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Dipping chocolate is so soothing to watch! #WorldChocolateDay 📹 | IG.

Krispy Kreme
Krispy Kreme ☑

Our irresistible Chocolate Glazed doughnuts are back THIS Thursday 7/7 & Friday 7/8, just in time for #WorldChocolateDay! 🍩 PREORDER today to enjoy the sweetest treat! ➡️ Valid only at participating shops. Preorder available 7/5 & 7/6..

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Krispy Kreme,Krispy Kreme on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Don’t resist that craving! You deserve a treat this #WorldChocolateDay! 🍫.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by The Philippine Star,The Philippine Star on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

EU諸国内でもトップクラスの酪農国 #アイルランド では、高品質のミルクを使い、こだわりのハンドメイドチョコレートが作られています。 有名ブランドのものから家族経営の工場で作られているものまで、日本でもアイルランドのチョコレートが楽しめます😋 #WorldChocolateDay.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by アイルランド大使館 Ireland in Japan,アイルランド大使館 Ireland in Japan on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

日本で #七夕 にあたる今日7月7日は、欧米では「#WorldChocolateDay 」ワールドチョコレートの日です。
カカオ栽培こそが地球温暖化に対する強力な対抗策の鍵ってご存知ですか🥰 そう!チョコを食べましょう🍫.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by とんとんのグルメ日記,とんとんのグルメ日記 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Think all chocolate is the same? What about all the different sustainability labels you find on supermarket shelves? Tomorrow it is #WorldChocolateDay, and a perfect opportunity to think about this. 💪 Here is how Fairtrade chocolate makes a difference:.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Fairtrade Intl,Fairtrade Intl on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Happy World ChocolateDay‼︎今日7月7日は国際チョコレートデーです🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

What better chocolate to have on #WorldChocolateDay 🤎🐾🐾#CharlieBrown ♥️.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Becks & Charlie Brown 🤎,Becks & Charlie Brown 🤎 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

In Solidarity with fellow Chocoholics 🤤 #WorldChocolateDay.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Sanchaita Gajapati,Sanchaita Gajapati on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Chocolate is the answer 😍🍫 Who cares what the question is?! #WorldChocolateDay.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by SisiYėmmié.com 🌶,SisiYėmmié.com 🌶 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

On #WorldChocolateDay I popped into @Haighs1915 to buy a little something. Locally made chocolate!.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by WeRWorld/Collettell,WeRWorld/Collettell on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Moutai Global
Moutai Global ☑

Who can refuse such a sweet and happy celebration idea on #WorldChocolateDay? 👇
Add a touch of unique sauce flavor to your chocolate desserts. #MoreInspiration.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Moutai Global,Moutai Global on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

暑かった…🤣 #WorldChocolateDay.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by 2U chocolate【カカオでつなぐ、あなたと世界】,2U chocolate【カカオでつなぐ、あなたと世界】 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

@zootofanthrax Doing my bit for #WorldChocolateDay this afternoon 😊😊😊.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Rebel Rebel,Rebel Rebel on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

凄いマイトップファン #mytopfollowers #WorldChocolateDay から 自分を見つけたらリツイートしましょう.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by パチたろう,パチたろう on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

AmaWaterways ☑

Did somebody say chocolate? Indulge your sweet tooth on some of our most enticing included excursions such as a Belgian chocolate tasting in Ghent when you visit Belgium and Netherlands on our Tulip Time river cruise. #worldchocolateday.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by AmaWaterways,AmaWaterways on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

@FoodTravelChat A3: many places but the most memorable was Paris. I spent days walking in & out of chocolate shops, trying something different every time. #WorldChocolateDay #FoodTravelChat.

#WorldChocolateDay is celebrated each year on July 7th. It is a day during which we should celebrate our appreciation for chocolate from different parts of the world, including where we live. via @wizardofwords.

Happy World Chocolate Day!!
What was your favourite chocolate in the 80s?

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by My88FM,My88FM on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

உலக சாக்லேட் தினம்! #WorldChocolateDay.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Dots Media,Dots Media on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Vandaag is het World Chocolate Day dus reden om wat extra chocolade te eten 😀
Op 7 juli 1550 werd chocolade voor het eerst in Europa geïntroduceerd, vandaar deze feestdag 🎉 #worldchocolateday #chocolade.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by CiaoHelena,CiaoHelena on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Aaj shayad #WorldChocolateDay hai toh meri taraf se choclates khalo 🥳😻😋😋 ~Old pic hai.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Raghav Kedia 🇮🇳,Raghav Kedia 🇮🇳 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

The only thing better than being comfy on your couch is being comfy on your couch with chocolate. #WorldChocolateDay.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by MortgageMe,MortgageMe on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

凄いマイトップファン #mytopfollowers #WorldChocolateDay から。自分を見つけたらリツイートしましょう.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by 十六夜咲夜,十六夜咲夜 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Bobble (bh)AI
Bobble (bh)AI ☑

Bas ab apki bhi conversation chocolate jaisi sweet hojaye 🍫❤️ #WorldChocolateDay.

#WorldChocolateDay with @gilquillot 👉🏼 🍫🇫🇷😋🙏🏼.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Isabelle Spanu 🌻🦫🦋🦜,Isabelle Spanu 🌻🦫🦋🦜 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

Today is #WorldChocolateDay! 🍫🍫🍫 Our FdSc Artisan Food Production students at @artisanschool study ingredients, advanced production methods, and baking techniques required to produce a range of chocolate products throughout the course. Find out more:.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by Brackenhurst ARES,Brackenhurst ARES on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

凄いマイトップファン #mytopfollowers #WorldChocolateDay から。自分を見つけたらリツイートしましょう これ7月なってからしたっけ?

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by あしゅか🌈💕@ラブライブ大好き【あしゅかゆっくりYouTube🔗】,あしゅか🌈💕@ラブライブ大好き【あしゅかゆっくりYouTube🔗】 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

凄いマイトップファン #mytopfollowers #WorldChocolateDay から 自分を見つけたらリツイートしましょう.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by たくちゃん@芭流覇羅,たくちゃん@芭流覇羅 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo

凄いマイトップファン #mytopfollowers #WorldChocolateDay から 自分を見つけたらリツイートしましょう.

#WorldChocolateDay Photo,#WorldChocolateDay Photo by ZARA氏@相方夏澄,ZARA氏@相方夏澄 on twitter tweets #WorldChocolateDay Photo


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