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Michael Keaton Has Never Finished a Marvel or DC Movie: ‘I Have Other Sh*t to Do’.

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I thought ‘The Flash’ was supposed to be Ben Affleck’s final outing as Batman so seeing him come back for Aquaman 2 is pretty weird if Keaton is going to replace him in the DCEU..

Just got word from source Ben Affleck is indeed only being added to replace Keaton because of the change of release dates, as many have correctly guessed. Not indicative of any big changes. #Aqauman2


The Batgirl movie, which starred Leslie Grace and featured Michael Keaton’s Batman, has reportedly been canceled. The film was developed and shot before the Warner Bros. Discovery merger, and new leadership purportedly agreed the film “did not work.”.

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The last time Michael Keaton put on the Batman suit was in 1992 for the “Batman” sequel, “Batman Returns.” Now, 30 years later, he’s returning as the Caped Crusader for “The Flash.”.

Ben Affleck está de volta em Aquaman 2! Isso é ótimo e faz muito sentido. Mas por favor – não desrespeitem a equipe de #Batgirl pedindo para tirarem o Michael Keaton do filme. Qual a necessidade disso quando podemos ter os dois no mesmo ano?.

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Realmente o lance envolve o BatFleck refazendo as cenas do Keaton pois Aquaman estreia antes do filme do Flash. Assim o público não ficará confuso..

bizarro como essa notícia do ben Affleck tá fazendo mais barulho que todo q Michael Keaton está envolvido.

Which Batman are you most excited to see again: Michael Keaton or Ben Affleck?.

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Crazy how Ben Affleck’s return generated more hype than DC’s biggest movie of the year and Keaton’s return… almost like fans actually want Ben Affleck as DCEU’s Batman🙃.

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hoping keaton as the main DCEU batman is scrapped, i doubt it is but a man can keep him for the multiverse stuff, and throw him in batman beyond, but we do not need him as the main batman🤞.

La gran teoría es que Keaton iba a tener un papel saliendo un par de escenas pero como por todo lo de Ezra han puesto esta antes que Flashpoint pues tiene que ocupar el lugar..

@HYHussein7 Interesting. You think he wants to come back officially and wb keeping keaton as their fury from now on?.

@artnome Batman & Robin. The nipple-suit, bat-skates, Mr. Freeze one, with Clooney and Schwarzenegger. I honestly think that was the best one of that first round of Batman movies. Hated Michael Keaton in the role..

I do Like Ben Affleck he is very talented actor but I do not like those Snyder Cults disrespecting Michael Keaton like that they are absolutely disgusting what what they doing to him especially that Geralt and Merc, Keaton is one of the best Batman actors ever played.

@MCBR25 Mas então amg, a idade do Michael Keaton não interfere em nada disso. Ele vai unir a Liga da Justiça (rumor né), vai treinar a Batfamilia e é isso aí. Idade é só um número e não tem que ser motivo de piada, ele merece respeito pela carreira e pelo talento..

Gostei dessa notícia!🤔😁 Mais isso me confunde um pouco🤪.Tipo,esse filme vai passar antes dos eventos de The Flash,mais logo após esses eventos,será que o Aquaman se lembrará do Batman do Ben?Ou ele notará ás diferenças físicas entre o Batman do Keaton & o Batman do Ben???….

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@Uber_Kryptonian Hard agree. Bringing in Keaton for a multiverse story is not a bad idea in and of itself, it’s actually quite an exciting idea, but replacing Batfleck with him as the main timeline Batman IS a mistake..

I am really happy we are getting more BatFleck or My 2 Bats are Keaton/Affleck so bring them both on. Win. Win. Win..


@RomanSionisdc Keaton é um baita de um ator, tô doido pra vê-lo como batman novamente. Mandou bem como abutre e foi a melhor coisa do primeiro filme do Miranha de ferro..

Bryce Brueggemeyer just hit a single at MPH. The second hardest hit ball in the Mavericks League this season (Keaton Jr. MPH).


@Uber_Kryptonian Yes, that way we can have multiple versions of Batman so most Bat-fans can get the version they want. Keaton: Batman Beyond series
Affleck: DCEU cameos and JL movies Pattinson: Character driven solo movies.

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Between this and The Flash if I’m Michael Keaton I’m suing for emotional damages.

@hole_4_threepio @Ethan1097 and with the names attached to it too. like. Keaton, Simmons, Fraser.

to achando que vão fazer reshoot de flash pro keaton não ser mais o batman do dceu vou rir pra caralho.

God Michael Keaton was batman once again in this and I feel robbed.

Os dcnautas conseguiram por BATGIRL, Warner, Zaslav, Dceu, Leslie, Keaton, Discovery e Besouro azul NOS TRENDING TOPICS.

Even Snyder working with WB on Teen Titans. Reshoot The Flash to get Keaton & Ezra outta here and the DCEU might just be back on.

@gabrielbatcave quem foi o gênio que teve a ideia de trazer o keaton? pqp era pra ter metido o Thomas Wayne mesmo.


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