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Joe Walsh
Joe Walsh

It’s an odd thing contemplating one’s mortality. When the rock & rollers of our youth pass on, we look into the abyss. I grew up with @tompetty. I miss Tom Petty. Because Tom Petty passed, I will too one day. Love every day as if it’s your last. Or close to your last..

Tom Petty
Tom Petty

Tune into Tom Petty Radio this Friday to hear more about Tom’s dear friends and greatest influences, The Everly Brothers. Mark Felsot sits down with Jason Everly to discuss new compilation HEY DOLL BABY assembled with the help of Don Everly and Adria Petty..

Tom Petty Photo,Tom Petty Photo by Tom Petty,Tom Petty on twitter tweets Tom Petty Photo

@WalshFreedom @tompetty this Tom Petty?
‘Look, this was to illustrate a character. This is not who we are. Having gone through this, I would prefer it if no one would ever bring a Confederate flag to our shows again because this isn’t who we are.’.

You Got Lucky I Found You. ❤️ Love Tom Petty great video too ✌️.

“This is the best record of its kind ever made. A low-Lucky Wilbury ( Bob Dylan), Nelson Wilbury (George Harrison), Lefty Wilbury (Roy Orbison), Otis Wilbury (Jeff Lynne) and Charlie T. Jr. (Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers).

Tom Petty Photo,Tom Petty Photo by Ruby Mazur,Ruby Mazur on twitter tweets Tom Petty Photo

@WalshFreedom @tompetty Tom Petty to the rescue. “Gonna stand my ground and I won’t back down.”🎼🎸.

@_KeepRockAlive_ 13. Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. I was then lucky enough to see them perform live 12 more times before 2017..

Tom Pettyが出演している映画『エコー・イン・ザ・キャニオン』。東京での上映は新宿のシネマカリテだけになってしまいましたが、関東及び全国ではこれから上映する劇場がたくさんあります。スクリーンに映るTPに是非会いに行ってきてください。#エコー・イン・ザ・キャニオン.

How awesome is Prince in this!
2021 Remaster While My Guitar Gently Weeps with Prince, Tom Petty, via @YouTube.

@WalshFreedom @tompetty I listened to Tom Petty several times this week, always gives me a shot of happiness and a gut punch of grief..

@WalshFreedom @tompetty Keep walking those dogs and blasting Tom Petty.
We need you! We need you healthy and sharp..

@WalshFreedom @tompetty I love Tom Petty too! He grew up in my hometown. And I always listen to him when I’m overwhelmed too. Thanks for willing to have an open mind.❤️.

@WalshFreedom @tompetty WOW!!!! I said the exact same thing yesterday!!! I miss Tom Petty every day. Such a huge loss..

Listen greatest hits now You Wreck Me – Tom Petty on.

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@WalshFreedom @tompetty I think it’s safe to say that all of us miss Tom Petty as well. And I hope I’m not the only one who says and feels that..

@WalshFreedom I love the fact that you went from I love “Tom Petty, good night” to “but fuck Trump one more time”.

Tom Petty Photo,Tom Petty Photo by nwishau,nwishau on twitter tweets Tom Petty Photo

Listen now on Breakdown by Tom Petty On.

Tom Petty Photo,Tom Petty Photo by @_Top_RADIO,@_Top_RADIO on twitter tweets Tom Petty Photo

@MoneyJrod The waiting is the hardest part.
Tom Petty I can help:.

@WalshFreedom @tompetty I friggin love Tom Petty. AND, last night was listening to The Traveling Wilburys. One of my favs..

@WalshFreedom @tompetty I can understand now, why you have so many formers in your bio. Tom petty, tequila, and collage..

@WalshFreedom @tompetty Tom Petty was a great musician and songwriter. He was also an addict and in the end, his demons took him from us..

@WalshFreedom @tompetty Wow, I just forgave you for your sins. Tom Petty is(was-still is) the best!!.

@WalshFreedom @tompetty Me too! I was listening to a Tom Petty station on Pandora. You forget just how many great songs he had until you hear one you hadn’t heard in a while and it’s like “I forgot about that one”.

@WalshFreedom @tompetty Since your mentioned Tom Petty, here’s a song by Margo Price that I think you might like. She mentions Petty in the song.

@WalshFreedom @tompetty I miss Tom Petty too. Hope you had an enjoyable walk. Best wishes..

TITRE Wildflowers D DE Tom Petty RadioSouvenirsFM Parfois les images peuvent ne pas être juste.

Tom Petty Photo,Tom Petty Photo by RadioSouvenirsFM,RadioSouvenirsFM on twitter tweets Tom Petty Photo

@WalshFreedom @tompetty Tom Petty sacrificed everything for his inspired music. At the end he had so many injuries from performing at a ripe old age that he overdosed accidentally to keep on keeping on. Rock on Tom! You still inspire us!!.


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