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Get ready for Nayeon to hit the #MTVFreshOut stage tomorrow at 5pm EST on @MTV 🍭.

Nayeon Photo,Nayeon Photo by MTV Fresh Out,MTV Fresh Out on twitter tweets Nayeon Photo


até o dia de lançar o álbum da Nayeon a JYP já vai ter soltado todas as músicas, nem precisa ouvir o álbum.

Nayeon Photo,Nayeon Photo by tessa,tessa on twitter tweets Nayeon Photo

가져갈 거 있으면 가져가. 작은아버지 사무실 정리했다. 버릴 건 버려야지..


vi uma stay falando q o feat do lix com a nayeon nunca vai ser apreciado como deve pelo hate em cima dos meninos, eu concordo mas oq impede a gente de dar bons números de stream na música? n é como se sempre tivesse mais alguém pelo skz além dos stays.

ilk solo haberi gelince nayeonun looklarini dusunemiyorum oyle oldu bu kadar farkli looklari bir arada gormeyi dusunmuyodum NAYEON RICH BOOKED BUSY.

Ini biasanya ngobrol2/cerita ttg album doang Nayeon ngomong sendirian apa bakal ditemenin member ya👀.


wts lfb | twice nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun chaeyoung tzuyu pc ph ₱220
twicetagram pob photocard set ☁️ 9 photocards (ot9) + envelope.

🤳🏼تحديث نايون عبر الببل: 🐰: الونسز القادمون الى التسجيل المسبق غدا ارفعوا ايديكم
🐰: يبدو ان الجو سيكون ماطرا غدا لذلك احذروا اثناء وصولكم @JYPETWICE #IM_NAYEON.

Nayeon Photo,Nayeon Photo by ♡̷̷#IM_NAYEON | نايون سورس ᥫ᭡,♡̷̷#IM_NAYEON | نايون سورس ᥫ᭡ on twitter tweets Nayeon Photo


up! wts lfb twice ph — ₱1,640 — strictly sold as SET only — can look for kahati but will only transact and deliver to one buyer — see ALT for the prices
— mop : gcash ( prio payo ) mod : ggx tags twice nayeon jeongyeon momo sana jihyo mina dahyun chaeyoung tzuyu photocard.

NAYEON (TWICE), doll-like beauty. Tomorrow (24th) solo debut. .. .. 「#Nayeon(TWICE)」Summary:.

Nayeon Photo,Nayeon Photo by KpopCeleb,KpopCeleb on twitter tweets Nayeon Photo

praying circle : 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯 big success 🕯 for nayeon’s 🕯 debut 🕯 🕯 🕯 🕯.

@cc_plusac J

@cc_plusac aaa

vou comprar um fone novo amanhã de manhã só pra ouvir a nayeon cantarolar com sua voz angelical nos meus ouvidos.

a pop pop pop da nayeon barrando todos pois ela tem jesus e seus fãs ao lado e não precisa de mais nd.

@cc_plusac G


muita coisa rolando scr daqui a pouco eh o lançamento do im nayeon e de left and right meu deussssssss.

En las primeras imágenes había solo la mitad y ahora ya está lleno IMPACTO

@kiminatozakii IM NAYEON IS COMING

– CLOSED- THANK YOU ONCE! This has been an amazing experience! I love being able to give back to Twiceland! Thank you to everyone who took the time to participate and stay tuned for the next giveaway for their next comeback! #NAYEON #IM_NAYEON.

준비하면서 정말 고생 많으셨던 거 잘 알겠어서 그만큼 즐겁게 행복하게 무사히 활동했으면 좋겠어🥹
열심히 응원할테니 바쁜 스케줄에 아프지 않게 건강 꼭 잘 챙기고😘
이번 앨범 첫 솔로인 만큼 더 소중하게 느껴지네🫶 임나연 화이팅 잘 할거야 사랑해🥰❤️❤️ #나연팝_솔로데뷔

Nayeon Photo,Nayeon Photo by 텔라🧸#IM_NAYEON🐰❣️,텔라🧸#IM_NAYEON🐰❣️ on twitter tweets Nayeon Photo

เพลงป้านาคือสดใสหวานๆมากเว่อ ชีสวยทุกชุด mvคือเว่อนะ เริ่ดๆๆๆ โซโล่ของจริงต้องนี่จ้าา #IM_NAYEON.

かっっっわいいいいい!!!🐰💛 #IM_NAYEON.


Nayeon Photo,Nayeon Photo by 나베,나베 on twitter tweets Nayeon Photo

– POP! + Nayeon Focus: – IM NAYEON + JeongMo Focus: – IM NAYEON + Sahyo Focus:.

All or Nothing by NAYEON (TWICE) • From The 1st Mini Album — IM NAYEON.


I feel like huening siblings tiktok later and taehyun and nayeon tiktok later 🥰🫶.


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