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I hope the 53% of white women who just couldn’t stomach voting for @HillaryClinton are happy that they’ve just ensured that their daughters grow up in #Gilead. A woman’s right to choose is a HEALTH decision. A PERSONAL health decision. I’m a Christian and know that..

Some of y’all are gonna Netflix and chill your way into Gilead and be real surprised — and not in a good way. When democracy is gone, high gas prices will be the least of our problems..

Just wait ladies! You’ll get two “choices” in American Gilead: give birth or be locked in a psychiatric ward to do so. Maybe we can bring back the old sanitariums to house those unwilling to commit their bodies to the National Purpose of Increasing the Domestic Supply of Infants..

Because they know they are acting against the public will. And they want to be able to issue their Gilead edicts and then quietly slip onto private planes and jet off to Europe or wherever they salon..

Here comes Gilead. Wall hangings. Pride events targeted in surge of anti-LGBTQ threats, violence.

The National Right to Life Committee… just out here pitching draft legislation to make it a crime to talk on the phone about abortion… totally normal and not Gilead….

Best part: our new American Psychiatric Hospitals for Recalcitrant Women will offer proper, and I presume right wing Christian* authored “re-education.” You ladies/incubators are gonna love it here in Gilead….

Se valesse a lei de Gilead que essa asquerosa preconiza, ela já estaria a caminho do cadafalso. Como não é o caso, certamente vai ficar só no tapinha na mão, 😤😠😡🤬.

Gente, real o paralelo entre O Conto da Aia e a decisão dessa juiza de SC proibindo a menina de realizar o aborto. Será que daqui a pouco vamos estar vivendo em Gilead?! 😰.

@KaivanShroff @SharonWillow54 Beware: the rise of GILEAD is at hand.

Gilead Photo,Gilead Photo by Peter Hickman 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦 4💉😷,Peter Hickman 🏳️‍🌈🇨🇦 4💉😷 on twitter tweets Gilead Photo

Come on with the next entrance! Company: Gilead Price: 58,6 Stop: 55,8 (- 4,77%) Profit: 64 (+ 9,2%).

E olhe que palavras são o tipo de coisa que não costuma faltar a J. P. Cuenca – para entendermos a gravidade deste caso da juíza de Gilead..

Gilead @GileadSciences to Present Latest Data From Across Liver Disease Development Programs at the International Liver Congress™ 2022 -.

@gore_won They hate America. They hate our values. They don’t believe in democracy or human rights. They see Gilead as their utopia. They think they can survive on their own. Let them. Who the hell needs them?.

BR a passos largos de se tornar uma teocracia cristã tal qual o universo em futuro distópico de Handmaid’s Tale. Gilead é aqui e agora..

They’re gonna force me to get a gun aren’t they. Fucking Heritage Foundation Gilead trash..

@Swedensky @DrGJackBrown Yeah I don’t think the American government is going to supposed Texas Gilead for very long.

@Tefhiinha_Costa @TheInterceptBr mulher, é uma mistura de nojo com horror, sabe?! ela chamar o estuprador de pai do feto! ela dizer pra mãe que o sofrimento delas é a felicidade de um casal! QUE CASAL FICARIA FELIZ EM SABER QUE CONSEGUIU UM FILHO DESSE JEITO? ESTAMOS VIVENDO EM GILEAD?.

boa comparação. a qual distância mesmo estamos de gilead em nossas sutilezas?.

Gilead showcased the strength and diversity of the data science work occurring across the organization at our inaugural Data Science Symposium. More than 700 people from.

E a criança foi violentada mais uma vez! Que absurdo de perguntas. Gilead é aqui!.

Just one more step on the road to the ‘Republic of Gilead’ #AmericaisBroken.

Republic of Gilead is born. If the Christian Right is going to use Handmaids Tale as a playbook, we need can’t be shocked when it happens. It’s literally been out since 1985!!!.

Gilead to Present Latest Data From Across Liver Disease Development Programs at the International Liver Congress™.

Gilead to Present Latest Data From Across Liver Disease Development Programs at the International Liver Congress™ 2022.

Gilead Photo,Gilead Photo by Latest News from Business Wire,Latest News from Business Wire on twitter tweets Gilead Photo

$GILD [15s. delayed]: Issued Press Release on June 21, 09:00:00: Gilead to Present Latest Data From Across Liver Disease Development Programs at the International Liver Congress™ 2022.

@NevaCiftcioglu kaynaklar-1.

I’m shocked that our Gilead-R-Us SCOTUS would rule in this way on this case. Under His Eye..

Welcome to Gilead. God, guns, and babies. Yippee-ki-yay! They’re coming after gay marriage next..

@TimRyan @NormOrnstein Lol continue to run on that idea in Ohio. Gilead is happy to see you make the wrong choices.


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