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Drunk on power, @BorisJohnson sullied, despoiled and eroded the idea of public duty the moment he stepped through the door of He must go But the length of time it took Ministers to act, means big questions about the future of @Conservatives We need a General Election.

Wow. @BorisJohnson finally confirmed something he has previously ducked repeatedly. Asked by @Meg_HillierMP whether he met ex-KGB spy Alexander Lebedev without officials when he was Foreign Secretary he replies: I probably did..

.@BorisJohnson tells Diana Johnson he “probably” met Alexander Lebedev in Italy as foreign secretary without officials. This looks like another can of worms. Lebedev is ex KGB, has had murky relationship with Putin, and is father of Evgeny L, owner of Standard.

I’m not sure anyone actually doubted this, however, I am 💯 behind @BorisJohnson the PM who consistently gets all the big decisions right..

For once in your life do the decent thing @BorisJohnson & RESIGN The game is finally up.

Remember those 40 ‘new’ hospitals @BorisJohnson promised us in 2019? First it turned out he counted refurbs & upgrades as whole hospitals. And now – guess what – NONE of the first 6 will be built by the next election in 2024. Just barefaced endless.

I have said it before and I will say it again @Conservatives get rid of @BorisJohnson lose the next general election!.

I’m off to see the #ElvisMovie at the cinema shortly.
I wonder if @BorisJohnson will still be in @10DowningStreet by the time the film is over. #BorisMustGo.

@sleafordmods @BorisJohnson I’m so excited I’m going to have a larger top not a 😵‍💫.

@RishiSunak It is people like you and your mate who are in your job because of @BorisJohnson resign from Parliament immediately.

@BorisJohnson @BorisJohnson scruffy relentless liar and general buffoon, Britain’s Trump and now confirmed as a common criminal.

@DjMartinWeller @BorisJohnson No he ain’t done a job with what he had and Covid labour will fuck us over.

I guess my afternoon hasn’t been as bad as @BorisJohnson been having! #BorisJohnson #politics.

@BorisJohnson caught out in another blatant lie. Finally some Ministers have had enough of lying on his behalf, covering his fat backside, his time is up #DowningStreet #No10 @BBCNews.

@bbcnickrobinson @BorisJohnson Depends how many more cabinet members will go. Lord Frost for me..

@richardosman If he resigns now it’ll be to spend more time with his families…#BorisJohnson.

@zarahsultana @BorisJohnson Inshallah you get booed by your Pakistani British constituents like your fellow fasiqa Ilhan was by Somalis.

#BorisJohnson Photo,#BorisJohnson Photo by fartuni,fartuni on twitter tweets #BorisJohnson Photo

@Nigel_Farage @BorisJohnson No – I will listen to a news station, not to you and GBeebies..

Maybe it will be like the final episode of #Seinfeld where all the people wronged by #BorisJohnson finally get a chance to have their say..

@Stuart4WolvesSW @BorisJohnson He was not elected by the people of this country. Pathetic lickspittle..

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Just like that time Tiger Woods won gold in the 100m butterfly.

@Stuart4WolvesSW @BorisJohnson Great to hear that. Tories will slide even further. Keep him there the opposition needs him.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson You’re finished. Johnson is done and it’s just a matter of time now. Sticking by him will finish your political career. Which I’m fine with btw. 🤷‍♀️.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson You’re right, no one doubted it. Mostly because we’re all well aware that you don’t have the level of intelligence required to write a letter..

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson Can you name one of these “big decisions” that he got right? Just one?.

Enough with the ‘I apologise’.
I apologise vs I’m sorry.
let’s look that up… It is a form of words designed to make you look like the bad guy by suggesting that you have been ungracious and unbending, as well as having unrealistic expectations”. #BorisJohnson #BorisJohnsonOut.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson I think 95 % if the comments below suggest otherwise .😂😂.

🔮 Who could replace #BorisJohnson if he does go? Here are the early odds:.

#BorisJohnson Photo,#BorisJohnson Photo by NationalWorld,NationalWorld on twitter tweets #BorisJohnson Photo

The Moody Blues – Go Now! (Stereo) HD via @YouTube One for you @BorisJohnson.

@NadineDorries @BorisJohnson I’m not sure anyone doubted that you’re talking bollocks!!!😂😂😂 absolute scenes…. #ToryScumOut.


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