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RapTV ☑

The FDA is preparing to ban Juul E-Cigarettes after several years of review‼️🚭.

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Juul e-cigarettes could be ordered off the market by the FDA as soon as today, people familiar say.

BNN Newsroom
BNN Newsroom ☑

JUST IN: According to sources, the @US_FDA is preparing to order Juul Labs (@juulvapor) to remove its e-cigarettes from US markets..

The FDA is expected to remove Juul e-cigarettes from the market all together, sources told The Wall Street Journal..

Reuters ☑

FDA to order Juul e-cigarettes off market – WSJ.

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the government forced y’all to get a brand new injection for a pandemic no one speaks of anymore, but good forbid you have the freedom to smoke a juul.

おはみみるん🍀 みみるラボ🥰
一目でわかる昨晩のS&P500 ステートストリートのSP500セクターETFを参考
セクター別騰落率をまとめました よかったセクター
不動産🎉 高配当で有名な $MO
FDAによるJUULの国内販売規制が背景😱 #米国株 #レバナス.

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Biden just lost the election for dems in 2022 and 2024 by banning juul and not forgiving student loans. way to alienate that youth vote, Joe!.


but in all seriousness, 60 people total died from “vape-related illnesses.” Most of the deaths were from bad cartridges, not juul. Also, look at the median age range. 60 documented deaths, adults and children combined. MEANWHILE, 4,368 kids were shot and killed in 2020. One year..

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@zerohedge Will Joe and Jill’s daughter, Ashley, still be able to get her JUUL e-cigs while no one else will? 🧐.

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The news has sent shock waves through the vaping community, reports @Alex_Norcia. Here we have the most successful anti-smoking product ever seen, and the FDA’s decision is to try to kill it,” says @Clive_Bates..

that scene in Road Warrior where he is excited to find shotguns shells, but the casings are so old they crumble in his hand but with a stash of old JUUL pods.

I hope Juul users who are just learning about the FDA’s plans will join CASAA (it’s free!). We’re nicotine consumers who oppose pointless and unjust rules that only serve to keep people smoking. CASAA has 250,000 members, but there should be millions..

@dovakeening @Barbiewithatude Yeah, plus JUUL had actual marketing campaigns that hooked the youth according data™️….

No way banning Juul will end up creating a bunch of dangerous black market alternatives because the iron law of unintended consequences is just a myth.

@thedailybeast The FDA should visit a smoke shop, Juul is the least of their worries..

@Cernovich 81 million votes , 81 million Juul canisters recalled 💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻.

Biden banning juul and reducing nicotine in cigarettes while also trying to win an.

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Honest question: How is JUUL worse for you then Vuse or other e-cigs? What good will taking one brand off the market do? $MO.

$MO NEW ARTICLE : Juul vape pens could be pulled from US shelves. Altria shares tumble Get all the latest $MO related news here :.

About to empty my checking, savings, retirement, crypto, and change jar to purchase every last Juul pod in Illinois. When all you fiends need your fix, I’ll be waiting..

It’s so wild to me how angry people on here are about the FDAs announcements about nicotine and Juul. You guys know more people died of smoking related causes last year than Covid-19, right?.

@realDailyWire How is juul different from any other vape company? What are they doing differently where only they get banned?.

The Wall Street Journal reports that the FDA order could come as early as today..

@DrewTurner73 @IwriteOK read something that said they are allowing njoy tobacco flavored vapes – speculated juul will be able to sell those? What about flavored chewing tobacco ?.

Juul e-cigarettes might soon be off the market: The Food and Drug Administration is apparently gearing up to pull Juul e-cigarettes off the market, The Wall Street Journal reported Wednesday per individuals familiar with the via TheWeek.

Yes I know I should quit but it turns out it’s a lot of work. I was able to stop smoking almost immediately with Juul last August and I have had zero cigarettes since then. Massive harm reduction with zero effort. This is a stupid fucking decision.

im sorry. i know a lot of bad things have happened. but banning my juul is my last straw. im no longer governable.

@snarkgrapefruit I feel like they’re only going after Juul because Marlboro missed the boat on e-cigs..

@Viktor4Liberty I agree, but also fuck Juul. Disposables are incredibly wasteful and bs..


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