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I would politely urge the Conservative party to a v quick succession process. We need a working administration at speed. This Winter will be catastrophic, pushing millions into poverty with typical energy bills rising to £3,000/yr. We need leaders in office taking action asap..

Millions at risk of hunger, poverty and homelessness. No functioning government. Never forget that this is the position in which the Conservative Party placed Britain..

Sunak, Javid and every Conservative MP knew who Boris Johnson was when they backed him only weeks ago. The problem isn’t just Boris Johnson. It’s the whole Conservative Party. They are out of ideas, out of steam and out of touch. They are unfit to govern..

Prime Minister: this is not sustainable and it will only get worse: for you, for the Conservative Party and most importantly of all the country. You must do the right thing and go now..

Conservative Party Photo,Conservative Party Photo by Nadhim Zahawi,Nadhim Zahawi on twitter tweets Conservative Party Photo

The Conservative party has always been the party of integrity and honour but recent events have undermined trust and standards in public life. It is for this reason that sadly, I must resign. I will continue working hard for my constituents on the issues that matter to them..

Conservative Party Photo,Conservative Party Photo by Saqib Bhatti MP,Saqib Bhatti MP on twitter tweets Conservative Party Photo

I will always remain loyal to my constituents and the Conservative Party. Tonight I’ve made the tough decision to resign as a PPS..

Conservative Party Photo,Conservative Party Photo by Nicola Richards MP,Nicola Richards MP on twitter tweets Conservative Party Photo

Neither James Duddridge nor the Prime Minister understand how parliamentary democracies work. The 2019 mandate is the Conservative Party’s, not Johnson’s. We do not live in a Presidential system.

NEW: Dr Caroline Johnson resigns as Vice Chair of the Conservative Party.

Oh what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive. Shakespeare predicting the downfall of the Conservative Party..

@danwootton Do these traitor mps not realise,how popular Boris is they are so wrapped up in their own self importance they do not read the room BORIS GOES SO DO THEY AND THE CONSERVATIVE PARTY they need him more than he needs them RESHUFFLE is in his power be careful what you wish for.

@Muinchille The problem is that Conservative party unity is being maintained to the detriment of everything else. The ERG wrecked Cameron and May’s careers, and they won’t take responsibility for the mess their Brexit policies have caused. No hope for UK until that rabble have to flee..

@Channel4 where’s #24hoursinpolicecustody ? Please don’t tell me Boris and the Conservative party are to blame?.

Nadhim Zahawi, named UK Chancellor of the Exchequer after the resignation of Rishi Sunak, is widely regarded within the ruling Conservative Party as a safe pair of hands with a record of delivery via @bpolitics.

Everyone in the Conservative Party will be appointed to a cabinet position before Boris Johnson resigns..

The longer he hangs on, the worse it is for the Conservative party! What would you do?.

Conservative Party Photo,Conservative Party Photo by Dave J White,Dave J White on twitter tweets Conservative Party Photo

#thismorning @borisjohnson
The Tories are the architects of their own downfall!!!
Why set up your own Leader and #Brexit is the reason and the spoilt brats in the Conservative Party will not accept it!!!!.

@AJRichardsonMP I am not a supporter of you or your party but completely agree you should not resign the whip. You won our constituency as a Conservative and we should all respect that. That said, please openly call on the wretched man to resign please.

@PippaCrerar So the Conservative party is pretty much James Duddridge, Boris Johnson and Nadhim Zahawi (and Nadine Dorries, obvs) now..

The British PM is behaving like a six-year-old boy who is refusing to go home when the party’s over. The responsible action, Mr Johnson IS to resign and allow whatever passes for normality under any Conservative govt to resume. This is beyond pathetic..


Can’t help but watch the carry on in the Conservative party and conclude that far from being a party of patriots(which they claim),it’s clearly a shower of self serving shysters. Not country or even party first but self.

@jjarichardson I genuinely would not put it past him to explode the Conservative Party like that, tbh..

@LBC Boris doesn’t understand he was elected Prime Minister as leader of the Conservative Party – not as President of the UK 🇬🇧 #JohnsonOut.

If the Conservative Party deposed Boris then they will have to call a General Election that they will lose. #BackBoris save our PM.

Waiting in urgent care for my foot to be looked at so I get to enjoy the collapse of the conservative party with no guilt..

@alexbloor This is where everyone should be signing up as members for the Conservative party to get a vote for the next leader..

@Bren4Bassetlaw Have a word with yourself Brendan. I’ve voted Conservative all my adult life and had high hopes for Boris but if he is still in power at the next Election I couldn’t possibly bring myself to vote for the Conservative party..

@sajidjavid If only boris and co would follow the 2 cretins and we can get a real brexit conservative party to take the hard working people of this country forward instead of pathetic lies and excuses..

@Welshboy64 They’ll have to drag the prick out. Let’s hope that he destroys the Conservative party for generations before he leaves.

With all that’s going on inside the Conservative Party it’s easy to forget that 33 Labour,MPs, Councillors and Officials have either been convicted or charged in the last 6 months and that the current leader and deputy have been fined by Durham Police..

Patel is Team Boris, her wing of The Conservative & Unionist Party of Great Britain just got mugged-off, by the neoliberal wing..


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