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may i remind you all that jonghyun is a HUGE advocate for mental health and not some myth. it really goes to show who actually knew him and who treats him like some forbidden tale we’re only allowed to speak of twice a year..

this is literally so disrespectful. take jonghyun out of your article..

a Very Serious Reporter 🤓 bringing up jonghyun to praise another group, you seriously need to go to hell.

man fuck you. its a bad article were allowed to point that out. im sure some of its vips being insane abt crimelord oppa which is unfortunate but most of us just wanna know what jonghyun has to do with this lady condescendingly deciding bts are interesting actually.

jonghyun himself was a big mental health advocate his struggles were his you can not use him to uplift anyone else let him rest.


fuck you and your stupid ass article and trying to play the victim here when you are in the wrong for bringing up jonghyun when it wasn’t needed at all.

This is in poor taste and you know it. All you kpop journalists NEED to stop playing victims everytime a fandom calls you out. Please be respectful and remove jonghyun’s name..

yeah, it’s your, a Very Shitty Reporter apologize right now and don’t dare to mention Jonghyun like this anymore.

Jonghyun Photo,Jonghyun Photo by juliette⁷,juliette⁷ on twitter tweets Jonghyun Photo

And if anyone from that fandom takes our feelings about jonghyun being mention as some type of drag then you’re just as fucked up in the head as the reporter that even mention him because it’s not about your fav it’s about jonghyun being used for no reason.

kpop stans: hey dont use jonghyun’s suicide in ur article abt bts when there is no correlation at all this person:.


It’s so disgusting that journalists, kpop stans, etc. only remember & talk about Jonghyun when mentioning mental health. He isn’t some pawn for you to use, he is an artist..

shawols and jonghyun fans have been dealing with this exact situation over and over again for five years. why are you twisting the narrative to making it about how kpop stans are annoying and ignorant – basically doing the exact same thing these journalists are doing?.

the entire article was pretty good until this… literally why did u just mention jonghyun for no reason like this.

Jonghyun Photo,Jonghyun Photo by jojo 🐀,jojo 🐀 on twitter tweets Jonghyun Photo

@ji_mins_choclte @jonghyunnified shut the fvck up this isn’t about bts this is about a piece of shit reporter reducing jonghyun’s entire life n career down to just his passing to uplift another group for a few you people seriously can never read the room no matter what..

Jonghyun’s name should not be in any articles about any other groups. Y’all need to stop using his death as clout….

bringing jonghyun up as if his passing had anything to do with bts having a campaign with unicef are you fucking serious??.

this very serious reporter just throwing unrelated stuff about other groups just to “spicy it up” like how the bigbang line fit when talking about queer people being welcomed into the fandom and you just felt like mentioning a sensible issue like jonghyun’s passing just because?.

Jonghyun Photo,Jonghyun Photo by 🌼☀️🍂❄️ 𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗮 🎲🍋🐰💎,🌼☀️🍂❄️ 𝗳𝗲𝗿𝗻𝗮𝗻𝗱𝗮 🎲🍋🐰💎 on twitter tweets Jonghyun Photo


the day people (both kpop stans and professionals) acknowledge jonghyun for more than what happened will be a day i know peace.

Oh that “very serious reporter” until u bring Jonghyun death to praised BTS????? Wtf.

all i wish is for jonghyun to be seen as a human and not just that kpop idol who took his life. i can’t believe this is still where we’re at nearly five years later….

ppl r rightfully calling u out for being extremely insensitive by adding stuff abt jonghyun in ur article abt something completely unrelated to him and his life but yeah sure ur the victim the mean kpop stans r back at it again.

Borra el artículo jonghyun no tiene nada que ver en tu artículo de BTS por Dios si quieres atención la estás teniendo pero de la peor manera.

quando eh que vão deixar o shinee quieto e parar de desrespeitar o jonghyun vsf que INFERNO.

tw// 18Desember menggunakan nama Jonghyun dan apa yang terjadi secara sepintas untuk mendukung gagasan yang salah ini bahwa kelompok khusus ini adalah yang pertama berbicara secara terbuka tentang kesehatan mental DAN memiliki kendali atas kesenian mereka lebih dari tidak sopan.

Jonghyun Photo,Jonghyun Photo by guk..guuukk...guuuuukkkkk.....!!!,guk..guuukk...guuuuukkkkk.....!!! on twitter tweets Jonghyun Photo

People will just don’t know when to stop do they? If you don’t know anything about SHINee or Jonghyun, keep them out of your little pie hole. Respectfully..

O quarto todo pirigotico do jonghyun O petshop de luxo q o taemin montou.

Just a sec. This was a piece on bts you say. Then why is the need to mention Jonghyun here, totally unrelated to context and reduce him to that one event when he has done so much more. Call yourself a journalist? I would say reconsider..

Un profesional serio no necesita recalcarlo en el primer enunciado. Basta de usar el nombre de Jonghyun solo para asociarlo a un hecho, ten respeto por sus familia, miembros, fans e increíble legado. Ya están sobrepasando todos los límites y es repulsivo 😤.

@discodumbo @etammykim The mention of Big Bang and Jonghyun’s death is really not necessary. Those parts can easily be removed since it has no relevancy in the article.

Take jonghyun out your wack ass article, he literally has nothing to do with bts so why mention him.


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