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Me: At least there’s no way anyone can try and make 18 Conservative resignations about Jeremy Corbyn. Pundits, Tories, and the Labour right:.

I know Corbyn is in his garden tending to his tomatoes thinking “now why am I in it?”.

I must say, it’s somewhat rich for Sir Keir Starmer to wax lyrical about people who don’t resign when they really ought to, does he think we’re thick enough to have forgotten that he refused to resign from Jeremy Corbyn’s Shadow Cabinet? The hypocrisy is staggering!.


Jeremy Corbyn is expressing solidarity with a Muslim MP who’s currently the target of professional retaliation by her abuser and some freak at the Times has to make that into a bad thing, but the only way to do it without saying “I think racism is good” is to act like it’s absurd.

Ils invitent en guest star l’antisémite Corbyn et viennent ensuite nous parler de lutte contre le racisme. Faut vraiment que la NUPES arrête de nous prendre pour des cons..

Corbyn Photo,Corbyn Photo by Julien Bahloul,Julien Bahloul on twitter tweets Corbyn Photo

Labour did everything it could to stop Brexit and defy the will of the people. Keir Starmer was shadow Brexit Secretary and wanted ANOTHER referendum, because he didn’t respect us. At the same time he campaigned to put Corbyn into No10. Starmer will say anything to get power..

We’ve seen claims that we are wrong on Starmer being the first Labour leader to march with us at Pride. We are not. Corbyn visited London Pride as leader but never marched with us. Miliband marched with us in MCR 2010 before he was elected leader, he never joined us as leader..

Ignore the howls of outrage, Starmer has to ditch Corbyn’s vote losing manifesto. Get real. Today’s ⁦@EveningStandard⁩ column.

trying not to think too hard about how there’d be no rwanda policy under corbyn, but we don’t have him as pm because he was smeared as a vile racist, and there’d be no death of roe under bernie, but we don’t have him as president because he was smeared as a vile misogynist.

Jeremy Corbyn recently told us The Guardian is a tool of the British establishment. Do you agree?.

FLASHBACK. Sir Keir, January 2020: “Jeremy Corbyn made our party the party of anti-austerity and he was right to do so […] We must retain that. We build on that and don’t trash it as we move forward”.

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Does feel odd having paper reviews still with Corbyn-adjacent media as the equivalent of mainstream Tory-leaning media. Seems out of date but does also raises questions on who the Starmer outriders are..

Corbyn, vaccine roll out and Brexit have all been trotted out today in response to questions about Johnson’s character.
It’s totally pathetic isn’t it. Even toddlers deal with reality better than this guy..

Et vous dites quoi des indigénistes, de Corbyn, d’Aymeric Caron, de Mélenchon, sans être frontiste on peut jouer à ce jeu là très longtemps lol.


UK Prime Minister @BorisJohnson fights for political survival. Johnson says, although Keir Starmer talks about integrity, he wanted Jeremy Corbyn to be PM, and he voted more than 40 times against Brexit. Starmer is under police investigation, Johnson added..

@PearceAlan1962 I’ve been saying this for a while now. At least Corbyn might have faced (faux) opposition to tax rises, huge spending and the catastrophic effects of lockdowns..

@LesMalpas @Dw_8004 Haha 😁. Lefty Loosey as a plumber 👨‍🔧 would say on the job mate…, Otherwise it’s a political stand with Corbyn 🦖 or Starmer king of fence sitters 😁👏👍.

@hrh_nic @Jackcantsleep1 They should really go all guns blazing. Corbyn was way too mild.

@Thehuck_59 @TBetter97 You are trying to excuse it , just like the cult of corbyn. Who vetted these racists , for them to stand at the locals , most where reported over a yr ago.

No the Tories are only right wing to the Left who think anyone to the right of Corbyn is right wing. I even had one lame Marxist tell me that Corbyn & The Guardian are right wing once.
Socialism destroys the brainstem. Logic & morality centres gone..

☁️ introducing Meg ! ☁️ fun fact: Im fully French
☁️ lane: Corbyn ☁️ cheat: Jonah ☁️ Ontario Canada! ☁️ @haloxcmb.

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☁️ introducing ana ! ☁️ fun fact: i’ve been a wdw fan for 5 years now 🙂
☁️ lane: jack ☁️ cheat: corbyn
☁️ she/her ☁️ OH!
☁️ @anaatlantic.

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☁️ introducing trista ! ☁️ lane: daniel 🤍
☁️ cheat: corbyn & zach ☁️ she/her
☁️TN ! ☁️ @funimatetrista.

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☁️ introducing Mystic ! ☁️ fun fact: i named a cat after jack (noodles)
☁️ lane: Daniel ☁️ cheat: corbyn
☁️ she/her ☁️ Pennsylvania
☁️ @Mysticdiarys.

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☁️ introducing lillie !! ☁️ fun fact: ive saw wdw twice!!
☁️ lane: corbyn ☁️ cheat: daniel
☁️ she/her ☁️ uk!
☁️ @fbhrrie.

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☁️ introducing Zion ! ☁️ created DDGC !
☁️ lane: daniel 🫶🏽 ☁️ cheat: corbyn & jack ☁️ she/her ☁️NC !
☁️ @seaveysbabee.

Corbyn Photo,Corbyn Photo by Daniel’s Ducklings ™️ GC,Daniel’s Ducklings ™️ GC on twitter tweets Corbyn Photo

Its clear Corbyn was correct about the British NHS being up for sale. Sky News talking about the privatisation of the NHS..

It meant that a whole load of nasty people ruined the chances of so many, particularly vulnerable groups, that desperately needed the policies intended by a Corbyn led Government. That is why we so strongly supported and that is why we resent all those who continued smears..

@Stuzipants Lol when Jeremy Corbyn features in a resignation letter or statement of discontent or a political divorce whatever this sh7t is 👆🏻 from the stables guy it’s not cos he was dangerous nor an anti semite btw that’s a lie. It’s because he would hv protected democracy.


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