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Olivia Rodrigo e Lily Allen grandonas sem medo citando CADA NOME dos envolvidos da Suprema Corte que derrubaram a decisão do direito ao aborto nos Estados Unidos. F*ck you! #Glastonbury2022.

Can you hear us Boris? @JamieWebster94 creates the first classic @GlastoLeftField moment of this year #Glastonbury2022.

There’s an incredible twilight rainbow over Worthy Farm right now 🌈 #glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Glastonbury Festival,Glastonbury Festival on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

Paul played an intimate #Glastonbury2022 warm up show this evening at @cheeseandgrain in Frome, Somerset 🎸.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Paul McCartney,Paul McCartney on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

A message from President of Ukraine Volodymyr Zelenskyy was just played on the big screens at The Other Stage, shortly before The Libertines’ stage-opening set. #Glastonbury2022.

RP & Alison Krauss are performing at @glastonbury Festival tomorrow. Tune in at on BBC4 or @BBCiPlayer to watch the set #Glastonbury2022.

Get yourself in the mood for #Glastonbury2022 with #BigWeekend sets from all of these artists on @BBCSounds 🎧 📷 – @SHOTBYPHOX.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by BBC Radio 1,BBC Radio 1 on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

TODAY‼️ @oliviarodrigo will be performing at the Glastonbury Festival, are you seeing her? Stay tuned for more content to come🌟 #Glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by OLIVIA ON TOUR🦋,OLIVIA ON TOUR🦋 on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

My #Glastonbury2022 Itinerary filled out on the app. Few clashes as always have given me serious rage but we move. Let’s go 🔥 🏕 🍻.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by FPL Plonker,FPL Plonker on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

Dominant Nina pattern in full force to see out June. No surprises with Atlantic ridge/downstream trough – details very difficult to refine Fri onwards but could be some large rainfall totals in what has so far been quite a dry month. Looks rough for #Glastonbury2022 Fri onwards!.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Matt Hugo,Matt Hugo on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

Billie and Finneas photographed performing at Glastonbury Festival in England earlier tonight. #Glastonbury2022 📸: respected photographer credit to Samir Hussein and Leon Neal via Getty Images.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Billie Village,Billie Village on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

One more sleep ( if that’s possible). Just time to get the grandson ready for his first @glastonbury #photooftheday #Glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Deebeedoobee,Deebeedoobee on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

Billie Eilish smashed her #Glastonbury headline set, but Twitter has still made me feel slightly sorry for Steve, aged 47, at home. #Glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Mark Grimshaw,Mark Grimshaw on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo


One of the breakthrough artists of the pandemic era speaks out on politics and brings Arlo Parks to the stage in a majestic first turn at Worthy Farm #NMEGlasto #Glastonbury2022.

…and it’s almost here! Seriously, cannot wait to be back again!! 🕺🏻🕺🏻🕺🏻 #Glastonbury2022 #Glastonbury.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Paul Stafford,Paul Stafford on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

If I was going to #Glastonbury2022 (unlikely, given my feelings on camping and portable loos), I would definitely see #WetLeg 💜 Anyone who sings about chaise longues is my tribe!.

God forbid what people say about Kendrick Lamar when he headlines. Cus people are being brutal at Billie Eilish #Glastonbury2022.

Steanside @ Glastonbury when? 👀 Sun is setting, Bright Lights playing, vibing with your friends all #Glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Steanside,Steanside on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

Saint Etienne are just class. Every song is fabulous #Glastonbury2022 #saintetienne @bobpetesarah.

Watching an electronica guy twiddle knobs on stage hasn’t evolved as a visual spectacle since the 90s, and makes for rubbish telly, but, my God, Kieran Hebden can craft a tune
#FourTet #Glastonbury2022.

So proud of our flagbearers! 😍
Good work everyone 🙌🙌🙌 I hope you’re at the end of that Paul McKenna pole ⁦@JamesRobinson⁩ 😂 #RadioXFlags 🥳 #Glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Pippa Taylor,Pippa Taylor on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

It’s Glastonbury daaaaaaaay… #Glastonbury2022 #Glastonbury.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Pennard Hill Parka Monkey,Pennard Hill Parka Monkey on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

I’ve had this Glastonbury ticket for 991 days, or over 7% of my entire life. But today I’m finally on the road to Somerset for the 6th time where my prize is seeing the finest songwriter to ever walk the Earth. Life is good sometimes. #Glastonbury2022.

The Greenpeace field has just been officially opened by @emilyeavis #Glastonbury2022 #glastogreenpeace.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by GlastoTopTips,GlastoTopTips on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo


Only Love Can Break Your Heart. And Ms Cracknell too of course.
#Glasto #Glastonbury2022.

Loved watching Foals on the BBC Glastonbury coverage. Very groovy and they gave the backlights on our cheap Ambilight tv a great workout. The whole living room was flashing in time with them. #Glastonbury2022.

Us thinking we were gonna see Harry Styles at Glastonbury. #Glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by Lindsay Devlin,Lindsay Devlin on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

everyone who is criticising billie eilish at glastonbury ask yourself could you get on stage and sing live in front of that many people? #Glastonbury2022.

朝の3~6時までやっているステージが42ステージある。だからだけども夜の1時半前の人手じゃなくて笑ってしまう。でも夜が必ずしも寝なさいじゃないのって素敵なフェスだなと思う。 #Glastonbury2022.

#Glastonbury2022 Photo,#Glastonbury2022 Photo by 𝙆𝙖𝙚𝙙𝙚,𝙆𝙖𝙚𝙙𝙚 on twitter tweets #Glastonbury2022 Photo

ポールは今晩、サマセットのフロムにある @cheeseandgrain で #Glastonbury2022 のウォームアップ・ショーを行いました。.


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