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I know Dominic Raab is a karate black belt and everything – but I’ve got my kung fu pandas on and I’m ready! #PMQs.

Dominic Raab Photo,Dominic Raab Photo by Angela Rayner 🌹,Angela Rayner 🌹 on twitter tweets Dominic Raab Photo

Dominic Raab accuses Angela Rayner of being a champagne socialist for attending Glyndebourne. Heaven forbid a working class woman should enjoy watching opera. #pmqs.

Dominic Raab says he’ll take no lectures from Angela Rayner on defence given she campaigned to make Jeremy Corbyn Prime Minister, Angela Rayner says she’ll take no lectures from Raab on defence as when Afghanistan was falling “he was on a sun lounger.” #PMQs.

BREAK: This morning the Prime Minister had a minor routine operation relating to his sinuses. He was under general anaesthetic. The operation took place at an NHS hospital in London. He is resting today and Dominic Raab is in charge if significant decisions need to be made..

Don’t want to worry anyone, but Dominic Raab is technically in charge..

Knowing that Dominic Raab, even for a day or two, is in charge of the country and has access to the nuclear codes, is like that feeling when you tip your chair back too far and for a moment think you might fall backwards and break your neck..

Important questions were asked in about the wisdom of having Dominic Raab step in as Prime Minister while Johnson was incapacitated. Their response ‘He is the 2nd most incapable person in the country and the closest we could possibly get to the mighty Spaffer.’.

Don’t know why people are freaking out at Dominic Raab being in charge of the country for a day or two.
We have had Boris Johnson in charge for two years..

Boris Johnson health: PM taken to hospital as Dominic Raab forced to step in NOTE ALL OF NO WAITING LIST FOR HIM IS THERE? Makes me sick. MASSIVE ONES FOR THE INDIGENOUS AS MILLIONS OF INVADERS ARE ON ON THE NHS..

Until Tuesday when PM will resume office, Deputy PM Dominic Raab will take significant decisions, if any Read more: #GeoNews.

Dominic Raab Photo,Dominic Raab Photo by Geo English,Geo English on twitter tweets Dominic Raab Photo

Cabinet vote unanimously for immediate strike action until Dominic Raab is removed from in charge in emergency meeting.
They were also feeling left.

Boris Johnson has had an op on his sinuses
That brings a whole new meaning to operation big dog. Meanwhile, Dominic Raab is in charge of the country.
The only thing that brings is panic.

Its OK, no need to worry we have replaced a lying useless turd with someone of equal ability Dominic Raab If anything happens to him he will be replaced by Dog.

Dominic Raab Photo,Dominic Raab Photo by zak the dog 1999-2014,zak the dog 1999-2014 on twitter tweets Dominic Raab Photo

A Downing Street spokesman said Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab would make any urgent decisions in his place.
Unless he was on holiday ! Then the World would have to wait? 🤭.

Downing Street said Dominic Raab would make any urgent decisions in his place..

Boris Johnson taken to hospital for operation with Dominic Raab ‘put in charge’ of UK

Dominic Raab Photo,Dominic Raab Photo by Επικαιρότητα - V - News,Επικαιρότητα - V - News on twitter tweets Dominic Raab Photo

My exact reaction to the news that Dominic Raab is in charge..

Boris Johnson health: PM taken to hospital as Dominic Raab forced to step in.

Dominic Raab is acting PM. So we currently have two people in the country acting as PM When is someone going to do the.

@MarinaPurkiss Oh it’s a ‘sinus’ operation Sorry I thought Johnson was having an ‘anus’ operation … to surgically remove Dominic Raab and Jacob Rees-Mogg. #JohnsonOutNow.

You-Know-Who tipped me off that Dominic Raab has demanded that Lemon Fanta be available on the NHS immediately..

#BorisJohnson put under #GeneralAnesthetic for hospital operation as Dominic Raab runs country | The Independent.

When they tell us Dominic Raab is acting prime minister is that supposed to be reassuring?.

@PippaCrerar For next 24 hours any significant decisions deferred to dep PM Dominic Raab, No 10 says. Is there any way we can stop the Russians from reading this?.

Ellie Cumbo, our head of public law, spoke with the @guardian that the job of the lord chancellor – currently Dominic Raab, the deputy prime minister – is a “constitutional grey area” when it comes to how far he should go in sticking up for the judiciary.

Dominic Raab Photo,Dominic Raab Photo by The Law Society,The Law Society on twitter tweets Dominic Raab Photo

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab will take charge for at least the next day.

Dominic Raab is in charge for the next 24 hours whilst Boris Johnson.

Boris Johnson foi internado em Londres, nessa segunda-feira 20/06/2022, para uma cirurgia de rotina no nariz. Dominic Raab fica em seu lugar, até 23/06. 10 Downing Street não informou se Johnson furou a fila do NHS para o.

Dominic Raab Photo,Dominic Raab Photo by Felipe Ⓑ,Felipe Ⓑ on twitter tweets Dominic Raab Photo

Deputy Prime Minister Dominic Raab has stepped up to be acting PM for at least the next day.

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