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Christian Eriksen has rejected a move to Manchester United, according to the Guardian ❌.

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Christian Eriksen deal. Brentford are not giving up after bid submitted few weeks ago, Thomas Frank confirms to AS: “We hope he’ll decide in two weeks – he’ll call me and tell me what he wants to do” 🇩🇰 #Eriksen Man United have confirmed their interest to his agent last weekend..

I hope the 53% of white women who just couldn’t stomach voting for @HillaryClinton are happy that they’ve just ensured that their daughters grow up in #Gilead. A woman’s right to choose is a HEALTH decision. A PERSONAL health decision. I’m a Christian and know that..

Para Christian el #SalarioRosa significa una oportunidad para crecer y superarse..

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jewish law requires an abortion if the fetus is threatening the mother’s life. “religious freedom” in america only ever applies to the white christian masses..

Deportation of asylum seekers should shame us as a nation. Our Christian heritage should inspire us to treat vulnerable people seeking asylum with compassion, fairness and justice..

Shea also took spiritual guidance from The Byrds , a couple who runs a “covenant community” called Marble, in NE WA. Barry is of the framers of Christian Identity, a racist belief system that had been preached at the Aryan Nations. More on that here:.

@Christian_K84 Zur Not dann einfach einkaufen. hält immerhin die Leute auf Abstand XD.

Week 4 Game 1: Hollinger:
Unionville 55 Upper Merion 48
Exeter Lower 55 Merion 54 OT South Campus:
Delco Christian 50 Pottsgrove 53 OT
Conestoga 43 WC East 53
PVP JV 49 Penncrest JV 41
Collegium JV 54 Bishop Shan JV 31
@WCU_Coach_Blair @CarlinosMarket.

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Spiritually uplifting Christian literatures.

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Just Listed Manufactured/Mobile Home
Stunning Home 3 Bedroom 2 Bathroom Situated In A 55+ Pet Friendly Gated Community Lot-287. This home is perfect for you.
To see this home, call Christian Segura on 480-734-3825

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There’s no way you can separate the “pro-life” movement from its Christian nationalist underpinnings, but there’s very little focus on the connection. It’s a third-rail issue; media and politicians avoid confronting it..

@Christian_Mot ottawa is my favourite overall but, edmonton is my favourite to watch and i prefer tbem rn, ill still cheer on my hometown oilers tho.

@MysChuff @William81714480 No, but you insulted and denigrated a fellow Christian. And it’s ok. We’re used to it, but it won’t stop us from trying to reach as many people as possible. Even if one in a 100 has their eyes opened, the 99 failures chose their own path..

Transfer grants and scholarships up to $15,000 a year are still available! Consider Geneva College — a Christian higher education with a supportive community and award-winning academics..

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@bornagedie @gustano10 It’s not the kind of violation they care about though, white Christian is the bottom of the pile..


@IsabelOakeshott @lincs67 Maybe someone should remind the Church of England that Rwanda is a majority Christian country.

@Maryboo10549677 @FST36556210 They are specifically referring to Christian extremists who use their religious beliefs as justification for passing legislation that targets marginalized groups such as the LGBT as well as women..

Oh yeah, he did didn’t he.
He’s a practising Christian you know. He needs more bloody practise..

Vote For Coach Dresser, Bella Mendieta, Carmel Christian Basketball, Cade Tyson & Reed Hilton! 👇 🐾⚽️🏀🎾 @CarmelCougars #BLEEDBLUE.

@tweetraychang @bobsmietana The SBC is a Christian Nationalist organization, and he is a Christian Nationalist would be my guess..

(Thinking) Christian had been plotting on Ashton since seeing him at the swimming pool in He only sent her a dm to make me mad in 2016, but he failed at trying to make me jealous (again.) Like girl that thang is so used up. So good luck tho. Loll.

WHO AM I VOTING FOR? Peter Obi? BAT? Atiku? Am voting for the competent
A leader with a clean record And the evidence. Who has all it takes to represent my resident. That is who I wanna call my next president. The fact is, I ain’t for the Christian or a Muslim.👇.

@SocialistFrank Christian doesn’t like being called out for pushing the “groomer” smears. Course, the source material blocked me too.

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Christian Ramírez aparece en la codicia del mercado de transferencias. El campeón de #Turquía y su último club en #Rusia quieren tener en filas al Súper Ratón.

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The Christian Science Monitor | All stories: One country, two histories: What does it mean to be an American?.

Bruce Frank then why not use a Christian law firm for research and not a pagan one? #SBC22.

#Handmade Christian Bracelet. Christian Charm Bracelet. Religious Bracelet. Catholic Bracelet. Silver Charm Bracelet. Handmade Jewelry. by GatheringCharms.

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He sends me greeting cards on Christian holidays and my birthday. He always includes a recipe. [BEDELIA].

@edglasgow59 She’s no ignorant she’s a wee fibber A devout Christian deliberately and knowingly lying tae 5 million people Good job fae her the Free Church disnae have Confession.


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