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We have *still* not heard back from @ofgem. We are increasingly concerned that, in going ahead with the planned rise to the price cap, they are ignoring their duties to the most vulnerable. We have instructed our lawyers to prepare to issue proceedings..

We are approaching a moment of genuine crisis. We do not think Ofgem is dealing with the scale of the challenge. Please join us in demanding that Ofgem do more..

Question: when is an energy price cap not a price cap? Answer: when it tracks energy prices. We are speaking to our legal team tomorrow. But we do not see how this change serves the needs of vulnerable consumers..

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Ofgem chief tells @BBCr4today we are looking at the issue if the standing charge. Looking at?? Anti poverty campaigners have demanded its scrapping for years and still no urgency. Yet more proof that regulators set up after many privatisations have been asleep at the wheel..

Across the UK, people like Mica are struggling to pay their energy bills – and this dire situation is set to get worse. Join us in demanding Ofgem do more:.

Ofgem confirms the energy price cap will be updated every three months, rather than every six months For more on this and other news visit.

🚨 Scammers are sending text messages appearing to be from @Ofgem offering rebates. THIS IS A SCAM. The link could harvest your personal data so be #ScamAware Read more on how to avoid scams and what to do if you are affected ⬇️.

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The government is failing to tackle the #costofliving crisis, and with the Ofgem price cap announcement today, things will only get tougher for people this winter. At the #FutureofBritain conference, we heard from @martinslewis on how the government needs to step up..

@BBCLauraKT How can ofgem and the government turn around to us and say bills have to go up when they are making obscene amounts of profit. Shows that ofgem are useless and toothless and Tories are in the pocket of big corps! #ToryChaos #ToryCriminalsUnfitToGovern.

The whole thing is a shambles – a misconceived intervention in the market that already cost 30 bankruptcies and £5 billion in public money. It is a deceit to claim it protects the public from global price rises, it only delays them and causes cost and.

For those of us who are mere tax payers trying to survive and not economic experts explain how this works please @ofgem because you keep saying we need to pay more. Why?.

@TalkTV @JuliaHB1 OFGEM – another useless outfit .
There to restrict excessive profits by energy companies .
They need investigating ..

@SkyNews What exactly is Ofgem regulating then? Because it’s not doing what it’s supposed to. Keep the cap down and kick any increase in costs back on the companies making billions in profits. (Spoiler; prices for energy companies haven’t gone up, oil costs the same as ten years ago)..

@jonatho84952843 @GoodLawProject Because they work for the companies and they claim to buy a year in advance but we have not got the storage for that it’s all lies to rake in profit ofgem has failed and should be scrapped and everyone sacked including the minister.

@BearwoodBloke @PerfidusAlbion Ofgem and the energy ombudsman are virtually useless.
Having worked in the industry for 15 years they offer little protection to the consumer especially in recent years..

This should be setting off massive alarm bells at @ofgem no grid capacity = no net zero.

Energy companies are announcing soaring profits today so why is Ofgem announcing price increases in October? This is purely profiteering & the British people should rebel & demand prices come down. Ofgem is not fit for purpose..

Come winter following another Ofgem cap rise many many people simply wont have enough money to pay their energy bills. Debts to suppliers will rocket. Cost of goods will rocket. Inflation will PEOPLE WILL It is going to be catastrophic..

@albafreewalker @alibali50 2/2 what was cross subsidy is now profit. Problem is Ofgem, BEIS, WM for bad regulation from generation to supply.
Hedgers, add little but cost. We attack the folk that bill us and still the profiteers profit unhindered..

I would suggest that Ofgem are absolutely and completely failing to achieve their own stated purpose 👇🏻@ofgem can you explain?.

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Ofgem confirms energy price cap to be updated every three months.

#Breaking Ofgem has confirmed that the energy price cap will be updated hourly, rather than never, which is the point of a fucking cap, as it warned that customers are all expendable idiots.

@RichardJMurphy Nothing, the government, @ofgem and all the rich fuckers who own these companies are revelling in this. They are making shitloads of money. Their thoughts are fuck the normal people let them suffer as normal. Unless you are a millionaires nobody gives a shot about you..

Shame that this mechanism favours the energy companies and not the consumer. Needs to be reviewed as it is clearly not fit for purpose. There is no need for these charges to passed onto the consumer when the energy companies are coining it..

Regulator supposedly on the side of consumers decides to fleece them every three months for their corporate overlords in the fossil fuel industry.

Yet again Ofgem protecting energy companies at the expense of customers #bbcwato #WATO.

The Central Bank of Britain: the economy is facing a recession, inflation will be 13%, for the first time in 27 years, the rate has been increased by 50 basis points..

@ofgem I think a committee of MPs recently called you “incompetent “ never a truer word spoken..

@MartinSLewis @BBCr4today France limited energy price rises to 4% until the end of the year. Total profits 9bn euros but has promised a 20centimes cut for fuel at the pump and the French Govt a further 30centimes – total 50centimes to keep max price at The UK Govt? Hopeless. OFGEM corrupted..

As the energy companies are making obscene profits, it’s safe to say that they are charging way too much! What will OFGEM do about it? Nothing!.


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