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Hi Uncle Paul my favorite from Toni braxton you mean the world to me ,love shoulda brought you home ,speaking in tounges ,just be a man about it and find me a man @PaulMtirara #soulfulsunday@Radio702.

Toni Braxton Photo,Toni Braxton Photo by Nthabi 💫,Nthabi 💫 on twitter tweets Toni Braxton Photo

@PaulMtirara @Radio702 Mary J is good, but Toni Braxton is in a league of her own. Never put any female up against her on the clash, never!.


Toni Braxton sad love songs are I mean nobody NOBODY not even Adele have such songs. #soulfulsunday @PaulMtirara @Radio702.


It is now Over for Mary J. I wanna be your baby by Toni Braxton has just ended this #soulfulsunday @Radio702 @PaulMtirara.

@PaulMtirara @Radio702 I love them both but I’ll go with Toni Braxton. Please please play Breathe again by Toni Braxton and Real love by Mary J Blige..

Toni Braxton is my fighter today.
1. Let it flow
2. That somebody was you (Pretty Please)
3. I love me some him
4. Spanish Guitar Let me leave it here @PaulMtirara #ClashOfTheActs.

@PaulMtirara @Radio702 Toni Braxton won this hands #DropsMic 🎤 #soulfulsunday.

#soulfulsunday I have mega love for Mary ,but I vote for Toni Braxton 🔥.

@PaulMtirara @Radio702 Toni Paul include Spanish 🎸 on your list 😋.

Score based on songs played so far :
Toni Braxton 3
Mary J. Blige 4.

This is the Fathers Day not the Bitter Baby Mamas Day . Zinhle Yeye Black Coffee Toni Braxton JHB CBD Mohale.

@PaulMtirara @Radio702 Please play You mean the world to me by Toni Braxton #soulfulsunday #TheClashOfTheActsOn702.

@Nthabi_Mshengu @PaulMtirara All of it👌👌👌best album that introduced Toni Braxton to Us.

@Radio702 #TheClashOfTheActsOn702Sundays Toni Braxton Versus Mary J. Blige.

Toni Braxton Photo,Toni Braxton Photo by Paul Mtirara (MBA),Paul Mtirara (MBA) on twitter tweets Toni Braxton Photo

Score based on songs played so far and 2 songs Paul didnt play:
Toni Braxton 5
Mary J. Blige 6
Weldone Mary 👏👏👏👏.

After the frenetic New Jack Swing era, in the mid 90s R&B adopted a smoothed out sound with mid tempo beats and layered vocals… so much so you were lucky if you got 3 proper uptempo cuts an album… Toni Braxton – Secrets, Waiting To Exhale soundtrack and Faith Evans come to mind.

@DailyRapFacts Not listening to it until he gets his Jamaican family and friends off my back. For once step up and be a man about. Thank you Toni Braxton for that her shit not his..

This is Candice Pillay💀. No ways Toni Braxton looks this young.

Going with Miss Toni Both women are powerful but I grew up in the Toni Era👑❤️ #702SoulfulSunday.

Burna sampling Toni Braxton’s He wasn’t man enough on Last last was all the ammo that Steflon Don needed but she went and pulled that nonsense stunt..

My nieces (12 & 18) singing word for word Toni Braxton’s ‘Unbreak my Heart’ is mine and my big sister’s biggest achievement. 🥰.

Sade-No ordinary love Nivea-laundromat Toni Braxton-Spanish guitar Tamia-Loving you still Little Sunday night playlist +☕.

Shazamを使ってToni Braxtonのユア・メイキン・ミー・ハイ(ラジオエディット)を発見しました。.

The album. The Heat. I remember that one. I was still in the game with Toni Braxton. I stuck around even with all the changes. I had some time with this album. Out of school, approaching the 20s, new found freedom, starting to date. I used to play this one a bit..

Check out this listing I just added to my #Poshmark closet: TONI BRAXTON SECRETS Cassette Tape OG 1996 Funk Soul Pop Rare. #shopmycloset @poshmarkapp.

Tbh, she looks more like Trina Braxton than Toni Braxton. But it’s def @CandiceOfficial 😍🤣.

uhhhh i guess i didn’t know what toni braxton looked like ????.

@freakumchanel this not even Toni Braxton lol y’all say anything. that Candice, she’s a choreographer.

Toni Braxton – Yesterday (feat. Trey Songz) [Official Video] via @YouTubeMusic.

@Gimmie_Seaf00d @CandiceOfficial Ohhhhhhh definitely thought it was Toni Braxton. That smile had me lol.


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