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Ekin-Su is not a bombshell, she’s a weapon of mass destruction at this point because all I see is carnage. I love her. #LoveIsland.

Nah you know what Ekin-Su is the only one doing this game show properly. Top striker. No wasting time and no beating round the bush #LoveIsland.

If Ekin-Su and Davide’s kiss was on Too Hot To Handle they would’ve lost 10 grand #LoveIsland.

Ready for two fiery new Bombshells? 🔥 Afia and Ekin-Su are stepping into the villa and YOU get to choose which boy they go on their first date Head to the app right now to vote! #LoveIsland.

Ekin-Su Photo,Ekin-Su Photo by Love Island,Love Island on twitter tweets Ekin-Su Photo

Hang on a minute this Ekin-su has already got nearly 400k followers! Why does it always have to be people with big followings who already have a social media presence, give someone else a chance man #LoveIsland.

Not sitting right with me the way Gemma’s disrespecting her elder like that. She shouldn’t even be addressing Ekin-Su by her first name, that’s “Auntie” to you #LoveIslNd.

I clocked that too! When they said Ekin-Su he looked disappointed cos it sounds like an ethnic name #TALKSWITHASH.

We can’t complain that Indiyah isn’t doing enough and then also complain that Ekin-su is doing too much. Of the two look at who’s behaviour has been the most efficient. #LoveIsland #talkswithash.

Ekin-Su will get a book deal after she leave’s the show and she’ll write the 2022 version of Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man #talkswithAsh.

Luca giving it the Ronaldo Suiiii when reading Ekin-Su has just creased me up🤣🤣🤣 #LoveIsland.

Realised I don’t know who’s gonna pick Paige if Luca picks Gemma and Davide picks Ekin-su #LoveIsland.

Ekin-Su Photo,Ekin-Su Photo by Emily🤡,Emily🤡 on twitter tweets Ekin-Su Photo

ikenna laughing at davidé and ekin-su workout is everything #LoveIsland.

Ekin-Su Photo,Ekin-Su Photo by zaria,zaria on twitter tweets Ekin-Su Photo

And this is exactly what I said. Ekin-su’s bad gyal routine was so played out. She lost when she started beating eggs. #TALKSWITHASH.

Luca when he heard Liam was going on a date with Ekin-Su:

Ekin-Su Photo,Ekin-Su Photo by Everton (Eye)Brow 💙,Everton (Eye)Brow 💙 on twitter tweets Ekin-Su Photo


Tbh there could be a plot twist, Davide might pick Ekin-Su and Luca might pick Paige 🤷🏻‍♀️ #LoveIsland.


Ekin-Su trying to set up Indiyah gave me big home wrecker vibes. Very distasteful 🥴#talkswithash.


Could Ekin-Su be this seasons square headed lightskin? #LoveIsland.

Ekin-Su Photo,Ekin-Su Photo by .,. on twitter tweets Ekin-Su Photo

Early Luca is a lad.
Gemma is a bulb.
Andrew is a shithouse.
Ekin-Su is a Pokémon. #LoveIsland.


I don’t understand why people are making fun out of the name Ekin-Su 🙃 it’s a Turkish name #loveisland.

Ekin-su watching luca and paige touch toes at night #loveisland.

Ekin-Su Photo,Ekin-Su Photo by love island memes,love island memes on twitter tweets Ekin-Su Photo

So if Paige is dying for man then what about Gemma and Ekin-Su? 😂 #LoveIsland #TALKSWITHASH.

Ekin-su is switching on the trad Mediterranean mode when she talks to Davide, I clocked 😭 #TALKSWITHASH.

Of course Ekin-su has slept with her mates bf. She’s the type of girl who needs the attention of every guy in the room 🙄 #LoveIsland.


Gemma isn’t interesting enough to carry an episode. If you’re gonna make anyone the main character at least focus on Ekin-Su since she’s actually bringing chaos #LoveIsland.

i cannot just had a nightmare about ekin-su singing the spongebob theme tune #LoveIsland.

Whether you like Ekin-Su or not the purposely getting her name wrong is giving ✨racism✨. #LoveIsland.

ekin-su will be fine but who’s afia going to go with bc amber and indiyah are struggling in there and compared to them it’s hard to see who’s head will turn #LoveIsland.

I don’t like Ekin-Su’s vibe. You can get to know the boys without being mean to the girls in my opinion #LoveIsland.

I think Ekin-Su lost her composure because she knew there was a chance she would go home . Davide doesn’t like her and she knows it #TALKSWITHASH.

ekin-su really gives me racist vibes 😭 like the way she was talking to indiyah is WILD. “come girl”. whoooooo tf are you talking to? #loveisland.


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