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Neither Long nor Zimmerman are asked to play out of the back week in and week out at their clubs. Not like Berhalter asks of them. The backline struggling to deal with Japan’s pressure. Better teams will punish you for it..

With the lack of a vertical threat for #USMNT, Japan have been able to squeeze the whole game in USA’s half. They are pressuring with 6 players and US haven’t been able to play through. Passing from Long/Zimmerman/Vines/Adams/McKennie not sharp enough. Us MF not involved.

Brenden Aaronson is 100% better off the bench right now. Our best XI is: Turner, Dest, Zimmerman, Richards (CCV), Robinson, McKennie, Weah, Musah, Reyna, Pulisic and Adams.

“WHY CAN’T WE PLAY OUT OF THE BACK!? COME ON! WHAT IS THIS SHIT!?” -Gregg “I want a Long and Zimmerman CB pairing” -Also Gregg.

Long and Zimmerman trying to play out of the back just way too slow. You can dribble slowly to the problem and then make a pass that is a check back with no easy options. Clean it up US..

“Gregg you guys got dunked on in the first half but let’s talk about your dunks” Quips aside, this has been trash. Turner the only real bright spot. McKennie, Adams giving ball away like it’s the game plan. Long, Zimmerman brutal..

@USMNT_Thoughts yea but theyve proven many times to be good for us so im not worried about them. im worried about the guys who continually play bad for us but greg keeps putting them in the lineup no matter how bad they play for us. zimmerman, long, ferreira looking at you.

Heureusement que le soldat Walker Zimmerman est toujours là quand il faut pour les Etats-Unis 🫡 Pas le plus sexy sur le ballon mais toujours efficace dans ses interventions en défense centrale..

@stuholden Doesn’t help when Zimmerman and Long can’t break a press with passing so they are playing televised passes forced to the sides and up the middle it’s not good.

@usmntonly Long and Zimmerman have been truly awful, simply doing stuff they can get away with in MLS and being exposed. Sam Vines, total ghost and as a result has almost taken Reyna out of the game Adams not looking up for it today either..

Harry Kane is prolly somewhere in Tottenham stroking himself to Long and Zimmerman.

@Murphy41435 @MenInBlazers Attacking players left shoulder is behind Zimmerman’s foot..

If we are gonna play with Zimmerman and Long you have to bring Pefok because playing out the back isn’t going to work and your going to be going long a lot.

@MrFootyBets_ This team would be lucky to grab a point against Iran… Zimmerman and Long are American Maguires and Ferriera cant finish.

@thesamuelarmy Sam we need to have Ream at WC, he’s so much better than Zimmerman and Long it’s not even close.

@HenryBushnell @cboehm Zimmerman and long are mls trash. They literally cannot complete passes at the international level. Concacaf is not an indicator for the rest of the world..


@ItsWhipple @jcjh_10 For sure but any one of the misplaced passes could’ve led to that same goal. Couple by Long and one by Zimmerman.

@USMNT_Thoughts Thats abt white! Zimmerman and long and vines is getting destroyed and u pick out tge two brothers and us soccer fanboys blaming the black playets for every ill thay befalls this team is 1 tone def, 3bd out right racist!.


USMNT getting beat by a collective with the same tenacity and resolve. Japan has the commitment to a system that works for their players. we need more line breaking and truly better play out of the back, which we won’t get with Long and Zimmerman.

@joeclowery They can’t pass joe. This isn’t revelatory. Zimmerman turner long Adams mckennie all struggle in possession..

@joeclowery A minute ago Dest had some space up the side, but by the time Zimmerman made the pass Dest was boxed in and half the Japanese team was around him..

Aaron Long makes Walker Zimmerman look bad. That partnership will not work. Personally I like CCV or Richards in there with Zimmerman..

@edgeofcoaching I would disagree w/Zimmerman, who has been our best CB during WCQ by some distance..

@MenInBlazers Turnover by the defense. 3 defenders standing on top of each other. No awareness by Zimmerman. Deserve to be scored on here, regardless of offsides or not..

@psguktv Japan isn’t playing that well. It’s just that that US is really really poor. . Esp Zimmerman & McKennie. And our #9 isa huge mistake. Japan should be up 3-0.

perhaps after this terrible performance, berhalter will finally bench long and zimmerman.

Long and Zimmerman will get most of the stick but this midfield has been AWFUL so far #USMNT.

The USMNT look absolutely awful right now. I hope neither of these starting center backs see time during the WC, especially Zimmerman..

Our back line sucks lol. Dest is somehow the best player in our defense and yet a horrible defender. Long is here because apparently he can play with some level of intensity that we haven’t seen at club nor country level. Zimmerman has been out of form for weeks now.

What is Walker Zimmerman doing on top of Long? Where is Tyler Adams?.


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