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US | A large number of people participated in a Yoga session in DC at the Washington Monument organised by Indian Embassy, ahead of #InternationalDayofYoga on June 21st..

Washington Monument Photo,Washington Monument Photo by ANI,ANI on twitter tweets Washington Monument Photo


Thousands gathered Saturday at the Washington Monument for a March for Our Lives rally to demand an end to gun violence..

1️⃣.Walt Disney World
2️⃣.Times Square
3️⃣.Washington Monument
4️⃣.The White House
5️⃣.South Beach 😂Guess I’m the average American.

We should replace the Washington monument with this. Lemmy is more important because Lemmy is god..

Washington Monument Photo,Washington Monument Photo by Zippy213💚🕷 ☭,Zippy213💚🕷 ☭ on twitter tweets Washington Monument Photo

@Whitney_Hartman Statue of Liberty, Walt Disney world, time square, Washington monument, Golden Gate Bridge, Empire State Building, the White House, Liberty bell, Arlington cemetery, and Alcatraz. Seeing Mount Rushmore next summer.

@TheOnlyRSJ 8, but I should say 7 because I don’t even remember going to the Washington monument even though I know I went. 💀.

@MuslimTom_ Nice kerning with the Washington Monument/South Beach situation guys. Well put together..


@davrycrostack Everglades, south beach, st. Augustine, and Disney world all are in FL, plus DC is a common field trip location so you can add at least Washington monument and White House. That was my thinking saying FL students having been on field trips would have at least 6..

I am raised in nyc my entire life and only visited time square, Washington monument,Central Park and south beach.

– Disney World
– Vegas Strip
– Yellowstone
– Washington Monument
– Golden Gate Bridge
– Wright Bros Memorial
– White House
– Liberty Bell
– Arlington
– Alcatraz.

@NotABBWLover Walt Disney World (late 1980s) and the White House (early 1990s). I think the Washington Monument was closed for renovations back in the 1990s when I went. DC is a shithole now and I have zero interest going back. It was pretty sketchy in the 1990s as it was..

disney world, hollywood sign, times square, washington monument, golden gate bridge, white house, south beach.

@alexchristy17 I moved out here in 1986 and have never gone into the Washington Monument..

@johnfelico Only 4. Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, Mall of America, and The White House. I’ve been to MOA many times since I live in MN. The other three I visited on the same trip in June 2001. Soon I might make it to 5. I’m planning on going to the Everglades this year..

@WrassleQueen 3 for me. Yours, plus the Whitehouse and Washington Monument on my DC trip..

10 – Walt Disney World, Chicago River, Washington Monument, French Quarter, Golden Gate Bridge, Niagara Falls, Gateway Arch, Road to Hana, Wright Bros Memorial and Arlington Cemetery.

~ Washington Monument
~ Mall of America (only live 1 mile away from it 😅)
~ Central Park
~ Gateway Arch
~ Arlington Cemetery
~ Times Square (& then walked past/saw from afar under 1 mile) The Statue of Liberty & The Empire State Building.

@johnfelico *Exactly* five (Washington Monument, Arlington, Disney World, Empire State Building, Gateway Arch)..

@IndieGamerChick Statue of Liberty (went up to the platform, was too hot to wait in line to go up to the crown), 1994
Went past the Empire State Building
The White House and Washington Monument (I used to live north of DC and could take the subway down to DC)
Las Vegas Strip (went in 2009).

Disney, Everglades, Washington Monument, Niagara Falls, technically Gateway Arch, White House, Arlington Cemetery, and St Augustine. St Augustine is one of my favorite cities 💜.

I’ve been to: Walt Disney World (more than once if I may add!) Grand Canyon
Las Vegas Strip
Washington Monument Golden Gate Bridge (vaguely remember it though). and…Chicago River because I went there when I was much younger! xD.

I guess I’m slightly above average: – Statue of Liberty – Las Vegas Strip
– Central Park
– Empire State Building – Liberty Bell – Arlington Cemetery – Times Square – Space Needle – Washington Monument 🇺🇸.

Wow yeah just 5. Statue of Liberty, Disney World, Time Square, Washington Monument, & Liberty Bell..

Las Vegas strip
Times Square
Washington monument
French quarter
Golden gate bridge
Central park.

Washington Monument, Mount Rushmore, MoA, Gateway Arch, Arlington Cemetery. I’ve kinda been to the White House because I’ve been to DC, but didn’t actually /go/ to the White House..

Statue of Liberty, Washington Monument, French Quarter, River Walk, Empire State Building, The Alamo, Central Park, Liberty Bell, Arlington.

@Ken_6_11 In 2020 I went to Grand Canyon, Washington Monument, Rushmore, White House, Saint Augustine, Tahoe. Elsewhen liberty bell, Arlington Cemetery,Wright Bros Memorial, Gateway Arch, Disney World, Statue of liberty, Times Square, Central Park, Empire State Building, and Niagara Falls..

Statue of Liberty (climbed)
Empire State Building
Time Square (boring)
Mount Rushmore (itself is boring)
Washington Monument
The White House (also did the Capitol Buolding)
Central Park
Chicago River (and Chicago) Also: The Twin Towers (when they were still standing).

@johnfelico 2) Empire State Building, The Alamo, The Liberty Bell, Arlington National Cemetery, Chicago River. Have gone past: Washington Monument, Gateway Arch, Alcatraz, Hollywood sign, White House.

Hollywood, Space Needle, Statue of Liberty, Vegas, Times Square, Empire State, White House, Liberty Bell, Central Park, Alcatraz, Washington Monument, Golden Gate!! Hitting the French Quarter in two weeks 🫣🫣.


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