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Monty Python star @JohnCleese says the fear of being canceled by “woke” censors is robbing comedians of their creativity..

Conspiracy theory: The real reason Monty was traded, he’s coming back.

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🎙️: Ahora que el hijo de puta de Sungmo ya hizo lo que tenía que hacer, empezamos. Me da pereza narrar a los que no hacen nada relevante, pero Thomas apuñaló a Sienna, tremendo. Y Monty puede con los zombies solo..

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Beautiful job by Marinaccio to escape the 3rd inning jam by Monty and then pitch a scoreless 4th to settle things down. Good to have him back.

No entendí si Thomas y Monty sobrevivieron. EZRA, ERAS MI GALLO. DEFINITIVAMENTE NO ERES INTELIGENTE. Jolene y Mizuki hicieron el pikachu impactrueno. Miles, qué te pasaba. ??? Charles mató a James, damn. Y Mako a Jaxon. Doble damn..

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@MatthewBusta @TalkinYanks Need Castillo at this point. I absolutely do not trust Monty or Taillon.

@mensurvivetoo Look what they’ve done to us… it’s a Monty Python dress rehearsal..

@snob_of This is a far cry from our pitching in June! I knew it wasn’t sustainable but right now, my confidence rests in Cole and then Nester (as a distant 2nd). # 2-5, you have no idea if you are getting : either a shutout or 6 runs. TaIlion & Monty NEED to be more consistent!.

@BarstoolHubbs so will castillo, since they both have similar stuff. Meatball Monty can have fun in a reds uniform.

@BryanHoch I hope Monty throws a no hitter against us. This trade makes literally no sense and makes the team worse in every way. Just fucked up..

@RyanGarciaESM I feel like people forget Monty isn’t an ace or ever is gonna be one, he’s just a solid middle end of the rotation guy who will give you a consistent outings and eat innings. He of course will have more bad outings than an ace because like I said, he isn’t an ace.

@ItsMontyGator This Won’t Stand! Monty Gator your in big trouble.

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@DVillante2267 It’s Boone’s fault when they lose and players credit when they win. Took him out at the right time while the game is still in reach. Monty should be pissed. Not for being pulled but for the poor performance tonight. Hopefully it motivates him for his next start.

Hello, my name is Monty the mantis, and this is my crib. @MTV.

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@mairagomes_ofic Agora, boa mesmo (mas muito velha) é Monty Python’s Flying Circus. São esquetes tipo Porta dos Fundos dos anos 70 — na verdade é uma grande inspiração do Porta. De vez em quando eu gosto de assistir a todo aquele nonsense..

@aibak22 @079_monty ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه.

@morbs21 Im blaming Monty today. We gave him a lead and he went in there and shit himself on the mound.

@BarstoolHubbs Monty really threw a bunch of meatballs on 0-2 counts or up two strikes. That killed us.

Fuck it man… go big or go home. Go out and get Castillo AND Montas. Who the fuck is beating a playoff rotation of Cole, Castillo, Montas, and one of either Severino (if fully healthy, Cortes, Monty, or Jamo? We could even trade away Jamo to regain some prospects..

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@StephNakhleh @TracyLCooper2 I LEARNED so much about life from so many zany movies. Blazing Saddles. The Producers. Monty Python..

@monty_glam oh lol i thought you were hun and actually im kinda american as i live in the states but originally i was from Killarney Ireland ^^ but again im not calling ALL americans that though im just saying some of them are and it makes me sad to see how hateful everyone is.

@woodsidewasp @DoNSicKaRiO1 Or you can just ignore my Tweets if they bother you…. Fact is, Montas has been putrid pitching away from Oakland while Monty was traded for damaged goods and the team has far less depth than 2 weeks ago. The only real upgrade they made was adding Benintendi to replace Gallo..


@BryanHoch Thoughts on trade? Seems like we’re missing something. Very odd to leave a hole in the rotation like that especially when Monty was a reliable big league starter.

That seems exactly the Look German CAN be Good, when hes Same with Clarke Schmidt who has been highly But Monty was a proven entity, Probably Playoff Lefty, Sub You dont dump that for a 4th Cashman or BIDEN the GM here.

IDGAF about pitch count. These slurs better score some runs. What even did Monty do? Grand Slam?.

@GracieRobert6 @TalkinYanks I mean we are throwing Monty and German out there…had to expect bad results.

@TuppysMom All I can think about is the Bring Out Your Dead scene in Monty Python and the Holy Grail. 🤣.


@_selfmade_papi @RobertoAsenci19 Can’t rely on Monty tho and it’s showing. Taillion I think can manage but Monty can’t hang idk.

@JoezMcfLy Monty is chum for the Mets and German has no hope whatsoever, easy two game sweep for the Mets. How could you not see it coming?.


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