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#Batgirl will not be released theatrically or on HBO Max (via @TheWrap | @nypost).

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“Batgirl,” the feature film adaptation of the DC Comics character, has been killed at Warner Bros..

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Warner Bros. Discovery will not release Batgirl, neither theatrically or on HBO MAX.

The Verge
The Verge

Now you can rewatch Game of Thrones in 4K on HBO Max.

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THR confirmou. Não só Batgirl, mas a continuação de Scooby! foram cancelados..

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HBO max probably has the most solid subscriber base of any streaming service right now, doing a rebrand to juice your other flailing streaming service is the dumbest thing you can do..

David Zaslav looking at the Warner Bros/HBO Max movie slate:.

That movie had too be ass it’s not even going on hbo max and they put that trash ass mk movie on there.

Warner se carga BATGIRL, la película que iba a estrenarse de manera exclusiva en HBO Max.
El presupuesto del filme se disparó a los 90 millones debido a reshoots y retrasos por el Covid.
El estudio siente que la película no funciona y no se estrenará..

lol WB will sink millions into re-editing a box office flop and put it on streaming but balks at releasing a near-completed feature film with an in-demand character and a beloved actor returning to a role he made famous.

Ok. Now I believe it: ‘Batgirl’ Scrapped at Warner Bros., Won’t Hit HBO Max – The Hollywood Reporter.

‘Batgirl’ Film Axed By Warner Bros., Won’t Be Released on Any Platform via @variety.

half the fucking dc movies are absolute dumpster fire dog shit but u won’t release this movie on HBO MAX literally kill yourself.

@DCU_Direct The movie is litarly done why would they cancel it they litarly have to set it on hbo max even if the movie is bad at least you can earn a bith of the movie back.

@prettieststar1 @hbomaxbr_portal Tá rolando um humor que a WBD vai acabar com o HBO Max e irá jogar todo o conteúdo dentro da Discovery+.


Vou fazer uma coisa que não muda a vida de ninguém. Mas achei isso aí tão merda que tô cancelando HBO Max, produção deles pra mim agora só pirata 🙏.

it deserved an hbo max release at least and the excuse being because they want to focus on big theatrical events is even dumber.

@NinaMosley_LJ Oh lol, definitely give it a watch the first 3 episodes are on HBO Max now.

@UniversoDCnauta @THR Mano como assim ? O filme já não está pronto ? Pega e bota no hbo Max como fariam antes, imagina jogar 90k no lixo por burrice.

@SilentDawnLB I think it is due to the fact that if this movie were to receive a theatrical run.
WB would have the streaming rights for this to be on HBO Max and Disney want this to be on Hulu.

@BillBrasky2620 Well, they’ll keep the hits, right? Peacemaker, Hacks… so it’ll still be “enhanced HBO,” but the “wait, is this an HBO or HBO Max show?” confusion we have now goes away..

Según The Hollywood Reporter, la nueva película de animación de Scooby Doo, en las que se han gastado otros 40 millones, tampoco verá nunca la luz. No entiendo NADA 🤷‍♂️.

@DCEUMX Pensé que batgirl iría directo para hbo max y ahora resulta que cancelaron su estreno, pésima elección..

‘Batgirl’ Film Axed by Warner Bros., Won’t Be Released on Any Platform.

No me lo creo. Si la han hecho y si han pagado 90 millones, esa película sale en HBO Max. Es contenido ya pagado que verá mucha gente, nadie tira 90 millones y mucho menos una compañía con la deuda que tiene Warner Discovery.

So não cancelo a merda da HBO MAX porque vou perder os 50% de desconto, que ódio!!!!!!.

@AwestruckVox If this is true its the most ridiculous thing they could do. HBO Max is arguably the best streaming service content wise. Messing with that in hopes that it will bolster whatever the hell Discovery+ is asinine..

@_DCCBRASIL a comparação é sem sentido pq o Coringa é mt mais relevante em questão de popularidade mas se n queriam lançar no cinema que pelo menos fosse na HBO Max entao n entendi jogarem fora 90 milhões desse jeito deviam ter dado uma explicação melhor do real motivo de.

@Daemongrade @RiseFallNickBck It was first released in the Nordics and Spain in October 2021 and has slowly grown since then but at this rate I fear Discovery is going to kill off HBO Max entirely before it covers entire Europe.


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