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We too agree, and now hold, consistent with Heller and McDonald, that the Second and Fourteenth Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home..

Såkalla LGB organisasjonar bryr seg ikkje og har aldri brydd seg om bifile, og er heller ikkje organisasjonar som tener lesbiske. Det er oftast konservative heterofile menn, som latar som at dei bryr seg om kvinnesaka og lesbiske, mens dei aldri bruker tid på det..

@suzi_serken @andersslarsen Hva med å vise litt hensyn å heller si t-ordet hvis du absolutt må gjengi det.

@dilba_demirbag Den dagen då sekulära Muslimer och Imamer går ut på gator och torg och fördömer våldsdåd i Allahs namn, skall jag ta mig en funderare. Men eftersom det aldrig hänt och heller aldrig kommer att hända så får ni stå ut med att ta gemensam kritik för all djävulskap som händer..

Heller Photo,Heller Photo by Christer Carlsson,Christer Carlsson on twitter tweets Heller Photo

@sabrinalouisec Flyttede selv til England som 21årig efter afslag på KOT. Fik business school og flere fede jobs, har heller ikke brugt mit snit..

@just_j0 2 of my all times: Catch-22 by Joseph Heller / Lonesome Dove by Larry McMurtry Yes these two.

@aarup_mads @Sidsel_Hjuler Det mener jeg heller ikke når jeg siger 🚗 så mener jeg 🚗 og ikke 🚂🚎🚃🚃😀.

@ShaggyKC @TonyGonzales4TX v Heller stated that while the second amendment doesn’t just apply to militias, it also doesn’t mean that laws cannot be in place for guns.

NYS had plenty of time post Heller to loosen the gun permit process & preempt the Bruen decision; but when you go for all or nothing be prepared for nothing.

@ErlendMunkerud Bortematchen mot VIF i 2009 var vel ikke langt unna den temperaturen heller..

Dear democrats. Fuck stare decisis. There is no precedence. Expand scotus and bulldoze bullshit, starting with Heller.

@davidharsanyi @neal_katyal That’s prior to Heller convicting the individual right of self-defense in 2008..

@fionavonoben666 @VickiQvarnstrom Ah! Här kan det lätt bli problem eftersom en massa fruntimmer inte förstår sig på animerat – heller. Hon kanske inte ens vet vad hon frågar om? I så fall är rätt svar Cartman, sen går han..

SCOTUS’s 2008 Heller decision holding that “individual self defense is ‘the central component’ of the Second Amendment right” to bear arms is another original sin of Constitutional interpretation from which much evil, and death, flows..

@MunyonyoChupapi @DonaldJTrumpJr Read the Federalist Papers and Heller decision, buddy-.

Heller Photo,Heller Photo by Starfish Prime,Starfish Prime on twitter tweets Heller Photo

so just brainstorming, what would you do as a legislator who wanted to pass gun control laws that are as robust as permitted under the rule of heller and its progeny.

@hulkman2 @axios The Heller decision ignored the text of 2A and 200 years of rulings by jurists much closer in history. That it coincides with the gun lobby funding the politicians that installed these judges explains how a truly bad ruling was made..

@untappedgrowth Good news, We “now hold, consistent with Heller and McDonald, that the Second and 14th Amendments protect an individual’s right to carry a handgun for self-defense outside the home.” Despots take a step back..

Thread. The Supreme Court’s Republican majority gives a very Republican answer to the Buffalo massacre last month: more guns! A Thomas opinion blows right past the limits on gun law liberalization Scalia wrote into Heller less that 15 years ago, per @mjs_DC.

@DonEMooreJr @PeterMoskos Likewise interested in this. I’m not big on guns but I read Scalia’s opinion in Heller and thought it seemed pretty reasonable..

@michaelmalice I love how Roe is sacrosanct but Heller and Macdonald were badly decided. If the Left treated those like Roe, we’d all be legally required to carry belt-fed machine guns whenever we leave the house..

@adamgurri @LightningShade0 Again, even cannons were and are legal. Grenades too. Full-auto machine guns were legal to manufacture until 1986. Why is Heller the breaking point?.

När jag var ung försökte jag läsa de två romaner av Céline som då fanns utgivna. Jag tog mig inte igenom någon av dem. Nu har en ”ny” roman av honom getts ut. Jag kommer nog inte läsa den heller. Men Adam Gopniks recension av den i The New Yorker är den bästa recension forts..

@StrngsdeReeside Well, the parts we’ve liked to read since the Heller ruling, anyway..

Absolutely correct, #Heller, decision today, down with Section 5 voting rights, citizens united leads to death of any meaningful freedom, overcome, out done by money, guns, with large doses of authorized by SCOTUS voter suppression and/or nullification-SC goal clear is regressive.

@Tropman3 Yeah, DC v Heller affirmed that it is an individual right. The militia thing doesn’t matter. Read all about it:.

@myspactom Read Antonin Scalia’s 2008 Heller opinion. He is the most respected conservative legal scholar and jurist of our time and an originalist and he found many regulations to be Constitutional..

@Msmariablack Heller vs DC stated that it is TWO Separate rights, not one. Too bad so sad thats the law..

@DrRosenRosen19 @DonaldJTrumpJr Heller vs DC stated that it is TWO Separate rights, not one. Too bad so sad thats the law..

@WalshFreedom Your Tweet is pure nonsense based on a completely false interpretation of Maddison’s and the intent of congress in creating the 2nd amendment. Why don’t we just admit SCOTUS got it completely wrong in Heller vs DC and return to a rational understanding of the 2nd amendment.,.


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