#PMSHellOfATuesday Twitter: Most Popular Tweets Worldwide & More News


Hello @RapSheet, I appreciate your reports to keep us informed on the #NFL news. Thank you. $ColtsLaw76

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Lawrence Owen,Lawrence Owen on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow Choose me I need a new camera for my film company🙏 #PMSHellOfATuesday $bluedevils1998 @Jokeeee_ top tier capper.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by James Ross,James Ross on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#PMSHellOfATuesday @MissyMomOfTwo thanks for being my best friend 🥰 $DaintyMae.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924,DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday Hoping for that $599 to add to my ENGAGEMENT RING fund “WUT” so I can hold DAHN for my wonderful and deserving woman @bridneyashley $Tfrisby33.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Tyler Frisby,Tyler Frisby on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @MissyMomOfTwo thanks for being my best friend 🥰 $DaintyMae.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924,DaintyMae2 (🐝,🐝) 3924 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@ed_reyes_ I hope you have the best tuesday ever and secure tix to Cruz vs Vera w @leonelcommas in SD 🤷🏻‍♂️ #PMSHellOfATuesday $RickDaRula661.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by RickDaRula,RickDaRula on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday
@KarlaPollard70 Thank you for being YOU! Kind, compassionate, caring, loving and a Friend for Life❤️ I love you ❤️.

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @DWheeler1123 your wedding drip was unmatched $jarink.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by jarin worden,jarin worden on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow @tforce13 thank you for always cheering me on and being a good friend

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Rebecca🐞♐4⏳,Rebecca🐞♐4⏳ on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


@PatMcAfeeShow @GinaD4793 You guys always have great content and I always enjoy watching the show.#pmshellofatuesday. $DJsteelbill ☝️☝️.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by DJ,DJ on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow @OmegaKTTN is incredibly honest and comes across as believable. #pmshellofatuesday $pinkgoatgaming.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Pink Goat Dante #UBF,Pink Goat Dante #UBF on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday
@jarinworden1 You looking strong I can tell you’ve been working 👑🫡

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Devon Wheeler,Devon Wheeler on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@hyejukalz You know you are beautiful don’t even play like that or let anyone tell you different #PMSHellOfATuesday.

Great interview with @MyronRolle today, learning more about the brain. Can’t wait to see Rolle in politics someday! #PMSHellOfATuesday $kristopherkingsbury.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Kris Kingsbury,Kris Kingsbury on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#Pmshellofatuesday SO @samsthemisfits Funny asl and generous!! Keep being you!!

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Michael Creed,Michael Creed on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @brandon_dillman Always have the best time when you and Nicole visit, so if I win, this is going straight toward your plane tickets to get you out here. 🙂 $austintd317.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Austin D,Austin D on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


Love yew @bubbagumpino miss you gump, can’t wait till your back pal. $Steveo463

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by don,don on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#PMSHellOfATuesday it would be nice to win $599 on my birthday 🥳 and @Ofc_Dibble is one heck of a good guy It would also help me pay for summer grad school tuition 🥹🙏🙏🙏.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Ryan J,Ryan J on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@marcusparks is one hell of a podcast host. Check out @LPontheleft $TJBP33.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by JacMones,JacMones on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@FnrlFrABrd is the best!! She always checks in on me, is very kind, and for sure my bestie on here!! Thanks for being AWESOME!!
#PMSHellOfATuesday $WhoDeyBeast.

@PatMcAfeeShow @FnrlFrABrd is the best!! She always checks in on me, is very kind, and for sure my bestie on here!! Thanks for being AWESOME!!
#PMSHellOfATuesday $WhoDeyBeast.

@PatMcAfeeShow Hope your next round of golf with them new kicks helps post you a nice number! @BackCrackah $Aburt52 #PMSHellOfATuesday.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Adam Burt,Adam Burt on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

#PMSHellofaTuesday I appreciate your brain @dicicco_nick Cashtag: $Kobiathan.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Kobi,Kobi on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow @TinkyAlwaysWins I hope one of us wins so you can do something to treat yourself you deserve it #PMSHellOfATuesday $n0heartbeat.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by indica.arie °,indica.arie ° on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

Thank u Dr. @MyronRolle for that awesome conversation today with @PatMcAfeeShow and the boys. #PMSHellOfATuesday $Saltz90.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by @S_Saltz90,@S_Saltz90 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #Pmshellofatuesday $princessjjelly 🥹❤️❤️.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by jelly🦋,jelly🦋 on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow @MacinaFlash want to wish my best friend and brother a happy ENGAGEMENT on this fine #Pmshellofatuesday Congratulations my guy!.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Brandon Ritchey,Brandon Ritchey on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday Thank you @AngieFalangi for always thinking of me. I am so happy I met you on this crazy bird app. You always make a bad day better 😊 $Lee6537.

@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday @colincore you are very kind my brother thank you for all the nice things $LordSinclairCortez.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by Lord Cortez,Lord Cortez on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


@PatMcAfeeShow #PMSHellOfATuesday Got me though round 2 vs Covid today, we love yew Pat, AJ, and the Boys @CardsBuckeye you’re a sniper $TCpicks.

#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo,#PMSHellOfATuesday Photo by TC,TC on twitter tweets #PMSHellOfATuesday Photo


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