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Thinking about all the cast and crew whose time was wasted, $90 dollars tossed away on a film I heard was good. It’s disgraceful. Hope Adil and Bilall land a superhero feature at Marvel or Sony and that Leslie Grace gets another big role. #Batgirl.


The Batgirl movie, which starred Leslie Grace and featured Michael Keaton’s Batman, has reportedly been canceled. The film was developed and shot before the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, and new leadership purportedly agreed the film “did not work.”.

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I feel so bad for Leslie Grace and especially Brendan Fraser man, I know that role would have meant so much to him after everything that happened… Warner Bros are in shambles.

As much as I talked shit over the Batgirl being canceled, it does fr suck. Leslie Grace and Sasha Calle were gonna help lead the way for more Hispanic actors to be superheroes. With Blue Beetle on the way, the Latine community was winning. Too bad WB don’t give a shit about us fr.

This just makes no creative or financial sense to me. It would have been Michael Keaton’s first return as Batman. It would have starred Brenden Fraser, who the Internet LOVES. Also, more J. K. Simmons. Not to mention the amazing Leslie Grace as Batgirl. I’m just so disappointed..

In all seriousness tho I feel bad about Leslie Grace she deserved better. Hopefully she could play Batgirl in a better project..

To film an entire movie, absorb all that cost, and ultimately not allow distribution is cruel to all involved. Leslie Grace is a tremendous talent and so many people were so excited to see an Afro-Latiné Batgirl. I hope she gets all the love and shine she deserves..


Michael Keaton back as Batman, Leslie Grace coming off of In The Heights, Brendan Fraser comeback, Simmons back as Gordon. Directed by the guys that did Bad Boys For Life and some of Ms. Marvel. Holy Bat Nipples @wbpictures at least release it on HBO Max for Gods sake!.

i hope if anything that somehow leslie grace batgirl gets to be in the black canary movie like it’s my only hope.

At this point I’m just waiting for that “🖕🏻 @wbpictures @wbd” tweet from Leslie Grace or the Batgirl directors lol.

Tweets com frases: Imagina como o Brendan Fraser/Leslie Grace/Michael Keaton/etc devem estar?, da mesma galera que pouco se importou com um pai em luto pela perda da sua filha, sendo vitima de difamação anos após anos. Enfim, a comoção seletiva..

WBs is not fucking seeing heaven for doing Leslie Grace like that. Wtf! Like what the fucking fuck?! You cancel a finished fucking product like that??!.

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WBD decided to not canceled The Flash movie due with Ezra sitiuation but instead canceled Batgirl with no issues Involved of Leslie Grace?!?! #BoycottWBD.

#Batgirl, estrelado por Leslie Grace, foi oficialmente cancelado pela Warner Bros. O filme já estava estava em fase final de pós-produção. (via @DEADLINE).

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Even though the movie is canned I hope Leslie Grace can appear somewhere as batgirl she seemed excited for it.

I mean, dang, how bad does a movie have to be to get shelved this late into its production?.

tomara que a Leslie Grace consiga um papel um dia tão grande quanto esse seria. Ela merece tanto..

leslie grace and the entire production/cast behind this deserved an apology, couldn’t care less if the movie is good but releasing to theaters it’s the least they deserve.

🚨🚨🚨 ELA NÃO VEM MAIS HBO Max decide descartar #Batgirl, o primeiro filme solo da heroína Bárbara Gordon, interpretada por Leslie Grace. O filme já estava em fase de pós produção, tendo completado suas filmagens a um bom tempo. (Via: ).

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We’re big SnyderVerse advocates here. But if the #Batgirl cancellation is true – that’s not an opportunity to push a SnyderVerse narrative. Be better. Leslie Grace, Adil & Bilall, Keaton, Fraser, all who worked on the film, deserve to see their work release. #ReleaseBatgirl.

@protectbatson Any reason why?? Regardless Leslie Grace and the entire batgirl cast/crew deserves better than whatever bs DC/WB is deciding.

CONFIRMADO: Mal día para ser Leslie Grace y todos los realizadores de #Batgirl pues los directivos de Warner han decidido CANCELARLA y no estrenará en cines ni en #HBOMax dado a qué según ellos no es un gran evento cinematográfico. 😓🦇 La cinta costó 90MDD..

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No puedo creer que hayan cancelado la película de ‘BATGIRL’. No sé si Leslie Grace dirá algo, pero por el momento la administración de Warner Bros se puede ir al carajo. No quieren perder dinero, pero ya la película tuvo su inversión de 90M. Simplemente wtf..

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Oh My Gosh! Poor Leslie Grace she was so excited to play Batgirl 😔.

@stcardigan pse cara o pior pra mim é a falta de consideração e o desrespeito com o elenco e a equipe :/ a pobi da leslie grace mds como pode uma empresa ser tão desgracada.

A pesar de que ya estaba casi terminada, reportan que Batgirl de Leslie Grace, Michael Keaton y Brendan Fraser ha sido cancelada por WB #Batgirl.

They are doing Leslie Grace so dirty. I hope the movie is still released some how..

Leslie Grace deleted her batgirl suit reveal from insta oml this is BAD I feel awful for her😳😭 #Batgirl.

Leslie Grace Photo,Leslie Grace Photo by 𝙶𝚒𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎✨✖️✖️🖤//THE SANDMAN ERA⏳,𝙶𝚒𝚜𝚎𝚕𝚕𝚎✨✖️✖️🖤//THE SANDMAN ERA⏳ on twitter tweets Leslie Grace Photo

Leslie Grace deserves justice! Warner Bros screws one more actor and one more director 🙁 #Batgirl.

@miladycroft Isso foi uma tremenda falta de respeito com toda equipe que tava envolvida, principalmente com a Leslie Grace que tava toda animada. Eu espero MUITO que não venha mais cancelamento de filme porque porra, não sei qual vai ser os filmes “eventos” que eles dizem que vão focar.


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