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At the center of the story of powered flight are two talented, yet modest, Midwestern bicycle shop owners who developed technology that changed the world: the Wright brothers. Who exactly were Orville and Wilbur Wright? Discover their story in the blog:.

WILBUR Photo,WILBUR Photo by National Air and Space Museum,National Air and Space Museum on twitter tweets WILBUR Photo

@BRISSYBIEBS I’m not 100% sure but didn’t Wilbur also do ace race for Shelby???.

WILBUR Photo,WILBUR Photo by insae 🦈,insae 🦈 on twitter tweets WILBUR Photo

Me not watching MCC this time:
Me learning that actually Wilbur played ace race for Shelby and he just did his usual monologue thing while talking with Grian: WHAT THE FUCK /POS.

i also think wilbur doing shubble a was bs so don’t even say it’s a double standard, i found out ab smajor first 😭 im muting this.

Wait. It literally just hit me that the reason Wilbur probably couldn’t act out his DreamSMP roleplay burger van arc thing and instead wrote a fanfic on AO3 was because Tubbo was avoiding Ranboo since then.

why are people shitting on scott for this and accusing him of cheating lmao its a noncanon event chill 😭 wilbur did ace race for shelby too and nobody said a single word, leave scott and owen alone its just a fun noncanon event.

nah wilbur catching his licks throw em in the pit together !.

i still havent recovverd from that question btw. the fact thaf wilbur is now fully aware that ppl want /r tntduo .i wanna 🎲.

the second i heard “see wilbur and see quackity” i knew it was Time to kill myself.

@methyIphenidate @BRISSYBIEBS all I wanted to say was that Wilbur also did it and was getting ‘praised’ (can’t thing of the right word) but SMajor was getting hate. Both shouldn’t have done it but at the end of the day it was a non canon event so it doesn’t fully count..

about to mute “wilbur california” and “techno california” because i’m not stable enough.

damn wilbur really kicked an asexual out of the ace-themed ace race /lh.

My main question is why does everyone just accept whatever it is that Wilbur has with ace race? Like I’d expect it from his normal teams, but Grian and Gem were fully encouraging him.

@kinokomarta not only this, wilbur apparently played on behalf of shubble as well. now they’ll be like “who cares, its a non canon event” when we all know what would have happened if someone else did the same thing.

if ur mad at scott for having someone else do ace race for him (IN A NON CANON EVENT might i add) keep the same energy for wilbur and shubble.

Why you all pissed off at this but not pissed off at shubble and Wilbur for doing the same? Double standards.

@elytrafall Wait I missed his mcc what happened? I thought Wilbur wasn’t in this one?.

scott smajor my list of mcc demands 🙏 (/lh /hj):
1. Phil, Techno, Wilbur, Tommy 2. Corpse, Sykkuno, Rae, Toast 3. Jack, Wade, Mark, Bob 4. Sapnap, George, Dream, Tina 5. Tubbo, Aimsey, Billzo, Ranboo.

the fact that grian said he wanted to put wilbur down for mcc is everything to me actually. idk whether he meant next mcc or next pride mcc but that is everything to me.

Modern AU where 16yo Wilbur is getting his license, and 6yo Tommy is jealous so Phil gets him one of those little kid battery powered cars to drive..

alex es novio d ruben y d wilbur suéltenlo dejen d shipearlo kon feos.

#wilbur: especially in lmanburg era, i feel like me and tommy already have that dynamic CRIMEBOYS!!.

@im2out dsmp pannel, someone asked if c!wilbur and c!quackity were romantically involved and wilbur shut them down SO HARD.

wilbur eating at a cracker barrel is the most british thing a british person in america could do i’m sorry 😭 I hate fucking cracker barrel.

WILBUR Photo,WILBUR Photo by Berries ~ 🍓🫐,Berries ~ 🍓🫐 on twitter tweets WILBUR Photo

@ihrtdanlvjyer and then wilbur showed up on shubble’s and started talking to grian 🫠🫠.

@CTraitorDuo DID I MISS SOMETHING 😭 they could be for all i know but tbh i feel like if they were wilbur would want to keep it private but thats just the vibes i get from him i have no clue.

@nightmareroo Yes, I still remember someone say, that they want so see cats, but always get tweets recommended of Wilbur soot, because people called him meow meow😭😭.

guys remember when wilbur, techno, solidarity, and grian came third in pride by THREE COINS.

@alliumsyst3m im just seeing people go oh shubble and wilbur are a nasty couple or shubble and wilbur must be dating SO IM ??.

@cheeze__toast I saw on tumblr the great idea of a grian, scar, wilbur and tubbo team and I am manifesting.


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