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AND NEW 🏆 Bobby Lashley defeats Theory to become United States champion #MITB.

Lashley Photo,Lashley Photo by B/R Wrestling,B/R Wrestling on twitter tweets Lashley Photo

Lashley/Theory was a proper ‘10’ matchup. Heavyweight banger with unreal pace for two big lads. Hats off to both. 👏🏻 #MITB.

Austin Theory LOST The United States Championship to Bobby Lashley. And then some how gets adding to The Money In The Bank match for no reason? Vince McMahon really loves Theory. I don’t see why Theory gets added if he does not win but to me Rollins or Riddle has to win. #MITB.

🚨🚨🚨 ¡ÚLTIMA HORA! 🚨🚨🚨 Bobby Lashley NUEVO Campeón de Estados Unidos.

Lashley Photo,Lashley Photo by Lucha Libre Online,Lucha Libre Online on twitter tweets Lashley Photo

@MercieWitAMouth What’s funny is that the company is pushing and have been pushing all of mine 😂 Cody, Theory, Bianca, Liv, Lashley, Gigi, Tiffany, Shotzi etc. it’s that one and not anybody else mentality that some people have.

#MITB results: Theory vs. Bobby Lashley for the United States title.

Lashley Photo,Lashley Photo by Wrestling Observer,Wrestling Observer on twitter tweets Lashley Photo

@dolornokturno Na, es porque Falbak encuentra que Bobby se parece a CJ de GTA San Andreas. Ese compadre me cae bien pero es CIEGO, que tiene que ver Lashley con esto?.

Lashley Photo,Lashley Photo by Alexis M.,Alexis M. on twitter tweets Lashley Photo

Again, everyone is hitting Omos with everything they have, banding together to try and stop …sure makes Bobby Lashley look awesome for being able to beat him one on one. #MITB.

#MITB | Bobby Lashley derrota a Theory y levanta el Campeonato de Estados Unidos en #WWE Money in the Bank 2022..

But also logically theory got destroyed by lashley so it logically makes no sense to even have him in this match #mitb.


@BX_Champ Too easy lol. My friends and I called it too. There was no explanation to him losing the belt to Lashley, then it made sense.

@WWE @ScrapDaddyAP Theory doesn’t deserve to be there! He had his chance tonight against Lashley. He lost therefore should not be in the Money in the Bank!.

o unico jeito seria o lashley invadir a luta, tirar o teoria da luta pra seguirem uma rivalidade no summerslam #MITB.

The last match was so disappointing. Why they add Theory to the Money In The Bank match and he won wtf. bro Theory lost to Bobby Lashley. So cheat. I wanted Riddle to win the MITB match. #MITB #WWE.

@Chrisbarnett_91 @MephistoXP Man said underbite Khali😭😭💀💀 lmaooo foul but true …facts MVP has it, Trick still learning. Melo would get the same push Lashley had with MVP.

@CeeHawk I was mad he won because I didn’t want Theory to lose but I love Lashley and I hope his run is stellar.

WWE has been ruled by strong heels (Brock,Roman, Bray, Braun, Lashley) for years, when was the last chicken shit heel to be World champion? I know people are gonna say Miz, but that was for 1 week and it was just a storyline to get the title to Lashley. Not counting it..

@JimValley Liked 1) USOS tag match all of it. 2) most of Rousey match. Slow but Rhonda can’t move fast. Good reversals but Rhonda still green. 3) RKO off the ladder. 4) I guess Lashley next. Not a huge ladder fan..

@Duhanmandic @WWEGareth Let’s see he isn’t on that level to hold that type of belt he barely defended it you honestly think he defend the WWE belt then I doubt it and he can’t hang with Bobby lashley what makes u think he on that level.

@generationwhy_y @PhilDL616 And someone will be a cowardly heel (as proven in recent weeks with Lashley) with the briefcase is almost always the most fun. Even if he fails on his eventual cash in, I have a feeling he will tease doing it enough to make it worthwhile.

@WWE @_Theory1 Let it be known that the feud with Theory and Lashley is far from over. So don’t be surprised if Theory asks for his rematch clause on the upcoming episode of Raw. Like what’s the point of winning MITB briefcase if he proabably gonna still be in the title picture?.

@wordplay_kid26 I seen it coming since he lost the belt to lashley but we all know he not cashing it on Roman.

Fell asleep after #MITB (was tired). Gotta say though PPV was pretty good. Usos-Street Profits was everything I felt Young Bucks-FTR should’ve been. Bobby Lashley actually had a good match. Nothing super crazy happened, but there was a lot of good shit going on..


@WWEonFOX @fightbobby Great match. Theory is so good and Lashley delivers as always. #mitb.

Just heard that Bobby Lashley won the title. Survivor Series is in 4 months, and you know what I want #WWE Lashley. GUNTHER. One on one 💀🥩 #MITB.

Happy to see Lashley as US champ once again, however, is there a chance that Liv cashes in during this Belair Carmella match? I have my doubts but it could happen #MITB.

Lashley deserved that W, match of the night so far. Theory has such a bright future #MITB.

Bobby Lashley Defeats Austin Theory for Championship at Money in the Bank.

What do you think is Bobby Lashley best run in #WWE his first run in 2005-2008 or his second run in 2018-Present

So happy for Bobby Lashley, man. He may be 45 years old, but it feels like he is in the prime of his wrestling career right now. The pop he received was outstanding. 👏 #MITB.

Lashley Photo,Lashley Photo by CONNER 🇨🇦,CONNER 🇨🇦 on twitter tweets Lashley Photo


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