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Colombia just elected its first leftist President in the country’s history. Chile just drafted a constitution that establishes a national health service and free education at every level. Ecuadorians are mobilizing in the thousands to prevent privatizations. This is hope..

I’m sorry but the idea that the constitution *requires* universal concealed carry is plainly insane..

@AmbzJehangir Hahahahaj constitution is just for political advantage. Not for Pakistan or ppl of Pakistan..

@ValBT4 @RegardAnouar Le mieux serait une dissolution et un référendum pour une nouvelle constitution.
Avec de la proportionnelle. (Même si dans ce cas la, le FN peut y gagner) Le stade de France et les mensonges du gouvernement ont du les renforcer (Peut-être la Duchère ).

@USBPChief The border has been wide open in the last 1-1/2 years there has been millions invading the immigration laws, US Sovereignty, and OUR Constitution of the United States? You have freely put them throughout every city and state in the US! This is what disinformation is!.

The Pakistan Army has likewise arisen as a protector of the constitution. Nobody can break the coalition between the Pakistani country and the Pak armed force.

Want independence? Respond to the Welsh Government consultation on our constitution..

@blueslide7777 @SaltyMom10 I think we’ll just choose the constitution over Americans who are willing to sacrifice liberty for security..

@PluperfectV1 @stevenmazie We are talking about a group of old white men who came up with the idea that the 2nd Article of the Constitution gives the President of the United States absolute power. Not one thing in the 2nd Articles grants that or even alludes to what powers the President has..

If the uk monarchy is still functioning when a wise written constitution is prepared it should include the following requirement: No head of state shall preview,alter or cancel any proposed legislation..

Do you remember in 2010 when you travelled the whole of this Country trying to oppose the New constitution and then failed …? Deja vü.

Our army is a message to the enemies that the Pakistani people are with their forces and are united to protect the constitution and dignity.

@AAP4Ambala @EncourageAAP Very impressive. Along with Mindfulness, important that we teach students about respect, compassion, empathy, trust & Non violence towards fellow citizens. Also need to teach students to say No to Racism & Hate & learn about Constitution, Law & Environment right from young age.

@warri_bros My bros nobody will rule Nigeria with its current constitution and achieve anything.

@Jooookeeeerrrr Ghalat samja ta pichlay sal constitution ma India nay Jo amendment ki ty wo trump awr Ik ki mulaqat ka nateeja ta. Awr Kashmir Ik nay hawalay krdia ta..

@PattyArquette @ginacarano You do realize we are a republic and the Constitution limits government- not grants freedom?.

Constitution Photo,Constitution Photo by If not now, when?,If not now, when? on twitter tweets Constitution Photo

Better people sins. There is a constitution of
سےفے نمشے.

Constitution Photo,Constitution Photo by after ◥•ﻜٕوِبون• ‏ﺧٕٓصٍمٍ•ﻜٕوِدٓ,after ◥•ﻜٕوِبون• ‏ﺧٕٓصٍمٍ•ﻜٕوِدٓ on twitter tweets Constitution Photo

@DrStranlo @Reuters I never suggested that. I just pointed out the origin of the present constitution..

I thought Nigeria’s constitution would be changed in 2021. We cannot be using a military constitution.

@TimModise Its not the constitution its Greed and Corruption Our Politicians are very compromised, we keep on choosing leaders who are not credible!.

1-Q&A: Author John Bainbridge, Jr., on the Weapons That Transformed America and the Men Who Invented Them
2-David Mamet, Recessional
3-Black Women, Representation, and the Constitution.

@EmVanVliet @roseveniceallan Urban Myth. Dominion of Canada may have been common usage for c 100 years, but was never the formal name.
Constitution Act, 1867 is perfectly clear: One Dominion under the Name of Canada.

@echgueye Ndax danga japp ni ku bëg jël liko constitution bi jox ( droit de manifester) danga bëga taal reew mi ?.

@Benconti2 @ellymelly Our constitution is trash. You have no rights. I would kill for a bill of rights just like americas..

The United States Constitution was once hailed as a model across the world for ideals such as republicanism, popular sovereignty, egalitarianism, and the march of human progress toward true democracy..

Nigeria’s constitution not working, we need interim govt, says Okotie.

@saraavasquez Abortion is not a right protected by the constitution. It was legalized in 1973, so I could say the same thing. What is happening right now is not abolishing it completely, though I’m sure you can see I am for to it. The fight is for the power being given back to the states..

Katherine Landergan is joining The Atlanta Journal-Constitution as the Health and Safety Net.

Faut pas oublier le but caché d’une 6è Rép pour LFI/RN : ce n’est pas la proportionnelle, mais l’élimination de la DDHC (préambule des la constitution) et du @Conseil_constit qui garantit le respect des droits naturels (DN).
Ces DN empêcheraient RN/LFI d’appliquer leur programme..


Une nouvelle constitution est en gestation : Le Mali s’achemine-t-il vers une quatrième République ? #Mali.


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