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#Bloodline @WWEUsos are the Greatest Tag Team of All Time!.

Usos Photo,Usos Photo by Paul Heyman,Paul Heyman on twitter tweets Usos Photo

Desde Lerma, Cauca el #RetoCoca2022 consiste en concientizar a la sociedad sobre las bondades y usos alternativos de la hoja de coca. Una planta ancestral que hay que desestigmatizar. @cocaparalapaz 🍃🇨🇴🕊 #ColombiaComeCoca.

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What a tag match Usos/Profits. Drama off the charts. Calories-burned off the charts. PLUS a drop of controversy. Lads have earned themselves a giant stack of pancakes 🥞 Needs a rematch. #MITB.

The Ones, The Usos retain the Undisputed Tag Team Championships #WWEMITB #MITB.

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Usos vs Profits was lowkey great but the rest of the card is fucking atrocious 😭😭😭.

@RealJackCassidy I feel and understand that. I am not saying one is better than the other. The Bucks are insanely talented but The Usos lowkey get slept on tbh.

WWE treats the Usos and Reigns with respect but treat Naomi & Tamina like nothing. Pathetic.

#MITB | The Usos derrotan a Street Profits y retienen los Campeonatos Unificados por Parejas en #WWE Money in the Bank..

@WWE @WWEUsos The Usos are still the ones! ☝🏻☝🏻☝🏻 Acknowledge the Undisputed Tag Team Champions! #MITB.

a few notes on #MITB I’m not big on Liv but hard to argue her winning with the run she’s been on, a painful watch though Don’t sweat Theory losing, he more than looked a star. Like a coming out party in defeat tonight Usos vs SP tore the house down 🔥 run it back until Xmas 👏.

6 Victorias-1 Derrota=Gane
Resultados De #WWEMoneyInTheBank2022
1:Liv Morgan(Raw)
2:Bobby Lashley
3:Bianca Belair(C)
4:The Usos(C)
5:Ronda Rousey(C)
6:Liv Morgan

we go from liv winning the contract, bobby becoming us champ, bianca retaining, usos retaining, and liv winning the title…to theory becoming mr. money in the wwe never fails to amaze me #mitb.

@RealJackCassidy To give some credit, Usos are great in WWE. But they never prove to do something like Bucks vs Kenny/Hangman, FTR or Lucha Bros. Bucks are just on another level from those performances..

What. A. Match! Usos vs Profits was incredible 🤩 that leap from @MontezFordWWE – WOW #MITB #WWEMITB.

Ronda/Nattie got the death spot on the show Crowd is completely dead Right after the Usos/Profits banger and the Main Event Also–nobody cares about this match to begin with #MITB.

♻️ Energía solar: qué es, tipos, beneficios y usos de la fuente energética que salvará a la .

@jgnaredo La refinería de 2 hocicos no produce gasolina al día de usos prácticos tiene el mismo valor que una.

The Street Profits and The USOs put on a clinic man that was a good ass match #WWEMITB #MITB.

@OfficialPWI There’s gotta be a time they move off this or Profits need to win. Since USOs shouldn’t lose anytime soon they need to find new programs.


Street Proftis v Usos got like 25mins. I don’t know how they top that at SummerSlam. I got sold by 3 near-falls man 😂😂.

Le show stealer de la soirée comme attendu entre les Usos et les Street Profits. Les Usos ne déçoivent jamais, les Street Profits sont de plus en plus forts. Ce match ne pouvait pas décevoir et il a même surpassé nos attentes. (Très bon show jusqu’à maintenant). #MITB.

Usos Photo,Usos Photo by Johan_Cvr,Johan_Cvr on twitter tweets Usos Photo

@KevinBerge Profits USOs just a great work and performances by all. They are 4 amazing workers. But it’s time they gotta move off this and present a new program for both.

You guys are starting this conversation about them when you should be having it about FTR and the Young Bucks. (The Usos aren’t even close by the way.).

@MarkDeReborn Pero dice el pueblo bueno que son usos y costumbres, nunca van a aceptar que su inteligencia es mínima , es más dicen que es discriminación 🤷 gente vulnerable.

@Jon_Mitchell3 @BRWrestling 🤦‍♂️ no fucking shit. I said body of work not their paycheck. Again body of work for a team like motor city is better then usos. Body of work for the briscoes is better then the usos. I’m sure the usos have made more money then both. But body of work for those two is better..

I bet Ronda complained that her match was after Profits/Usos. No way they can follow after that..

What a match what a 8 no not USOs vs Ronda vs Nattie 😂😂.

Tremenda lucha nos brindaron Usos y Street Profits!! 🔥🔥🔥

Usos Photo,Usos Photo by L 🏳️‍🌈,L 🏳️‍🌈 on twitter tweets Usos Photo

PPV of the year (so far), bro- I don’t care. LIV, Usos/Profits was fantastic, both ladder matches delivered (the winner of the men’s aside), Theory/Lashley was good, and even Rousey/Nattie was alright! #MITB.

@VivoEnCancun No se vale , hay que respetar los usos y costumbres, es emblemático, esperamos y sea una falsa noticia.


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