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Whoever is doing Dane Cook’s Botox and fillers needs to be in JAIL!!! Also he’s 50 and she’s 23. Like sweetie, you’re pretty, you don’t have to settle for this.

Dane Cook Photo,Dane Cook Photo by Meech,Meech on twitter tweets Dane Cook Photo

Page Six
Page Six

Dane Cook, 50, engaged to longtime love Kelsi Taylor, 23.

Dane Cook Photo,Dane Cook Photo by Page Six,Page Six on twitter tweets Dane Cook Photo

Dane Cook’s wife was in kindergarten the last time he was taken seriously, how dare you call her a starfucker?.

Yeah, i kinda expected this kind of gross age difference from Dane Cook. Does he even have enough money for it to be worth it for her though?.

Dane Cook was always a but I am just learning he may be a pedo 🤷🏻‍♀️.

I have no idea how long 50 year old Dane Cook would have to remain together with the woman he started a relationship with when she was 18 and he was mid-40s to not be creepy but discovered today that 5 years is apparently not long enough for me..

@BarrettTomek Apparently since she was 18, according to another article linked in that WOOF..

I wonder if Dane Cook’s fiancée saw him as the Waffler in MYSTERY MEN and thought, yes, of course, I will marry this man, oh wait, I am only a year old.

@kv_tucker @LuxManning It wasn’t even a bro who made me listen to Dane Cook, it was my best Russian goth friend 😭😭😭.

@PageSix Dane Cook, 50, engaged to l̴̨͎̮̫͉͇̼͙̤̙͐̽̑̓̔͛̓̋͆̽͛̾̾͌̚o̴̟̳͖̬͈̘͖͕̤̓̈̓̂̈͂̎̈́̏̔̄̚̚͝n̷̡̧̿̏̓̓̀̈́͊̓̚͝ğ̸̛̱̐̽͐̄̔̍̃͐͐͘͝t̶̛̯̪͕͖̣̫̘́̎̏̑͊̀̚͜͝î̵̛̘̳̱̩̯̼̩̙͔͉͙̘͙̊̉̋̈́̾̇̚͜͝m̷̢̞͓̟̬̯̖̜̙̔̐̌̏̔͛̕͘̕ȩ̷͙̭̫͇̙̌̈́͗̆̍͐ love Kelsi Taylor, 23.

@harlandwwe Dane Cook had like 3 funny jokes but the only one that has stuck with me was WHO SHIT ON THE COATS!!!???.

@CodySkinnerFan I think we all know and would be so upset if we cared at all about Dane Cook.

I’ve had my problems with Dane Cook over the years, but I’m glad to hear he’s settling down and getting married. I won’t look further into this..

Okay yeah he’s a groomer but I cannot imagine finding Dane cook funny in 2022 at the age of 23.

@patcheschance I would hope I can live the rest of my life not knowing anything new about Dane Cook. Obviously I was dead wrong. One of the few times Joe Rogan was right about something not related to MMA..

Everyone’s hating on Dane Cook but I’d smack some 23 yr old cheeks. Not sure we’d have much to talk about after though.

Dane Cook is trending. Anyway. Have a safe and happy rest of your Summer ‘06 everyone!.

dane cook gives me the ick so bad ew ew ew i hope the fiance comes to her senses or takes all his money or something ew grooming ew ew ewwwwww ew.

My husband is 13 years younger, but this 👇 seems really wrong..

I too spent the ages of 19-23 with Dane Cook, and by with Dane Cook I mean being subjected to the same 90 seconds of his material at each and every house party ever thrown by the discerning tastemakers of Arlington, Texas.

She knew Dane Cook was the one when she saw Disney’s Planes.

This morning I did not remember that Dane Cook still exists, and I gotta say that I really, really miss that time in my life..


@Super70sSports I love Dane Cook’s bit about this: “Slip n slide? More like slip and bleed from the anus!”.

Dane Cook was friends with his fiancee when he was 45 and she was 18? Now that is the funniest thing he ever said..

Kelsi Taylor is currently 23 years old. Dane Cook, who is 50, started dating Kelsi when she was 18..

“I’m gonna ask Dane Cook to go to prom with me. You know. Like a goof.”….

Dane Cook owes everything to Louis – first he stole his jokes, then he stole his creepy behaviour..

@humancoffeebean @people idk why anyone is taking anything DANE COOK does seriously in the first place???🤣🤣🤣🤣 his comedy style is completely socially inappropriate 👉if we didn’t like it we should have never supported him in the first place..

Dane Cook getting married to someone less than half his age is a very Dane Cook thing to do. Best of luck on the pending nuptials..

@PageSix Bro why does Dane cook look so bad holy shit what has he been doing since 2010.


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