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a live-action Pac-Man movie is in development 🕹 (via @THR).

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Live-Action Pac-Man Movie in the Works from Wayfarer, Bandai Namco The project will be based on an original idea from Chuck Williams (Sonic the Hedgehog) of Lightbeam Entertainment.

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Live-Action Pac-Man Movie in the Works from Wayfarer, Bandai Namco (Exclusive).

Commission for @Vastebottom
Pinky and Kinky – Pac-Man Arrangement 1996.

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A live-action Pac-Man movie is reportedly in the works.

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let me guess: pac-man is going to team up with a dude who’s inherited a haunted farm, or some shit, and there’s gonna be a scene where him and the farmer are being chased through a corn maze by some ghosts.

The announcement of the Pac-Man live action movie makes the Gran Turismo movie sound like an amazing idea.

My only problem with a Pac-Man movie is that it’s gonna be live-action. Can’t be thrilled if it’s about Pac landing in New York, 90% of the plot is him helping the human lead get a job/love interest and the bad guy is a generic business CEO all with mainstream pop music playing..

@EvernightStudio *Ghosts corner PAC-MAN but he manages to pull out a power pellet at the last possible moment and swallow them all*
Tom Holland as PAC-MAN: well that just PAC-ened.


A Live-Action Pac-Man Movie Is Coming.

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Pac-Man tiene envidia a Sonic, y también protagonizará una película en Hollywood.

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I hope that Pac-Man movie design is cute like it was in Pixels!.

Get ready for the Pac-Man series to once again embarrass itself several years from now At least before then we will probably get some more cool ass Pac-Man World stuff (or something to that same effect) before than.

@Poems_Future The pac-man light behind him is flashing like crazy. RIP to all his fans that have epilepsy.

im just going to call it right now: chris pratt is voicing pac-man.

all this is making me think of is that fake pac-man movie trailer from 2006 that i thought was real back in the day.

For some reason, a live action PAC-MAN movie is in development by Bandai Namco Entertainment and Wayfarer! Source:.

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What the fuck, würde ernsthaft ein Live Action Pac-Man Film angekündigt? O_o Und ich dachte, dass es schwer wäre sich einen Mario Film.

@The_KingOfTrash You mean like the cancelled Pac-Man Ghost Zone game? Cause I picture that as something cliche but nice!.

I was hoping Chris Pratt was trending due to jokes about him voicing Pac-Man, but alas. The truth is less funny..

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Live-action do jogo Pac-Man em desenvolvimento.

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@AdamsBoxingShow You’re being nice with Mayweather v Pac-Man, as that high on the list of Super Fights. There was no question for me, who was gonna win that fight.
Super Fights for me are when the outcome isn’t certain.
May v PAC happened way to late.
Money wise, viewership & event, Super.😀.

Pac-Man vai ganhar filme live-action com produção da Bandai Namco.

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@kyurudoll My guess is they’ll just copy the pac-man world plot, but there’s no way they’ll make this movie good.

Pac-Man no quiere ser menos y también tendrá su propia película de acción real.

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People used to talk bad about Pac-Man but this right here take something few know about his character never should be questioned again.

[Fade In] PAC-MAN is standing on a dark street. Suddenly, he’s shot and killed. BATGIRL enters from above. Batgirl: I wall avenge you, Pac-Man. But first… [Place entirety of Batgirl film here].

Pac-Man will have a movie with the creators of Sonic the Hedgehog.

Incredibilmente, un film di Pac-Man dal vivo è in lavorazione.

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Filme live action de Pac-Man está em produção -.

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