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$UPST as soon as ER came out, everyone is bearish and they short, now they all under water! specially those who chased, ofc now they all silent!.

$UPST completely missed their already low estimates, dropped 25% and now just turned green AHs. Incredible but good sign for the bulls in this market.

next time someone wants to share anything rational about markets (particularly me) just show them (again me) $UPST earnings and after hours move lol.

$UPST cut guidance of 30% for next quarter to $170m (from $258m), and this was the leader of the BNPL sector (buy now pay never )…go figure what results $AFRM will.

$UPST it’s called PRICED IN. Look at $BYND and $ROKU. Horrible er and stock went super green anyways lol. I know its weird but our market is weird..

$UPST ちょうど一年前、超絶好決算をたたき出して、株価高騰した $UPST が、今では見る影もない。。。


The reaction to $UPST earnings just goes to show that Wall St will do whatever the F they want with a stock, news be damned lol.

$UPST earnings were bad, but guess what baby this is a ROCKET ship. Haters will always try to convince you are wrong when in fact they know nothing..

$UPST Photo,$UPST Photo by Michael & Esther,Michael & Esther on twitter tweets $UPST Photo

$UPST -98% EPS and went from -20% to now green LMAOOO GROWTH RUN OF 2022 NOT STOPPING YET Bank with us or don’t🤷🏼‍♂️ @notmrmanziel.

I may have misspoken too early on $UPST?
Anyone know why it went green? Sorry guys, away from my computer..

$UPST – Swings from $25 to $34 after a double miss in their ER…. Loans on balance sheet inched higher again quarter over quarter which is not good…. $624M from $598M.

$UPST post ER 📈 (earlier it was down 📉).

$UPST Photo,$UPST Photo by Growth Investor,Growth Investor on twitter tweets $UPST Photo

$UPST 取引再開直後-20%あったが、現在プラ転。+ 現在電話会議中。その中で何かいい説明があったのかもしれないが、この3Q売上予想でプラスはちょっとどうなんだろう。。.

$UPST now wants to secure institutional funding in advance like Pagaya $PGY does so it can go longer without raising and is not so beholden to changing investor sentiment. Not sure how complicated this is but interested to see how Pagaya is handling funding when they report.

Disappointing I was hoping to add some $UPST shares in the teens.

@unusual_whales $UPST 📈 … seems like all bad news and expectations are priced in 😂🤣😇.

$UPST Photo,$UPST Photo by Growth Investor,Growth Investor on twitter tweets $UPST Photo

$UPST Everyone says priced in and squeeze on terrible earnings. I see business model deteriorating and less growth attractiveness for investors. I wouldn’t chase it in this economic environment..

$UPST Microcosm of the divide of our country. Stop hoping for others’ failures. People can disagree about how they handle their own money respectfully. Humble thyselves or get humbled. ❤️.

@hikingskiing I vividly remember considering selling $MRNA at ~$125 to buy $UPST at ~$115. So glad that I didn’t..

@livetradepro Now what would make this even more hilarious is if QQQ and SPY bomb this week and $UPST rallies.

$upst の決算大ミスに戦々恐々とアフターみたら、あれ?上がってる?ん?.

$UPST Photo,$UPST Photo by ŧ‹”ŧ‹”森見@週足しか見ないマン🇺🇸,ŧ‹”ŧ‹”森見@週足しか見ないマン🇺🇸 on twitter tweets $UPST Photo

$UPST $AMC $MEGL $TSLA $AFRM Get on board with $UPST 40% short. Road back to $100.

$upst Fantastic report, never doubted it was gonna go up for a second, my course coming soon. (Just playing, wtf is going on?).

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Well what is priced in? … apparently bankruptcy for $upst as looks like it may go green on bad ER and terrible guidance..

$upst … above the closing price …This is very interesting market they have a double miss but market is playing on the growth … in an occasional bear market this stock should have been This is absolutely insane, for a double miss the stock to.

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