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New: pro-impeachment Rep. Peter Meijer (R) takes the lead over Trump-endorsed John Gibbs (R) w/ more Grand Rapids suburbs reporting, Still a lot of votes left to count in #MI03, but Meijer looking like a slight favorite..

Peter Meijer is one of the few Republicans to have risked his career to vote to impeach Trump. The Democratic Party is spending a meaningful amount of money to help his primary opponent – who they will soon warn is an existential danger to democracy..

Today, you have the power to defeat 3 Republicans who voted to impeach President Trump: Michigan
✅Vote John Gibbs ❌Fire Meijer Washington
✅Vote Joe Kent ❌Fire Herrera Beutler ✅Vote Loren Culp ❌Fire Newhouse.

No House race is hinging on a GOP primary outcome quite like #MI03. If Rep. Peter Meijer (R) hangs on, it probably moves from Toss Up to Lean R. If John Gibbs (R) beats him, it probably moves from Toss Up to Lean D..

Why would any Republican be bipartisan with Democrats again after what they did to Meijer? The moral of the story here is no good deed goes unpunished..

@Redistrict MI03 voters are highly educated and very perceptive. DCCC advertising helped Meijer.

@Redistrict Meijer is a well known commodity in Michigan, Gibbs was an out of stater who came out of nowhere…that was the difference.

Rob Pyers
Rob Pyers

#MI03 Update 39,140 – – Gibbs (+2,790)
36,350 – – Meijer.

Meijer Photo,Meijer Photo by Rob Pyers,Rob Pyers on twitter tweets Meijer Photo

After tonight, fuck the Democrats and whatever bullshit pedestal they have to grandstand on about democracy. Meijer did what he thought he was right, he worked with colleagues across the aisle, and the Democrat Party boosted a Trump stooge over him. Unbelievable stuff..

👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 👀 UPDATE: pro-impeachment Rep. Peter Meijer (R) takes the lead over Trump-endorsed John Gibbs (R).

Meijer continues to lead strongly in Kent Co., Gibbs by a similar margin in smaller Ottawa and Muskegon counties..

If this is it for Meijer, I’m endorsing Gibbs. Don’t like him, but the DCCC needs to pay for this..

Gibbs must be defeated in November. Meijer was one of the better Republican congressmen. He doesn’t deserve it, and it would’ve been good for his constituents if he was the nominee, even if Scholten got revenge and beat him. Now, she must win..


@Redistrict You seriously need to research the new districts much better, Gibbs will get SMOKED by the additions of the heavily blue cities of Muskegon and Wyoming to the 3rd LOT of democrats voted for Gibbs in our district, this is a huge blow to Meijer and the GOP!.

@Redistrict @gtconway3d Meijer is from a much respected family in Michigan. He needs to be re-elected!.

Still really tight in #MI03 with 60% of votes are in Rep Peter Meijer (R) – – 24,937
John Gibbs (R) – – 24,419.

@cujothekitten @Redistrict I agree that’s why I voted for Meijer, I’ll vote for Hilary come November but I couldn’t vote for Gibbs.

@jacobrossitx @Redistrict Yeah, ok. I’m not going to list the 100+ contests where his endorsement carried the day, you’ll just find a way to dismiss them. But when September rolls around and literally no one cares about Meijer, and Trump is dominating the Republican Party, remember this conversation..

Meijer and Gibbs are competing in the Republican primary for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District..


Meijer and Gibbs are competing in the Republican primary for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District..

Meijer and Gibbs are competing in the Republican primary for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District..

Meijer and Gibbs are competing in the Republican primary for Michigan’s 3rd Congressional District..

@UnsweetenedTru1 Talk about ignorant. Already alluding to voter fraud if Meijer wins because you don’t see his yard signs. You are a clown show..

Right now that race is knotted at 50-50. Meijer had real courage. Shameless and wrong for Democratic Party to play stupid games with this election..

@Redistrict Interestingly it looks like Meijer doing better in suburbs, Gibbs overperforming in more urban parts of Grand Rapids. Could be Dem crossovers.

So happy Gibbs will defeat Meijer. Democrats will defeat CRAZY Gibbs. GOOD JOB EVERYONE!!!!.

Look say what you will Meijer has got Claeys candy which is pretty good and I also like the fish tanks..

And if Meijer wins the general, it could very well be the seat that costs Dems the House. If Gibbs loses it, it could be the seat that keeps Dems in control..

@mikeydoubled do you see Peter Meijer or Tom Rice or any of the pro impeachment Republicans leaving the party?.

@AleJ0se Except Peter Meijer is losing to trumps guy in Grand Rapids. He was one of the good ones. Voted for impeachment..


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