last time, nearly an overall majority in a system designed to prevent this. Other parties in Scottish Parliament rely on proportional representation to have a presence..

Tips to prevent RDP and other remote attacks on Microsoft networks | Contact Arrakis for your confidential needs.
sales@ | | 602-383-4141
#Arrakis #Arrakisconsulting.

@jsphctrl State capture of the trusted global accountancy profession? Will the World Congress of Accountants, in India this year, be interested in trying to prevent this apparently long-term problem..

@BuckeyeLady4 @DanRather Either way it’s the same thing. Whether it dies from birth control or it dies from abortion, it still dies to prevent a baby from being created.


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