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Quotes from today: Browns owner Jimmy Haslam: “People deserve second chances.” Roger Goodell: “Deshaun has committed to doing the hard work on himself.” Deshaun Watson: “I’ve always been able to stand on my innocence and always said I never assaulted or disrespected anyone.”.

#Browns GM Andrew Berry said the team put together a plan as soon as they traded for Deshaun Watson about how he would get future massages for any soft-tissue injuries. He did not specify if they are male or female. Owner Jimmy Haslam said the therapists will be team-approved..

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam: We believe Deshaun Watson deserves a second chance.

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i also think people deserve a second chance. but second chances require genuine, serious rehabilitation and actual atonement. we know that isn’t happening here, nor will it. jimmy haslam is saying that in bad faith. just say you wanna win football games and make money..

Jimmy Haslam: “Billy this is Deshaun Watson. He’s one of the most talented young QBs in the NFL. His only defect is that he is a serial rapist.”.

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Jimmy Haslam on Deshaun Watson’s suspension/settlement.
#Browns @fox8news.

Jimmy Haslam said let’s remember DW is a 26 year-old man like he’s a 13……delusional behavior..

Done with incompetent owner Jimmy Haslam and the continued debacle in Cleveland. Go ⁦@Chiefs⁩ !!.

ICYMI:Browns owner Jimmy Haslam says the team stands behind Deshaun Watson because he is their star quarterback #NFL #NFLDraftNews.

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Jimmy Haslam and Dan Snyder are really in a fight to the bottom.

@ProFootballTalk Jimmy Haslam doesn’t own the Browns. Ben Roethlisberger and his 25-3-1 record owns the Browns..

Browns GM Andrew Berry, who joined Haslam and co-owner Dee Haslam at the podium, agreed he’d make the same deal..

So Deshaun Watson is only 26yrs old and a heck of an NFL quarterback Jimmy Haslam.

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Jimmy Haslam doing the thing where the football guy is like “it’s important to remember about practice today”.

Jimmy Haslam is hell bent on making the Browns the joke of the league…and it’s the only successful thing he’s done in his life..

@MySportsUpdate Worked out pretty well for who? For Kareem? Of course it did, dude got to continue doing what he loves. Jimmy Haslam – you’re an idiot..

@AKinkhabwala Jimmy Haslam’s a rube. He may be rich, but he’s just a clueless truck stop owner deep down..

As a Crew fan I’d really appreciate if Jimmy Haslam just stopped making comments like this.

Remember that South Park episode where Cartman eats with his butt and shits out of his mouth? I‘m pretty sure Jimmy Haslam is trying that..

Nice try Cleveland Browns owner Jimmy Haslam. Weak, weak, weak. A million dollars. Wow. Really break the bank. Nice try clown..

Kareem Hunt had 1 incident. He hit a woman which is never acceptable and I’m not defending it. Comparing this to Watson sexually assaulting 20+ women on multiple occasions is an egregious mistake but that’s expected from Jimmy Haslam.

@Browns Never forget scumbag jimmy haslam put onus for watson acquisition on his wife & daughters … and the goofs went along with it. fuck the haslams & the #ClevelandBrowns.

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@RuthKapelus @AlbertBreer I mean this not to mansplain, but to clarify that if this quote is correctly attributed to Dee Haslam, well, that would be she, co-owner of the Browns with her spouse Jimmy. I point this out because it makes the statement worse..

Jimmy Haslam, Browns owner, hits out at women with his Deshaun Watson endorsement.

@DavidMulugheta @RapSheet I feel sorry for the decent Browns fans, especially the female ones. They don’t deserve either Deshaun Watson as their quarterback or Jimmy Haslam as their team owner..

This is why folks are against the Browns. They show no accountability, and hope this will get swept under the rug. Deshaun Watson is a scumbag, Jimmy Haslam could give two shits about integrity, and the Browns sold all of it to get a QB that might help them for about 2 years. 🖕.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam insists he would ‘absolutely’ bring Deshaun Watson to Cleveland again.

Browns owner Jimmy Haslam insists he would ‘absolutely’ bring Deshaun Watson to Cleveland again.

Meanwhile, Calvin Ridley is out for a year. Fuck the NFL.
Fuck the Browns.
Fuck the Texans.
Fuck Jimmy Haslam
And fuck Deshaun Watson..

@RGIII Evidently all that matters with Jimmy haslam is he is a hell of a qb. Horrible.

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