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#FanDuelisTheGOAT Photo,#FanDuelisTheGOAT Photo by Pat McAfee,Pat McAfee on twitter tweets #FanDuelisTheGOAT Photo

1. Steelers + & under 2. Cooper & Johnson 150+ receiving yards & NAWJ 2 TDS #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1: Dionte johnson over (2) and 2 touchdowns in each half (4). Graphic 2: Kareem Hunt over 70 yds (8) and both QB’s throw a touchdown in each half (6). #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow 1. Johnson over yards, Cleveland & 2. Nick chubb 2+ touchdowns & cooper and Johnson combine for 150 #fanduelisTheGOAT #LFG.

@PatMcAfeeShow 2. Johnson Over!
3. Steelers + 5. Combined over 150!
8. HUNT BABY! #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1: 2-over, 3-Steelers+ Graphic 2: 5 and 8. #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1: 1. Over 2. Diontae over Graphic 2 6. 1+ pass TD each half with 2 Tuds #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

Graphic 1: 2. (Diontae Johnson over yards) 3. (Steelers +) Graphic 2: 5.(Cooper & Johnson 150+ receiving yards) 10. (Najee 2 Tuddys)

@PatMcAfeeShow 1. Under 3. #Browns 7. Chubb 2 TDs
8. Hunt 70+ rush yards

@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1 2. Dionte Johnson Over
3. Steelers + Graphic 2
5. Dionte & Cooper Over 150
8. Kareem Hunt Over #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow O/U Receiving Yards (2) & 2+ TDs in each half (4). Combined 150+ receiving yards (5)& there WILL be overtime (9). #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

2) Diontae Johnson over rec yards
3) Steelers +
5) Cooper/Johnson combined 150+ rec yards
9) overtime #FanDuelisTheGOAT.


@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1 (1) under (3) Steelers +
Graphic 2 (5) combined 150+ (10) Harris 2TD #FanDuelIsTheGoat.

#FanDuelisTheGOAT 1st graphic: 1. Over 2. Diontae Over Second graphic: 7. Nick Chubb 2 Touchdahns 6. Brissett and Tribusky 1 TD each half. Feel pretty good about all of these. @PatMcAfeeShow $DkWolfSequin.

1. 1: under 2. 6: one passing TD in each half Bang it

2 Johnson over 3 stealers +
5 Johnson cooper combined +150 yards receiving 6 Mitch and jacoby have td passing each half #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@Jwag8 @PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1: 1 under 2 under Graphic 2: 7 & 9

2,3,5,&7 // thanks for the lock 🔐 on the super boost @PatMcAfeeShow #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow #FanDuelisTheGOAT
(1) Under (2) Johnson Over (6) 1 pass TD each half
(8) Hunt 70+ rush yards.

@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1-under Steelers + Graphic 2- nick chub 2 tds
Hunt +70yards #fanduelisthegoat.

@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1:
1. Over 2. Over Graphic 2:
5. Cooper & Johnson Combined 150 Rec Yds
6. Brissett & Trubisky 1 Pass TD each half #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow #FanduelisTHEGOAT over + Steelers Kareem hunt 70 rush yards najee Harris 2 touchdahns.

@PatMcAfeeShow #FanduelisTHEGOAT 3. , 5. Cooper and Johnson over 150 combined ..

@PatMcAfeeShow 1) Over and 2 TDs in each half
2) Chubb 2 TouchDAHNS and Cooper/Johnson combine for 150

@PatMcAfeeShow #FanDuelisTheGoat I’ll take Steelers + and the Kareem hunts 70yds.

#FanDuelisTheGOAT Graphic 1: Diontae Johnson Under receiving yards
Game total Under Graphic 2:
Kareem Hunt 70+ Rush Yards
There WILL be overtime.

Graphic 1: under , Browns Graphic 2: Hunt 70+ rushing, Nick Chubb 2 TDs #FanDuelisTheGOAT.

@PatMcAfeeShow Graphic 1: 2 – Diontae Johnson Over and 3 – Steelers +
Graphic 2: 5 and 7

@PatMcAfeeShow #FanDuelisTheGOAT 1. Steelers + & under 2. Cooper & Johnson 150+ receiving yards & harris 2 TDS.

1) Under 3) Steelers +
8) Hunt over 70yards
9) OT


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